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Saturday, October 13, 2007

The one with the meet up, pig out excursion, simba & chipmunk face in 1973

Long awaited meet up with Fantastic 4 aka F4
6th October 2007

The name is so corny and I used it on my blog just for fun. Who knows, the rest of them started calling ourselves with that name too.

This outing was supposed to be held in August to celebrate wy and hs’s birthday but it got postponed till now.

We met up for Jap food at Waraku @The Central.

It was my first time there. Em said, “Welcome the mountain tortoise to the river!”

We had an unpleasant dining experience as the air con wasn’t working well. We were sweating while eating. I didn’t think much of the food too. The food wasn’t too bad but it isn’t as great either.

Check out the size of the bowl. That was how big our bowls were. It would help if the food tasted better.

Nice river view

wy & hs

They just had to keep snapping and snapping coz they always deem the previous one too ugly.

em & me

Just flashed, unflashed will do.

wy & her fila bag which I so wanna kop for myself.

When I was editing this photo, I realised that we didn’t snap one with hs and her present. I still remember she was getting all ready to pose with her bag but we were too engrossed in wrapping up our conversation up before wy left. Hahaha… Poor hs!

It’s always great hanging out with all of you coz the conversations are always so relaxed. Updates are frequent with no missing link, no tension, no awkward moments and we can just talk about ANYTHING under the sun. Can talk till mei wan mei liao.

There are really lots and lots of clothes and accessories shops. My eyes lit up for I haven’t been shopping for a loooong time. It’s indeed a place catered to the female customers. I hate the layout of the mall. You have to worm from makan places to fashion spaces because they seem to be located at sections of the building which are invisible to each other.

I bought two new tops which can be worn for work too. I seriously need a working clothes wardrobe! I’m wearing the same clothes over and over again while all my 101 spags, tanks, low cut tops and tees are lying obsolete in my wardrobe.

Met up with tailtail (deardear) and took some random pics.


Just Eat company excursion
9th October 2007

We had a shi zi lu kou excursion-game around bugis area. It was such an eye opener for me. I’m so gonna try out some of the food stalls and go for little walks in Singapore more often.

My group was in charge of this event but I didn’t contribute a thing except to be facilitator. I think the two main colleagues that came up with the whole game really deserve a round of applause. It was really quite out of the ordinary kind of excursion and it was fun too.

The clues...

We were divided into 6 groups each with unique name.

Take the first word from each envelope and we have "shi zi lu jou chu fa". How creative!

What's inside the facilitator's envelope

I’m sure the group S people would love to play this game together for we are so united! (Hey we won the best team effort during team building) But since our group was in charge, we had to be facilitators and mingled with the other groups too. The group I facilitated was a little quiet and cliquish but as the game progresses, it got better.

Piecing the puzzle which led to the check point

Checkpoint National Library

The desserts here are worth a try. Very unique! Gonna check out this stall and savour the desserts slowly next time.

My favourite outta all the dishes savoured-- Beef noodles!

The soup is soooo delicious that another group member and I continued sitting there and slurping the soup away when all the rest had run off to the next "pit stop". It's damn funny lor. When the rest thought that we had finished and started running away, we were like, "This is good stuff man!" and we just kept slurping away before catching up with them. I'm so gonna drag kh to the stall to try it out again.

For a group that was not so united and chatty, often bumping into other groups which were one stop ahead of us, we were quite happy that we came in 3rd.

The last stop was memorable! We were to end at NAFA building. At the traffic light, we spotted another group and we started shooting friendly daggers at one another. The other facilitator and I were urging our group members to run once the green man appeared. The usually buay onz group members asked us if NAFA was indeed the last stop and if it was they would really cheong for us. So once the green man came on, we ran as quickly as our legs could carry. The other group also started running. There we were, two groups zipping down the lane with many uncles and auntie sitting along coffee shops la kopi and passers-by cheering for us! I tink they think it was some kind of Amazing Race.

That day, I discovered that I could still run quite quickly. Papilios are really made for running! Hence, I decided to procrastinate no more and get myself a new pair of running shoes for exercise. The last time I ran was 2 years ago, no? It’s time to adopt a healthier lifestyle!

Destination NAFA...

Group shi


apr, the one who can run with high heels, LV bag and all
me, the one who realised she can still run

4 of us

Went for supper at Selegie's famous tau huey... We were so thirsty that we could only order chin chow. That was good! Most delicious chin chow I've ever tasted.

The kt people

I took some time off to visit baba before work that day. Poor girl look so lethargic. Together with the drip poking her little paw, she looked even more pitiful!


Welcome home, Baba!
11th October 2007

We cleaned out her tray and laid her favourite cushion. I even cut my old obiang t shirt for blanket and tucked her into bed. Her body temperature was still quite low hence the blanket.

