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Monday, December 10, 2007

8 Days Celebrity Car Boot Flea Market Happenings

Watch this space.


Yes yes.. Stop bugging.. I'm still in the midst of editing this entry. Please be patient dear frenz. For those of you who saw it from my camera and heard my stories of happenings on that day, good for u. The other photos are not uploaded on Multiply yet. Please send me those from your cameras too. Thanx!

-- 16th Dec 07


Updated on 19th December 2007 5.10am

Setting up our “stall” at 9.30am…

Our lot

From where we stood

We were allocated a parking lot near to the counters. It was a good spot only that there wasn’t any rush-to-the-counter 1st come 1st served kinda competition.

Soft Toys atop the roof

A vintage car…

The moon at 10.20am.

I was amazed to spot the moon at that time of the day when the sun was shining so brightly. Kh said I’m suaku.

A cutesy car that sells lotsa baby stuff

Fann Wong posing on her sofa

Wah… she’s damn skinny lor… not to mention, flat too. Why of course! She’s merely a cardboard. She looked so real that my camera’s face detection mode detected her face.

Walking in Fann Wong’s shoes

An addidas pair going for $120!

As seen here in 8 Days

I’m surprised that with her height and all, her feet are so tiny. Her clothes are very tiny too. I was holding up her D&G dress against myself and I didn’t believe it’s her dress. So tiny!

Cute meow meow

Many people brought their dogs out. This was the only person who brought her cat out. First time I ever witnessed someone putting her cat in a shoulder bag!

She was walking around casually with her opened shoulder bag when all of a sudden, her cat popped its head out. Throngs of people started swarming around her, me inclusive and so she carried her cat out for all to gush upon.

It donned a T shirt that says “i <3 mommy” and it was really very guai and gentle. It/ She was hugging her mommy like a koala. Her eyes didn’t look as cute under the bright daylight but her obedience makes one wanna go awww and hug her.

Each time there wasn’t customer to tend to, I’ll be flipping this:


The Story of hs & her Burberry Coat

Hs dropped by for a visit before hopping over to Sentosa.

A good thing she did or she wouldn’t have snagged that authentic with tags still intact Burberry coat for $30!!!

We were both eyeing it. I was eyeing for kh while she was eyeing for her bro. Remembering how kh would always nag at me for buying so many jackets, I decided to give it a miss. Hs thought that the size may not suit her bro, so she decided to give it a miss.

It was then that we realised it was tagged “L”… meaning it’s a ladies cut.

Hs got it as it was too good a deal to be missed.

I was so happy she bought it! At least such a good deal didn’t go to someone else.

Hs “dumped” her coat in kh’s car as she could not possibly be lugging it all around Sentosa. When I told kh of the price, his eyes and mouth opened big big and he went “Wah!”. That was the first time he showed interest in jackets. I should have bought it man! But nyah… I still have to find so many occasions to wear all my unworn jackets.

The coat is still at my place. My da jie liked it so much and was chiding me for not buying.

I draped it on to take photo for keepsake.

It doesn’t look nice on me la… but for $30, nobody’s complaining.


The Story of the Lamborghini Babes

The roaring of engines sounded loud and fierce… It was a Lamborghini!

Whoever in the right state of mind would drive a Lamborghini to a CAR BOOT flea market???

We were wondering how on earth were the owners gonna display their items?

Turned out that they draped all their designer stuff all over the car like this…

Initially, KPO kh went to check it out and he informed me that it was driven by 2 chio bu so KPO me immediately dropped all stuff and cheong to biou chio bu.

Chay… I was utterly disappointed by his taste. Hahahaha…

I thought that they were friends of celebrities coz they had a signboard indicating that the public could take a photo with their car for $1 which will go to charity. Moreover, from the way the DJs and celebrities went up to talk to them, I thought they must be somebody famous. However, after reading the following week’s 8 Days, I discovered that they are two 20-something Indonesian sisters who drove their parents’ car to the event with the intention of asking people who wanted photos with it to donate a dollar. These generous sisters gave their proceeds from the sale of their items to charity in the end.


The Story of the Pretty Babe

While we were still in the midst of setting up our “stall”, kh spotted this gal two cars away from us.

Kh: Eh eh eh… you look at that girl. Come flea market sell things wear so short skirt and the heels so high. Then she finish setting up liao, just sit there and look pretty.
Me: But she’s really pretty what!

