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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Inspired to start my inspiration board

Ever since I joined this company, I've been wanting to decorate my work station with an inspiration or photo board.

Nevertheless, the thought that I would leave anytime soon hindered me from ever starting one.

However, days passed... months rolled into a year and soon two years is almost approaching.

I am still here.

My board is still undone.

My wall is still almost empty.

The lack of time and the sheer laziness when time permits are more excuses I give to myself.

While sourcing for inspirations, I wonder if i should go for the...

sweet romaticised look

rustic look

naturalistic look

The bold, contrasting look such as

black and white MOD prints

psychedelic prints of purple, blue and black

The list goes on...

I don't think I'll ever go about making my inspiration board. I'm just so lazy.

Since I can't present my own inspiration board, I hereby present my fave...

It's literally a cork board!

Now, where are all the corks at home?

~photo credits: flickr~



  1. Hi Jo!

    I'm back! Heee... At the first glance, i tht the 1st pic is your board at your work place or in your room.. then I realised, 'oh, no no, that's not urs!'

    Well, I feel, no matter if you are planning to continue or to pack & leave the love-hate place you are at now, it's always good to have something personal, inspiration board to look at, day dream at..

    Cos I strongly believed that it will always put a smile on your face (esp. after a shitty day at work), by just looking at the photos, the tags, the small clips, gifts, notes, love letters (maybe? hehe)

    And i think the sweet romaticised look suits you better!! Hee^^

    So... are you gonna start one now? erm... but wait!! are you sure you want to look for all the corks in your hse?! =p

  2. Hi there, hows the condition of your fake lashes now after some time? Do you have a photo of your lashes now?

  3. Hi Canny,

    Wah! If those inspiration boards are mine how nice lor. Wahaha...

    Yup I agree on the have something personal to look at and putting a smile just by looking at them. I find my wall so boring. Now I've just haphazardly pasted up some birthday cards on the wall. Whenever I read the messages inside, I would smile to myself.

    I wish I have the time to do my board before I leave.

    Hi anon,
    Oh I've removed my extensions but put on new ones... Hahaha... After this time, I promise myself I would not do it again. I didn't take any close up photos of my lashes.


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