She looked so snug and guai under the “blanket”. She usually doesn’t like to be covered.

The next moment, she became like this…

The vet said that if we were to put a time on how long she would survive, it would be a month. A MONTH! Poor baba. Now we are trying to let her live her life to the fullest. My sisters and I are reasearching for home care online. With proper home care, the strong simba would definitely make it past 1 month. I'm confident of that. But for now, I don't dare to venture too far away from home w/o immediate transport for fear that something would happen to her.


Chipmunk Cheeks
12th October 2007

I had my wisdom tooth surgery and now I look like a freaking chipmunk!

Ok it’s just one side, so now I look like half of a freaking chipmunk.

Only that I don’t look as cute.

The pain has been plaguing for months but I kept putting off the appointment, trying to pick an appropriate period when I could enjoy my 5 day mc without having to worry about work. However, Thursday was the last straw. The stubborn tooth was pushing against my cheek and other teeth so much that the intensity caused pain to my left jaw, left cheek and left part of the head for the entire day. I could not tahan anymore and had to bring forward my appointment with the dentist whom I kept canceling on.

Being a well-known procrastinator, I applaud myself whenever I make sudden prudent decisions based on my blink 2 seconds judgment. I parted with my $420 most willingly thinking that I could part with the pain too.

Alas, the thought of making a prudent decision lasted only as long as the anesthesia.

Anyway, the dentist and nurse commented that my tooth is very nice and full. The nurse said can make necklace wor.

PAIN PAIN PAIN!!!!!!!!!!! I'm trying not to take painkillers too often so I have to bear with the pain.


1973 by James Blunt is currently my song of the moment. Take a listen to it.

Great tunes! Very nostalgic and laidback… I could almost imagine my little mtv of the days gone by with this song.

I think the player on my blog isn't really working. Those reading this, could you turn on your speakers and let me know if it's working?

Look at how my water babies have grown.

Without asking, my mum emptied the container of water and decided to use these for her money plant.


~* Taggies *~

4 Oct 07, 08:24
Canny: Hi Jo!! I always have a mixed feeling when clicking ur link on my fav. cos its either no update at all OR a long entry which I love reading!~ U & ur bf looks fab in couple wear! I breed mealworm B4 too!! with my SO. cos he have Arowana too! I even too pictures of our 'harvest' with my HP. LOL!!! Its amazing to see their changes & growin up!!
Hi Canny! Love what you say about the mixed feeling coz of the element of surprise at the end. Oh hahaha… I tot we look a little like 2 bananas in yellow. *LOL* I never expected anyone to breed this so-called disgusting beetles too. Yeah, nature is really amazing!

12 Oct 07, 23:35
Canny: Jo, be strong too, for urself, for Simba!! Will keep her in my prayers. I have a pet myself, entirely can understand how u feels. its really heartaching..'Shen lao pin si' is unavoidable. We gotta cherish the happy times & create keepsake memories!! Hope Simba is strong to overcome & fight against the illness. *big hugs to u*
Thank you so much babe for the hug and keeping her in your prayers. She's not so lao yet... 7 years old.. so I hope she can survive even longer. When she was at the vet under critical condition, my sisters and I were looking at all her photos and videos and so many of them showed us "bullying" her. OOps... But yeah... the memories.. we kept laughing at the videos. Now we must treat her like queen.. cannot bully her til her last day. Can't bear the thought of that.

6 Oct 07, 06:08
ajmal: do u know how to place meez widget in blogger??
Hi, sorry for this late reply. Hope you’ve found out how to do it. I don’t think I’m much of a help here as I dunno what widget is. But I used photobucket to upload the animation on blogger.

7 Oct 07, 22:54
clover: Hi is the black dress worn on 2Sep07 a desiner piece? How much is it? Appreciated.
Hi… You mean designer piece? You can say that I suppose. It’s by ABS. Not really popular in sg but he dresses Miss Teen USA and Beyonce. That was what they told me.

11 Oct 07, 23:07
WS: Do u do rebond at xiuzhen? How do u look different in diff occasion? Do u haf double or single eye lid? Do u wear special contacts? I dn tink Hairspray was gd too. Zac is cute. Hope ur cat is well.
Hihi.. Wow! You managed to squeeze so many questions in 1 tag! Which hair you referring to? My past entries? Now it’s curls and no, I didn’t rebond at Auntie Xiuzhen. I’ve got small double eyelids which become single at times. I wear monthly disposable and I don’t wear coloured contacts or big eye contacts if that’s what you mean by “special”. My cat has returned from the vet but she doesn’t have long to live. Thanx for your concern.

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