Then I started insisting that the gal was really very chio, 100 times more chio than the Lamborghini gals. Moreover, I thought that she was dressed quite fashionably as a seller at a flea market. Her dolly curls paired with a sporty cap look really rocks my socks.

After a while, kh had to agree with me that the gal was indeed very chio.

Then, we started seeing throngs of people talking to her and her friend and taking photos with them! It then dawned on me that this gal might be Miss Singapore-Universe Jessica Tan. I remembered reading or hearing somewhere that our very own Miss Singapore Universe has a lot for this flea mart too.

Don’t blame me for being suaku. I’m one who doesn’t watch tv and all I know about Jessica Tan was from 8 Days. Even though she was the hot favourite back then, I thought nothing of her. She was touted as the best among the rest, having beauty and brains and having the most beauty queen caliber. However, one look at her picture in 8 Days and I thought she looked pretty average.

Hence, I was still having reservation about that pretty babe being Jessica Tan coz I didn’t see a resemblance. This pretty babe really has a dazzling smile. I love the lower part of her face. Her jaw, her chin, her face shape, her stunning smile and great teeth reminds me of Elva Hsiao. I love babes who have such facial features. Kh also agreed that her lower facial features are similar to Elva’s.

And then, more people started taking photos with them. I was wondering if her friend was somebody too as she has the stature of a model.

Finally, the DJ invited her up on stage. So, she is really Jessica Tan!

Spot the Jessica Tan contest

Can you spot her? She’s the one with the big red umbrella and 3 to 4 inch high heels.

Check out her dazzling smile!

So chio and sweet right? All my friends who saw the photos on my camera also thought that she is quite chio (or maybe coz I imposed my views on them. Heh..) But one thing is for sure, they all agreed that her smile is nice.

She used to look like this…

Looks a little different right? That’s why I could not recognise her.

Kh and I were both so smitten by her that we die die wanna take a pic with her before we/they packed up and left.

I looked so ugly and dwarf-like next to her lor. But don’t forget, she was wearing 3 to 4 inch heels. That’s an additional of 7.6 to 10.2 cm to her height.

She was really warm and friendly. After taking a photo with her, I felt bad if I were to leave just like that so I started browsing her car. She was recommending me some of her and her friend’s stuff. She kept referring to her friend by her name “Christabel” as if I was supposed to know who she was.

It was only when I flipped my 8 Days foraging for Jessica’s photos during the pageant time that I realised who Christabel was.

2nd runner up of Miss Singapore-Universe

She is also on Deal or No Deal, the tallest model there.


Celebrities’ Appearance

Jessica Tan & Jacelyn Tay

Jacelyn’s Lulu Guinness bag

Someone snagged her bag just as she went on stage. Lucky bitch… I mean the new owner of The Lulu bag, not Jacelyn.

That was one bag I was eyeing since I flipped that week’s 8 Days. However, I assumed that all the celebrities items would be snapped up in flash. That’s not entirely true and I would elaborate more on this later.

Debbie Wong & Eunice Olsen

They’re the host from FRONT. I always have the urge to catch that show but no time no time. Debbie is pretty. Eunice looks weird.

Adam Cheng & Jade Seah

Felicia Chin & Julian Hee

Julian Hee looks just like himself. I was wondering why Felicia was dressed in such garb. The checkered shirt is actually her mum’s shirt from the 80s.

Elvin Ng sitting atop a Chevrolet awaiting his kisses.

Kh: I give you money you go and kiss Elvin Ng.
Me: Dowan…Don’t like Elvin Ng leh.

Not that I dislike him la… but I have no liking for him.

Jade Seah selling her kisses.

My turn to tease kh.

Me: Come I give you money to let Jade Seah kiss you.” (waving a ten-dollar note)
Kh: OK!

I smack him ah!

The response was lukewarm initially. Adam Cheng was really sweet. To kick start, he donated $20 and Jade bo bian but to kiss him twice. Haha… then more and more guys went up for their kisses. I guess the organisers had to make Jade kiss the “donators” to garner more response.


The Story of the Boy who Really Hates Flea Markets

I think deardear has been really sweet to allow me to use his car for the event and to help out on that day.

He really hates shopping, buying 2nd hand stuff, flea markets, doing business… you get the drift. The past two times I did flea a few years back, he wanted nothing to do with it.

