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Sunday, December 23, 2007

I’ve a million and one things to do but there is only one of me and 24 hours in a day.

I’ve not surfed the internet for say 5 days.

FIVE DAYS without even logging on to check email is a mean feat for me as the only time I would go by w/o checking email would be when my comp crash or when there is no internet access overseas.

I’ve wanted to go for meet ups which I can’t make it.

I’ve wanted to draft so many back dated blog entries.

I’ve wanted to read all my friends’ blogs.

I’ve wanted to type that letter which I’ve owed for a long time.

I’ve wanted to clear my leave.

I’ve wanted to go on a holiday.

I’ve wanted to do my nails.

I’ve wanted to do my hair.

But like no time leh.

What have I been doing?

I was trying to finish as much marking as possible but sad to say, I’ve to owe my students their worksheets because I had decided to sacrifice the time for more meaningful things like making cards!

I was busy making cards on and off for two days and nights.

Since when does Jolene make cards wan? Jolene only knows how to receive cards wan hor, viv?

I was giving this excuse to my colleagues:

“I was thinking of making cards… But I’m THINKING only. It’s the thoughts that count.”

Then, I felt REALLY BAD when so many colleagues gave me presents and cards. I had no time to go shopping for presents and cards. Moreover, by the time I knock off at night, all shops would be closed so what bright idea did I think of but to put my “thoughts that count” into action. I decided to make cards during the wee hours when I can’t sleep!

Boy! I’ve never felt sooooooo sleepy in my whole insomniac life!

But I was glad I did.

It was all worth it.

I've still got alot of photo blogging to be done. Stay tuned for a backlogged entry. I hope I can squeeze the time this festive season. I hate all the holidays! They're eating away my working days and I've to rush through all my work. ARGH...

On a merry note, I'm scooting off to gera's house to do my nails for a Christmas eve's event. She's damn good at nail art. Pretty nails soon! So excited! Will post up pics of them.

Just in case I don't have the chance to log on, Merry Christmas in advance everyone.

Enjoy your holiday!


  1. Hi dear, Nice cards! Though simple, but it's really the thoughts that counts. Nowadays, money can & are used to buy things for ppl. Fast & easy. Hassle free. Handmade gifts are really really rare now. So its always feel so good to receive handmade gifts, cos its made with the hands with love. =)

    I wanna make some too. But then..... *cough* Lazy + sick in this cold winter makes me wanna stay in bed all day long.. =( And the other time I made & sent cards for my mum, but she didn't receive at all! So mad at USPS & Singpost! (my card dunno lost where liao..) So sad...

    So i think I slowly make some for the sepcial occasions & pass it to my beloved ones when I am back in SG personally!! Keke..

  2. Hey babe,

    Thanx… after I’ve completed them, I felt like they look quite simple and didn’t look like a lot of time was spent making them. Was even a little disappointed at my work... haha... but my frenz all said that they’re able to tell that a lot of time and effort was spent.

    You look like the type who make nice cards! Haha… just got the look… like how you whip up good meals.

    How are you feeling now? Are you still sick? Oh.. I must have really missed a lot of your posting. I’m so gonna read your blog after I’ve finished replying all the comments and tags.

  3. Hi dear, dont be disappointed with yourself.. you have done great as in you have put in ur time & effort & heart to make those cards. It cannot be bought with money. And most impty is the receiver is happy to receive the card & the personal msgs you wrote for them. =)

    I guess I can make nicer cards than cook nicer dish. Now then I know, I really dun have the 1) look, 2)skill, 3)"liao" 4)"tian fen" to be a good cook. (Are no. 2, 3 & 4 means the same?? LOL!)

    I think I am better off working & enjoy eating food cooked by others!! keke! Though I must say that I quite enjoy making cards more... Less risk of cutting my fingers when preparing the ingredients or getting burn when cooking the food. -,-''

    I'm in pink health again! =) and now my blog have a comment section!! Yay!! =p

  4. Where got no 4 points mentioned above? I think you're damn creative in your cooking lor. Still can make dog paw prints and cut pancake to heart shape and stuff. Can chop whole chicken and save in fridge to cook also. If it's me ah, I'll just buy chicken parts from the supermarket. =P Also remember you making bian4 dang1 (takeaways) for him. So sweet. Makes me wanna go cook for my deardear too. Wahahaha...

    I'll definitely make full use of the comments section. Well, I sure hope I'm not 1 of those who "instigated" you to open a comment section. Heh...

    Oh and it's good to hear that you've recovered! Take good care of yourself ya?


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