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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Birthday to Dear Xtina!

Hey dear,

I know you are busy working your ass off as this is the peak period. And I'm truly sorry to hear that. I'm very touched that for 2 years, you took leave on my birthday to go out with me and I could not even do anything on yours. Heh.. I know it's just nice to clear leave during that month too la, but still, I'm touched.

May you have a great year ahead of you. Enjoy this festive season! =)

Lots of hugs and love,
The bottomless pit


  1. hi hi,

    Happy new year in advance..


  2. Happy New Year to you and your wife and your baby too! =)

  3. Dearest Jo,

    Thanks for tis sweet posting.. sorry i oni read it now.. n sorry i cun take leave on ur bday tis yr! But i bot u a bracelet n i got the same one myself!! its nice! my sis says so too..

    hmm.. lately i noticed tat my taste has improved. wahaha! i tink i no longer as bad taste as last time (u rem last time pui pui n da tou they all alwaz got comments abt my taste? haha!!)

    Frens 4ever!

    Good nite + love + hugs,

  4. Hey,

    6 months later then you see this? Next time dun dedicate anything to you on my blog liao. Hahaha...

    Wooh! I love to share the same things with besties! Although I haven't seen the bracelet, I know I would like it! *HugZ*


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