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Monday, April 26, 2010

wishes, dreams and goals

This post is inspired by the 4-year vision that we are supposed to draw and present during the company's team building this coming Tuesday and by misscindee's post on wishes.

When I was a child, I wished for many things.

I wished to excel in my studies. I wished for a certain toy. I wished for more friends. I wished to be more sporty. I wished for people to like me. I wished for a white pony with wings or even a unicorn.

I wished to be an archaelogist. I wished to be teacher. I wished to be a lawyer, a forensic scientist, a policewoman, a designer, a biker chick... The list is endless coz whatever I watched on tv or read about, I wished for them.

Very soon I realised that if I can't possibly be all these, I could simply be an actress and act out these roles. Being an actress never happened for it's just a wish right?

Wishes don't come true except by chance and by working towards them. I've had some wishes which have since become dreams and goals and these became possible because I started acting on my wishes, transforming them into dreams and finally working towards my goals.

Here are the guidelines to drawing our 4-year vision...

And here's sharing my vision board

Pardon the amateurish drawings... I'm not an illustrator. =P

Even though visions are closer to goals, I wanna sprinkle some dash of wishes too. It's always fun to have wishes and dream a little further, don't you agree?

♥I wish to live by the mantra "live love laugh"♥

By doing so, we'll get to enjoy life to the fullest. We should not only love ourselves but the people around us. Be happy, smile and laugh. Make your day and someone else's day.

♥I wish to live abroad for a while, relocating to somehere with congenial environment for my future family♥

I really enjoy those times in Perth and Brisbane with kh and I would love to reside in the States too. As much as I love living abroad, I can't envision where we would be within the next 4 years because in kh's company, nothing is ever confirmed. Hence, I drew a home inside the heart to represent "home is where the heart is".

♥I wish to have two kids -- a boy and a girl...♥

and maybe a cat. Of course, having kids and determining their gender and birth order is something I can't work towards. Nevertheless, I feel it's fine to dream of having a boy first then a girl. The cat could easily be settled.

♥I wish for my parents to be happy♥

My parents have been working too hard and I've the impression that they would love to retire down under. My dad would go fishing during his free time while my mum can continue living her life full of dance and music. I wish my sisters and I have the capacity to pull our resources together and let our parents have their dreams come true. Even if it's just a wish, I wish for them to be happy. FYI, I drew them wearing the angel and devil shirt coz I think they look really cute in them.

I drew my sisters to be happy too. I don't know what they want so I can't draw it out but whatever it is, I hope they would be happy too.

♥I wish to be healthier and to adopt a healthy lifestyle♥

I really wish that I could be rid of my severe headache and nausea once and for all. The picture says it all but there is something which I need to add-- for me not to succumb to throat infection. I didn't quite know how to draw that one.

Right now, I'm remodelling my lifestyle quite a bit. I'm doing more sports and I hope this would continue. I haven't really changed my sleeping habits yet but I'm working towards sleeping at normal timings. The sleeping part is something that requires some time to get used to. I'm guilty to say that the time now is 3.10am and I've got to work in a few hours time.

♥I wish I could always be positive and happy♥

♥I wish for great friendship, perpetuating the close ties with some of my bestest friends and for all my friends to be happy♥

I care a lot for the people I like and I really wish for them to be happy. Also with all the positive energy and vibes, they could easily influence the people around them too.

I got a little tired drawing too many human figures so I had to resort to drawing stick figures. I didn't wanna draw faces with too much resemblance to any of my best mates coz I don't wanna risk spoiling their faces with my amateur drawing and I also didn't wanna rank my friends. Hence, I used smiley faces to represent them and their happiness.

♥I wish for Cynthia, one of my very bestest mate ever to have happiness raining on her and for my everdearest god daughter Charmaine to recover from her cancer. Cyn, Jase, Char would live together as a little joyful family.♥

♥I wish to have more money.♥

Whoever says money isn't everything must have tonnes of them that's why he or she could afford to say this. Money really IS important and I'm sure many people wish for more money as well. Of course some of you may have read this post of mine last year about poverty and would understand where I'm coming from. For those who haven't, here it is:
Has anyone experienced poverty at any point in your life?

♥I wish for my investments to grow.♥
Growing investments means more money. Kh and I need lots and lots of money to ensure a smooth life ahead for our future family.

♥I wish to own more labels.♥
Everyone of us has a materialistic streak and many of us drool over that coveted bag, shoes and jewellery every now and then. And yes, I definitely want that Chanel classic flap with gold hardware.