Acknowledging his dislikes, I’m really touched that he helped out so much for this and we did have fun together.

I took a photo of kh while up on the overhead bridge to Vivo. Can you spot him?

Kh always looks like he’s skiving on the job…

But not bad leh… whenever I was away, he could still manage to sell some stuff.

Kh was asked to take part in a donut eating competition

It was really difficult to eat the sugared donuts on strings affected by tension from other competitors. I think he did quite well. He/ We got a $30 Munchy Donut voucher just for participating.

On our way for dinner…

How much is that doggie in the window?

DISCLAIMER: This dog was not locked in the car at the flea market. Somehow when my frenz saw the photos, they all went “POOR DOG!!!”

Singapore’s very own ferries wheel

Jap food for dinner at Ichiban Boshi-Soba So Good

Dunno whether it’s a merger of the two companies but the salmon thingy is darrn good! First time eating salmon that is cooked on the outside but raw on the inside. My duck soba wasn’t very good though.

We almost fell asleep while eating as we were soooo exhausted and burnt out (in every sense of that word) by the end of the day.

My ONLY loot for the whole day was Jessica Tan’s fake eyelash from Japan.


I’m surprised I didn’t get anything else. Speaking of which, here comes my next story. It’s basically a KPKB story.


The Story of the Diana Ser’s Chloe Bag

Similar to Jacelyn’s Lulu Guinness bag, Diana Ser’s Chloe bag was another bag I was eyeing.

Firstly coz it’s a Chole bag and secondly I love love love the metallic chains which Diana deemed was too rock for her.

I assumed that these two bags would be snapped up right when the items were laid out. When I went shopping around with hs at 11+, The chloe was nestled nicely among fann wong’s stuff. I was so glad to see the bag “in flesh” and told hs that I liked it the instant I saw it on the 8Days. When I saw the price tag of $150, I was stunned. Diana paid $700++ for it. The condition of the bag is quite good too. Didn’t spot any tarnish stains on the metals. The interior was specked with little thread dust but other than that, the condition is excellent for a 2nd hand stuff.

I tried the bag on and I thought it looked great. I really love the metallic chains and studs. It didn’t look too rock on me.

I hadn’t brought enough cash and silly me was just using that as an excuse not to buy that beauty. The thought of crossing over to Vivo to withdraw money didn’t cross my mind at all. Moreover, my mind willed my heart not to spend more than I could earn that day.

After one round, I bade hs goodbye but the chloe just kept saying hello in my mind. I asked kh if I should buy. Similar to all responses to my shopping lemmings, he immediately gave a firm no. I flipped the mag to the page which featured the bag and showed it to him. He said the metal chains were too much.

At 1.25pm, resolute that the bag could not possibly be there anymore, I told kh that I would take a peek just to confirm.


“How could this bag still be here?!” I quizzed the “vendor”.

The vendor said many people were interested but many did not have enough cash with them and it was hassle to go to the ATM. Moreover, they did not allow interested parties to reserve. I tried on the bag again just to ascertain that it’ll suit me. It did and the vendor agreed too.

“I’ll go and draw money right now. If the bag is still here, I would definitely buy it.” I turned away and continued, “If not, I’m just not fated to own the bag.”

BLARDY Vivo! I really hate the layout of Vivo!!!! Whoever designed Vivo certainly put consumer spending as his first priority. As if everyone got the leisure to idle around. As if everyone loves walking in meandering routes. As if everyone loves walking from shop A past shops B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X and Y just to get to shop Z.

After walking a whole number 8 shape, I finally got to the POSB ATMs. I had to walk one whole 8 shape again to get back to St James car park.

It took a whole 30 minutes for me to walk from St James to POSB and back again!

Just as I was walking towards the Chloe direction, I received a call from kh asking me to go back immediately to our car and not wander anywhere first.

Thinking that he was having some trouble handling customers, I rushed to the car.

When I saw him, his first question was,

“Do I look like a glutton to you?”

I was puzzled. Then, he told me that the organisers asked him to take part in a donut eating competition. Being a sport / glutton, he agreed.

Next, I hurriedly whizzed in the direction Chloe and found the space where the beauty used to occupy empty.


“When was it bought?” I inquired disheartenly.


