Friday, April 16, 2010

Fixing the pieces

There are drafts in dribs and drabs but none ready to be published. Part 2 of wedding FAQ had been drafted and redrafted all over again and right now I'm only halfway through. I find diffculty expressing myself. It doesn't help when I'm annoyed at my insensitive keyboard which is causing me a tenfold increase in time and effort to get any post done. On a few occasions, I felt like deleting the whole post in frustration.

I tried to coax my laptop not to be to hard on me. I hope it works.



  1. Appreciate your thoughtfulness :) slowly okay. no hurries

  2. Oh dear it's an i-mac ya? Is it still under warranty? You should bring it back to ask for an exchange if so.

  3. citrella,

    Haha... I'm too slow liao. Been too busy with lots of happenings and hence neglected my blog. If there's anything you wanna ask about wedding, can just drop me a note ya?

  4. anon,

    I'm using DELL. It's still under warranty but the service people wanna run some test before ascertaining that my laptop needs to be exchanged.


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