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Friday, December 29, 2006

Meet Jo Black…

Meet the new Jo Black!

I love the healthy sheen on my new jet black hair! However, I’m still getting used to my new look. The people at the salon said blue-black will look too intense and fake so they suggested ash black instead. The ash will show after a few washes… or so they claimed and so I hope. I can’t wait to shampoo off.

For now, it looks very black eh? My mother thinks it’s UGLY. Once she saw it, she kept criticising non-stop. Even my dad had to agree it’s “not very nice”. However, after dolling up for the wedding dinner, they said it didn’t look as ugly as before.

The person who likes my hair most is kh. I dunno what’s up with guys liking their gf with black hair.

**Edited to add: By the time I post this entry up. My black hair has faded to dark brown. Please turn to ash!

I’m so sick that I’ve to take MC today. After spending the bulk of my time sleeping and doing some work, I’ve got some time left for blogging. I will update with all the backdated entries soon. So many things to blog, so little time to do so.

For those who asked me to send photos, I think I will only be able to do so next year. So sorry! Stupid Internet is so slow. I wonder if it’s really true that 3 weeks is needed to fix the undersea cable. I hope to be able to finish blogging this year’s stuff by this year, which is like 2 days away.

**Edited to add II: I'm having problems replying on Cbox right now.


  1. You look GGGReat Jolene! Very shiny black curls. Such a different look but looking good too. I cannot imagine u with black hair at first. But now that I see it. I think it's nice on you! You did not make the wrong choice. Don't worry.

  2. You look like a doll with that black hair and big eyes. ^_^ Very sweet!

  3. shakara,

    Yupz... I really think black gives the ILLUSION of it being shiny and healthy. I could practically see life being restored in my hair as the dye sits on my head. Haha... Thanx.. i didn't regret it.


    Thanx gal! =)

  4. OMGoodness! You look like a baby!

    This post appeared at the bottom of your moat recent as one of those "you might also like..."

  5. Rick! This was so long time ago! Haha... Thanx to the LinkWithin widget, more people are clicking on my past posts.


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