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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


25 Nov 07, 18:51
MangledMannequin: Thank you for replying. I thought the two painters have similarities. Even though our views are different, it is fine. I like haunting and morose works. I'm from Canada.
Hey yup! No problem at all. You’re from Canada? It’s nice to see you dropping by. Please intro more artists/artwork if possible. Love looking at art sites. Thanx!

28 Nov 07, 22:44
roux: I read about Eujin on the new paper. Very sad to read all those lines by people who know him. He sounded like a great guy. I also feel so sad for the dragon boat rowers too. These are healthy young m
Indeed. I was really saddened when I read of the demise of all these young and healthy people with a full life ahead of them. Let’s hope their families and loved ones stay strong throughout.

29 Nov 07, 18:55
passerby: Thanks for remembering Eu Jin. He's really a great person.
Hi there. Are you a friend of Eu Jin? Do take care! From the blog, I can really see that he’s such a great person.

1 Dec 07, 18:08
geraldine: hey jo i created a blog of my own link my name to my blog:
Yo! You still using multiply right? I’ll have 2 different links then. Help you to advertise here… Hahaha… Eh why you never show all our bimbo sisters Halloween photos with nicely lined eyes by you??? BTW, the link should be I will edit the links column soon ya.

4 Dec 07, 21:24
passerby: You know Jeremy personally? Spread the word Thanks
Are you a different person from the above “passerby”? I’m sorry I don’t know Jeremy personally. Do take care.

6 Dec 07, 00:51
Canny: ah... crazy stalker!! So frightening to encounter with such person. Am glad u are alrite. I read the sad news too, as usual, emo me just like u will be tearing.. life is so fragile... We really got to cherish it & make the best out of it.. Live to the fullest!! Miss ya!
11 Dec 07, 15:35
canny: hi dearest! Erm.. same as u, gonna drop u a longer comment soon. hee.. goin to Zzz now. my insonmia is siao liao today so i better take the chance! Hope you have a great week ahead!! =) Maybe is I keep looking at Bedtime bear.. Thus, i am falling aslp sooner.. Haha!! Bedtime bear says "Hi" to u!! =p
Yup… Start to treasure all the people around you and also do the things that you’ve always dreamed of doing. Is our time difference 12h? If so… GOSH… you’re also awake at weird timings. Haha… If only Bedtime Bear can induce sleep. Hope your insomnia would be cured soon.

8 Dec 07, 01:44
sushi: hi jo! i saw kh yest n i think he's sp sweet even in your absence. shall not spoil any surprise for u he said he'll bring me to meet up with me so u pls remind him k? haha thanks! also, i told him bout the 'girls-shouldnt-stop-even-after-getting-a-chanel' theory n he brushed me off. he even said we girls are kpo's who 38 in LD. so bad hor? im sorry, i meant kh told me he'll bring u to meet up with me. LOL!
Hey! Yup, your “kar ceng” told me he saw you. Haha and he said you very 38. I guess it’s a good thing if we can meet up to 38 together then but it won’t be good for his poor ears. Wahaha… Aiya he dunno how to appreciate all these labels one la. Once his ears catch whiff of anything that sound like “Chanel, LV, Gucci, Prada, Dior, Tiffany, Cartier…” he’ll auto-pilot switch off. He’s still not trained to pick out the sounds of other brands yet. Hahaha… So he will still listen when I say “YSL, Ferragamo, Lowe, Chloe…” And hey… you’ve gotten me all curious. He’s very dumb one. How can surprise?

Will reply to blog comments another time. Gotta sleep soon or I won't be able to tahan the whole day later.


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