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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bad days

Cramps… pile of work… loads of marking… unfinished SA2 revision test papers to churn out in such short time… tutees having SA2 soon… lack of sleep…

I spent the morning of Good Friday at Mt Vernon absorbing smoke in my hair, clothes and lungs and the rest of the day rehearsing for our dance item for the co’s team building camp.

I can’t stand all the inconsiderate people who despite huge signs warning people that burning incense paper inside the columbarium is strictly prohibited, they continue to do so. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the deceased and their families, but burning joss sticks and incense paper indoor is really overboard. It was as if they were fumigating us like roaches in a chute. I almost smothered to death. My family members kept tearing and sniffing coz of the smoke too.

Rehearsing for the team building dance was really fun but time consuming. Together with another colleague of mine, we spent the whole afternoon and night on our Wednesday off choreographing the steps and neglected all other work.

Guess what genre of dance my group got? CHINESE DANCE! Other genres included retro, hip hop and tribal. We thought we could never shine with Chinese dance as compared to the other so-called more cool dances. However, after all the planning and stuff and the fabulously lame storyline incorporated into the dance, we were all quite determined to do our best. Anyway, Chinese dance is quite beautiful, a pity not many people could appreciate it.

Yes, so back to the topic on bad days. These few days, things are really looking very bad. As if I’m already not in enough pain (cramps) and dragging my feet from exhaustion, somebody had to add more pain and make me drag my feet more. Look what happened to my toe on Friday.

(Not for the faint-hearted so please do not scroll if you can’t stand the sight of blood)

This little boy stepped on me without even saying sorry. The bitchy Jolene in me wanted to grab him and make him apologise to me, the natural Jolene in me wanted to inform the grandma of her grandson’s insolence, whereas the well-mannered but stupid Jolene did not even utter a single “Ouch” but writhe silently in agony. One of the MacDonald’s staff saw me and his eyes almost popped out of his socket when he looked down. I did not even realise the state of my toe until I complained to my colleague about this rude boy and she went “Oh my god!” when she looked down.

I know my nails are ugly la but damn pain can? The nail broke in the middle and with every step I take, it seems like the broken inner part of the nail plate is pressing into the flesh. Yucks!

By the time I got home, I was so exhausted that I could only mark a little bit before I start making mistakes.

Today was hectic. I could have rejected but once again the very STUPID me helped to relief two classes and taught four classes for 8 hours straight from 10am til 6pm. I did not even have the time to pee till after 6pm and neither did I have my lunch till dinner time. Whenever I teach, I don’t feel hungry, I don’t feel like I need to pee that much and I feel very energetic. However, once it all ends, the hunger sets in, the tide rises and the exhaustion replaces the high energy all at once.

At the end of the day just now, I slumped at my desk, overwhelmed with hunger, fatigue and pain. I looked at the scene in front of me: piles and piles of worksheets and books sitting on what used to be a desk. I looked and looked and I nearly cried.

The whole of April will be very hectic. Putting all other work aside, I wonder if I can even finish writing and proofreading the revision papers in time.

I know I will always mange to do it eventually but I really hope I could do a CLICK like Adam Sandler and fast forward the whole grueling process till the results.


  1. Oh my goodness! That look like a horribly bad toe you have there. Please take care of yourself and your toe. Hang in there, you will definitely pull through with your good work attitude. Do take care!

  2. Thanx gal, for all your words of encouragement!

  3. i am fine with all those gore pics. hehe...

    dun get the toe wet, or infection comes abt..

    take care..

  4. haha.. as I read, I tik I am as worst off..
    Going back on a Sunday morning to work till Monday 2am+.

    Last nite left office at 8pm, have dinner at home, bath n finished my report at 1am+...

    Dun get yrself too stress, look now weekend is coming. :)

  5. bwilly,
    My toe is a lot better now. In fact, i didn't really take care of it. Still bathe as per normal. Hope it isn't rotting inside.

    Same same. Tuesday I left my ofc at 1am and slept at 4.30 am 2 nights(mornings) ago. When will all these end? But you just started on your new job right? How come so bz?

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  7. hehe.. I see no end for all these late working. Was having lunch with a fellow male colleague today, and we discussed such unhealthy working lifestyle..

    Yup, started, and was drag into a meeting on my first day with list of schedule and deadlines.

    No choice, alot of reportings to do, especially submission to my parent company in Europe, our local CFO, quarterly budgets for all the local subsidiaries (abt 16 in total), and some governmental reports which is mandantory - yucks.. No choice, money is good. (See below)

    How come you teaching so tough ya?
    My baby due soon, now 37weeks. Thinking of newsgroup or play group is it? haha.. Planning to enroll for this cord blood storage, next time if you keen can check with me. Also talked to my wife about education/saving account for the baby. Maid, baby living expenses... shiver to think of it. Just enjoy the happiness of a fatherhood.

    Yes, good to hear your toe is much better, say high from me. Hehe..

    Wah lau, now need to re-register again? Cause goggle sumpo blogspot?? I thou wat happened, can't post mens.. :(

  8. Need to re-register? What do you mean? I didn't encounter any problem.


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