I didn’t wanna ask how just was just coz if the just was really just, I swear I could have killed kh!

All throughout the morning and early afternoon, it was sitting pretty in the boot. Just when I decided to get it, it had to be snapped up within half an hour.

I’m really not fated to have that bag.

Whoever who bought that bag… LUCKY BITCH!


The end of it all

We got many goodies from the event

as well as…


That was the only day in December that did not rain the whole day.

Both of us were so burnt. I was in great pain for 3 days and I could not even carry my bag on my shoulder.

Hee.. But I love my tan. I haven’t been so tanned for more than a year. I like being tanned but not when the tan lines are so ugly!!! Tank tan, butterfly tan, pendant tan, watch tan, bracelet tan, shorts tan, slippers tan.

I cannot wear many clothes now.

Ugly tan lines,


  1. Ran across your blog while doing a google search for flowers and the song caught my attention. I've never heard it before but love it, definitely adding it to my iPhone library! :) I'm really impressed by the time you take to blog it makes me want to start one! I never read blogs but I'm somehow amazed by this tiny window into someone else's world. Anyways thanks for the memory and if anything the inspiration to blog... :)

  2. Hi matt,
    Where are you calling from? Looking for flowers? Oh don’t tell me you were looking for Jardiniere? Haha… The title of this song is 1973 by James Blunt. Over here in Singapore, we could occasionally catch this on radio. Yeah… blogging takes a hell lot of time. That’s why I keep writing backlogged entries. Do share your blog if you’ve managed to start one.

    Cya around. =)

  3. Hi jo,
    Have you been busy? I come here a few times but no updates.. So sad..

  4. Dearest Jolene babe!

    Enjoy reading your entry on the flea market (& of cos the rest of the other entries!)

    At a glance of the pic, I tht that was the real Fany Wong wor!! You where got dwarf?? If Jessica minus away her heels, I bet both of you will be the same height!!

    Your Kh darling really a big helper in the flea market, can see from the pics. Keke.. Guess it must be 'Ai wu ji wu' thats why! =p

    KPO a little, how much time did you spend all in all from editing / resizing the pics, till uploading them & blog them out & run thru the draft a few times b4 pulishing it? (I think you must have spend many hours/days of ur by-right-should-be-in-bed-slping-time to blog right?)

    I like how you break up the entry into a few parts - "The Story of....." Very interesting & makes me wanna read up what is happening next after I read the heading.

    Anyway, well... as for the *Ahem* not-fated-to-be-urs bag... No doubt it looks pretty chic (from the mag) but then.... a penny save is a penny earn. Keke (Self console yah..)

    Oh, I'm 15hrs slower than U. And yup, normally I am also awake at weird timings in the wee hrs or at dawn time. Really a bad bad habit & serious insonmia!!

    Take care gal & apply some aloe on ur sun burnt... & rem to help Kh apply some too k.. Keke!

    Ciao! =p

  5. I've been waiting for this to be updated. Finally. You must be really realy really buzy hor?

    Jessica Tan look so sweet with the little girl. She look and sound like a nice person. Actually she look like last time. I don't think got plastic surgery but she is really a lot pretty now compare to the contest.

    I think Diana Ser's bag look nice too. But nevrmind don't be sad. Maybe you'll buy nicer bags.

    Your shoulders looks really painful. I hope you are fine now.

    Please update more often. I miss your writings.

  6. saw u have fun, tat's the main thing. :) Pity abt the bag, i am looking for something for my wife.

    Thou to ask my fren who's a stewardess to get from states or europe. Thou 30% disount at least. My wife has "unique" taste if you put it in a proper way, or weird to some. Haha..

    Came across this web, thought its too dirt cheap to be true, replica.. aiyo...

