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Thursday, July 21, 2005

I am sick again

Yeah yeah... *yawnz* Boring, repetitive entry. How many times have I been sick? I used to be so healthy in the past… till I started this job.

Have been feeling all the symptoms on Tuesday. But no choice, gotta burn midnight oil the past few nights trying to finish my materials so I can spend my weekend with kh. I even brought home the laminating machine from my workplace and engaged my dad to help me with the cutting but the work was neverending!

The cold could not be cured despite taking my leftover medicine from the last time I was sick (which was not too long ago). The throat got even worse! Pepsi with salt is but temporary. Sometimes I wonder what is the purpose of tablets. Maybe they contain no drugs at all. They are merely tools to make you drink more water.

Slept the entire morning and afternoon away just now. I would have continued sleeping till night falls if not for the constant reminders by my mum and kh to see a doc. Mum was so pissed with me when I chose sleep over her company to see my family doc in the morning. I was simply too sleepy and lazy for although my family doc is located in Yishun, we had to take 2 buses there. Which person in the sick frame of mind would want to take 2 buses just to see a doc?! As a punishment for being lazy, I had to drag myself to the nearby doc all by myself just now. Spent one whole hour sleeping there, with no comforting shoulder to lean on but the cold hard wall. And here I am, blogging about mundane things while waiting for 6pm to come so I can tape my mum’s Korean show and go off to sleep again

I dread the thought of having to make up the lessons I missed today. But what to do? Really feeling very sick. The doctor gave me mc for tomorrow too and said I ought to sleep the whole day tomorrow too for speedy recovery. I told her that I don’t wish to make up another day’s worth of lessons and she said, “Then I’ll have to see you every month.”

Oh ya and did I mention how scary it is to fall asleep? As I slept, I kept dreaming that I was conducting lesson. All my students came despite being informed that classes were cancelled. Then I awoke to realize it was a dream, so I went back to sleep and I was conducting lesson again.



  1. lol!

    your last paragraph was very funny!

  2. Poor you!

    I agree with chris that you should listen to your doctor and I also agree with pea that your last sentence was very funny but well I think you are overworking yourself. You can even dream of working... you may not feel it but that is a sign of stress.

    What kind of work are you doing by the way? How come can't anyhow take leave or mc? Than how are you going to recover?

    So in the end, did you go work today? I suppose you did right? Anyway take good care and drink lots of water.

  3. Sorry... not "than" but "then".

  4. get a good rest.
    btw, most doc gives general presciption unless you tell them otherwise.
    standard anwser if you stump thm.

    "oh..bout of virus attack.."

    Korean show? Pardon my hanyupinying - is it "Da Chang Zin"?? Nice show..!

  5. wah.. jia lat.. again? Yeaah.. I guess that's part and parcel of the job.. get a good rest, weekend coming soon, and you definately don't want to make up weekend classes!!

    *gives jo get well soon virtual hug* ^_^

  6. To chris,
    Yup I listened, made use of the 2 days worth of mc and slept my whole friday away too. Back at work again today.

    To pea,
    Hahaha... haiyo... not supposed to be funny... So stressed ah. =P

    To starz,
    Yup I think it's a sign of stress too.. I'm teaching but not MOE. You can check out my past entry:
    Only that I don't love it that much anymore. =P

    Hmm let me see... your "today" means Friday right? I stayed at home in the end but went back in the evening to prepare for lessons.

    I'm drinking bottlefuls of water, don't worry. And thanx for your concern! *touched*

    To bwilly,

    This time the doc didn't say bout of virus attack surprisingly.

    And I have no clue what Korean show is that. It's showing at 6pm on channel U everyday and I'm supposed to help my mum tape it on my off days. Think it's some yellow hankie show? Not too sure as I'm not into the Korean wave.

    To Lian,
    Yoz yoz!!! Thanx for your hug.. i feel better. Wah... read ur blog... you are in aussieland? Cool... I love their weather!!! *heh* Now you make me so JEALOUS!!! *green eyes*

    Me on mc on thur and fri leh.. Must make up 4 lessons... *sobz* and next wed got so many meetings... cant make up then. Dun wanna wait til term break.

  7. Hi Jolene,

    Hop over here from FP. Interesting job you have there but seem taxing to make up lesson.

    Hope you get well soon.

    By the way, your blog is very interesting. I love looking at all your photos. Pretty!

  8. Hi mocha,

    Welcome to my blog and thanx for your comments... Ü

    Hmm... Initially the job was interesting and I love it but now I feel kinda drained.

  9. I cannot afford to make up more lessons. And I really wanna go to the beach but it always rain on me. =(

  10. Hi Jolene,

    Take good care of yourself!


  11. pop in here again..

    Jo, r u feeling betta already?
    I dun feel good myself, like bout of fever coming upon me.

    Can imagine doing trendmill can give me headache.
    Maybe work stress and extra commitment involvement.

    Do you have cable TV? I am talking abt the 7pm on Channel55.

    link above.

  12. Thanx DL and bwilly... Much better but still having stuffy nose every now and then.

    I have SCV but didn't subscribe to all the channels... the only shows I watch on SCV now are taped LOST. 5 back to back episodes. WOOHOO! After the 5th episode of the day, still asking for more. Can you imagine how delirious I am when watching SG channel 5? 1 episode a week is like light years!

  13. I dunno abt the channel 55 show. My comp cant read chinese. It's jiak kantang... juz like me.

  14. Lost? Is it showing on SCV now?
    I saw on the teleguide Lost on AXN 19 is starting in August not??
    My good buddy in office tell me nice, another aunty colleague told me not.
    Duno listen to who.

  15. Listen to me!!!! It's really good! Aunty maybe won't appreciate. My dad doesn't really like it as he thinks it's very confusing. With all the flashbacks and stuff.

    It's currently showing on AXN... The Saturday that just passed was the 2nd week they were showing which means 10 episodes gone. I think maybe you can give it a miss. If you watch now, you won't "catch any ball".

  16. Hi Jolene,

    I was surprised to know who u are in FP. Finally no more mystery... =)

    Are you feeling better? Take care~~

  17. pinktulip..

    Thanx!! Haha I just replied your pm on FP.

  18. FP is a forum for mostly gals... about beauty, skincare, health and even entertainment and anything under the starz...

  19. Heh... someone has already answered your qn. =)


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