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Monday, May 12, 2008

Got these in my possession... like finally

After much much much procrastination...

I got the neverfull pm coz only the smallest one look good on me.

I've been procrastinating as I used to think the neverfull range wasn't really worth getting. It was only after I casually slung the pm on my shoulder one fine day and April squealed, "It's so you!" that my heart began itching for it.

I was determined not to let PASSION rule over REASON. My prudent mind fought against my materialistic heart till now and I realised that I still WANT the pm very much. I kept giving myself excuses not to buy it whenever the WANT crept in. However, each time I saw people carrying the pm, I would get so jealous wishing it were mine that I knew I NEED it.

Neverfull pm is making Jolene a happy gal now.

I got a black gucci messenger bag too.

I can't find a picture of it on the internet and can't capture a nice shot of it since it's so black.

It wasn't meant for me but I don't care. Hehehe... My sisters are both eyeing my bag now. I dunno when I'll get the chance to sling a messenger bag with my unsuitable work dressing but I'm so loving it.

Ooh my da jie got us chio umbrellas from Taiwan.

For mummy, er jie and me.

She knows it's my type of illustrations. For once, she bought the rite stuff home from overseas. Haha... usually I would decline her souvenirs and gifts but this one is really pretty.

She got a new flavour to add to the vodka collection.

I wonder how it tastes like.

Should we???

I feel that it has understated class. I love the simplistic elegance of this range of weddding bands with the cursive "Cartier" font across.

It was my dream wedding band 2 years ago. I still remember how he gagged and vehemently said, "No!" when I showed him the catalogue. However 2 years forward, he just casually asked, "So how? Wedding band from Cartier want?"

My turn to gag... outta surprise.

I don't want it as much as 2 years ago as I feel that it is too much to pay for such simplicity. We could perhaps spend lesser money on wedding bands and more on others like photography and travels.

More updates with loads of photos coming up but first, let me overcome the bz-ness at work for this coming week.


  1. Hi Jolene,

    I never leave message for a long time but I still read ocasionally. I usually read very quickly and no time to leave long long comments as I'm so busy with work and studies.

    Congrats on finally getting your lv bag. I thought you wrote about it quite a long time ago but only now than you get. The smallest one look quite weird in the 2nd picture.

    Your fiance is very sweet to you hor? I think the rings look pretty too. Only 1 diamond but like what you say it look elegant because it is simple. I think that is how a wedding ring should look. No need to have so many diamonds.

    I will be leaving a lot of comments now that my exams are over.


  2. Congrats on getting the LV bag, yay! Finally ya!! =p

    It's really nice & I believe you will look great carrying it! Post pic! post pic! I want see you carrying the bag! (Sounded like some pervert?? LOL!)

    I like the wedding band too. Simple yet beautiful. You will be wearing it a lifetime. So... def. worth getting it... =)

    So... Say "Yes, I want that ring!!" to your hubby-to-be ba!! Heee....

  3. Hi Yen,

    I haven't seen you around here for a long time! Hope you're coping well with work and studies. =)

    Yes I wrote about the neverfull quite some time ago. Haha.. coz I was procrastinating all these while.

    The Cartier ones are really ex. I went shopping around for wedding bands and realised that there are soooooo many other similar designs around at a fraction of the price.

    Hi Canny,

    Pictures of me carrying the bag would be up in my next post but it depends on when I can update. Heh... As for my reply to the Cartier wedding bands, please refer above. =)


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