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Don't be fooled by Jessica's fake smile and pretty face with a black heart. She is a bitch and a big bitch too.

    the truth about our winner
    i've been flying with jessica tan over the past 3 to 4 years. was even in the same training batch as she was in, and sad to say, she is a real insecured, psycho b*tch.

    her reputation in SIA is very bad from the very start of her career as a stewardess. she is very competitive and back stabbing towards those she finds better looking than her.

    she always has to be the one with the newest and juciest gossips such that she will be in the centre of attention. whenever no one is paying any attention to her, she goes into her insecure mode and starts coming up with new rumors.

    she gossips about new FSs that she finds pretty and are a threat to her. she known for spreading malicious rumors about other gals. many crew who know her knows of her poor character.

    i've seen her on many flights ganging up on some poor stewardess and giving her hell throughout the flight. i know this full well as i was once one of her victims.

    i'm not writing this to get back at her, but to let singapore know what sort of person they have crowned the winner. and really her pretty face with that big smile truly masks a heart that is as black as hell.

    as for how she was in her JC and Uni days. i'm sorry to say that her behaviour has been the same for a very, very long time. this has been her reputation all along. i'm not sure how she behaved in MSU2007, but i know a leopard does not change its spots.

    sorry to disappoint every jessica fan...

    Last edited by wyborgal on 26-04-2007 at 09:30 AM

    I didn't want to say the bad things about her that only people who know her personally will know, but since someone has finally opened up, I will have to second that.

    It's true. She will deign to treat you nice only if you are not a perceived threat to her. And even so, it is quite fake and patronizing - like, "oh you so poor thing, everybody looks at me instead of looking at you!"

    and when her best friend got together with a pilot, she went out of her way to make sure she snagged a better-looking, richer one.

    it's very tiring really, the way she schemes and plots to get the attention she craves. it's as tiring as watching her arch her back throughout the entire MSU show.

    Taken from mediacorp forum.

  9. Dear Canny,

    It’s always so nice to read your comments!

    On Fann Wong…
    Haha… I really think that from the photo can’t really tell that it’s a cardboard lor. Can use it to trick people. *LOL*

    On Jessica…
    Jessica minus her heels won’t be as tall as she looked that day but definitely not same height as me wor. I think I read somewhere that she’s 1.66m. Me only 1.62 and I think I’m shrinking. Hahaha…

    On my kh darling…
    He ai wu ji wu??? More like bei4 bi1, bo3 bian3 (kenna forced. No choice) Wahahaha…

    On the time spent blogging…
    Hmm… how to say leh? I dun exactly know how many hours I spend coz I usually do it bit by bit whenever I’ve the time. I’ll first upload the pics to my laptop. Then I’ll do some editing with picasa (more of combining the photos) at the same time type out what I wanna write about. Uploading the photos onto my blog takes a long time but the real writing takes the longest.

    I dun do much editing to my pictures at all so it won’t take up too much time. I don’t include water-marking and copyright on my pictures. The only editing to photos would be to input text sometimes and to play around with different effects. I don’t have Photoshop or I would definitely edit photos till no end (most of the time would be spent trial and error-ing la).

    Last time when I did not have to do much work on my off days, I could take half the day to finish one entry full of photos. Now cannot la… whatever time I have I just do whatever I can. That’s why now backdated till like dunno what. Never reply to comments for half a mth too.

    On “The Story of…”…
    Hahaha… When I was relating the incidents verbally to my frenz, I keep jumping here and there. When it’s time to type out… I headache man… Keep on retyping coz so messy. In the end, I decided to break them up this way instead of chronological order.

    Sobz sobz sobz… I could have SAVED A LOT buying that bag… Wahahaha.

    On OUR insomnia…
    We really should do something about it. Mine isn’t that terrible since 2 weeks ago as I was lacking sleep and can never replenish them, I keep on feeling very sleepy so at least now I don’t sleep at too weird a timing. I hope you are slowly sleeping regularly too.

    Take good care of yourself and our darling Anthony!



    Ya lor… Really busy wor. Yeah... Jessica Tan really looks damn sweet and I think make up probably does wonders to a lady.

    I also hope I’ll buy nicer bags but none will be as cheap as this one.

    Haha… by the time I reply to this, my shoulders are fine. Thanx for your concern.


    Long time no hear from you again. How have you been? I hope you’ve gotten something nice for your wife.


    Well, I happened to chance upon that forum before you posted it here. So are you one of her victims? If so, my heart goes out to you.

    No doubt it’s sad to hear that a person whom I thought is so sweet and have such a good impression on being such a person in real life. However, it does not really sway my opinion of her since all these happened in the past. My impression of her would be my first impression I had on her that day which was and is still a good one.

  10. Always here, but never post much..
    Been busy with year end closing, meetings n work..
    Weekend family time..! Yeah..

  11. Hope you've managed to clear your year end stuff.

    Happy New Year to you and your family! Health, wealth and happiness to you!

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