♥I wish to travel more♥

In this job, I can't travel in peace without worrying about affecting my classes. I envy my friends who get to clear their leaves and take holidays whenever possible. Of course I could always say "f*** it" and just go on holidays without worries but it's just not so easy to say "f*** it". I was really glad to be able to travel to NYC last Christmas and affecting 2 classes for 3 weeks without feeling much guilt but this can only be done once in a long long while.

♥I wish to pursue certain personal development plan♥

♥I wish to be more knowledgeable...♥
but how can I be when I ony read the online newspaper? I've gotta set aside some time to flip through the newspapers.

♥I wish to continue pursuing my interest in reading♥
I've to make it a point to cover more books of the various genres.

♥I wish to draw more♥
I haven't been drawing for a long time before this. The last time was probably when I designed part of my evening gown. Even though I'm no professional artist, I enjoy doodling and immersing myself into more serious drawings once in a blue, pink and purple moon.

♥I wish to ride a vespa for real♥

♥I wish to better myself by taking some courses
I've always wanted to take up some form of dancing, some exciting sports and some other activities to enrich my mind and body. I also want to rid myself off my hydrophobia by learning swimming for a start.

♥I wish to blog more♥

♥I wish to be a shoes person-- I wish for my problematic feet to be able to wear pretty shoes♥

♥I wish to have a rose or butterfly tattoo or some tribal ones♥

I can't find the perfect design online and these above are not exactly what I have in mind so I guess I would need to design them myself. They must be in black, colour tats are a no no for me. But my hubby would never allow it. What I see as art, he sees as blatant vandalism on the already imperfect body.

♥I wish for all the pitiful abandoned animals in the world to be adopted and for the wild animals to be protected♥

♥I wish for everyone to do their part in caring for our earth♥

Most people who work with me would know about my recycling efforts, recycling paper, tissue boxes, used plastic pens etc. I would urge my colleagues to recycle and to pass me any paper or plastic products to be thrown into the recycling bins. That's certainly not enough but imagine if each of us were to do our part, it would make a whole lot of difference.


The whimsical wishes that I could only dream of...

♥I wish to be invisible when the need arises♥

♥I wish to have wings♥

♥I wish to soar into the sky♥

♥I wish I'd a magic wand♥

♥I wish that I could store all my wishes in a bottle and use them whenever I want♥

♥I wish that when I wish upon a dandelion and blow, my wishes would come true♥

What do you wish for?

[Picture Credits: weheartit]


  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and liking my art. ;)
    I like all the pictures you uploaded on this post. ;)

    Hope you have a beautiful day!

  2. This is an amazing post. All of the "wishes" that are part of your 4 year vision are definitely possible.

    I agree with you on how sometimes wishes come true by chance but a lot of times they come true only through hard work and dedication. I hope all your wishes come true. =]

    Your whimsical wishes are cute. I think I've wished for all of those things before as well. Although over time [and as I got older] I realized those wish will probably never come true. It's okay though. There are moments where I do feel like I have wings.
    And technically I did soar "into the sky" once; I went sky diving.

    <3 Serena.

  3. i want alot of things as well.. most of the stuff are a part of your list ! but i guess, im learning the fact that i should be thankful of what i have. that way, I can actually decrease the stuff in my wishlist so that i dont stress much about myself..we often think about what others that are above us have but we never think about how the people below us look up to the things we have.. even simple things like food.. some people dont even have access to clean food everyday.. so that's why i decided that i should be thankful instead of thinking my wishes :)

    thanks for your comment :)
    glisters and blisters

  4. i really do love this post. :) very inspiring and make me think of writing a "wishes" post. But can't it also be some kind of goal?

    of course, some of your wishes are more difficult to have come true but i see a few where it is VERY possible. :)

  5. Jasmine Lee,

    I do love artsy blog so much and am on the look out for them. Please post more of your work coz I think I'll certainly be dropping by your blog more often. Will save it under favourites. =D

  6. Serena,

    I do hope that I'll be able to work towards my vision. Of course, it's always good to have dashes of wishes and dreams so never stop dreaming yourself ya.

    Oh you went sky diving before? So cool! Maybe I should ty it one day.I did hang gliding before but I didn't exactly enjoy that kinda flying so much. I need more adrenaline rush. *Heh*

  7. michelle_,

    I agree wholehartedly with you! People are always comparing themselves to the more fortunate ones, thinking that they have so little. We should be thankful for whatever we have now, for all the simple things, even to our very existence coz some people are just living a day fighting hard for their lives.

    And yes, wishes are neverending. The trick is to set realistic goals.

  8. Amy,

    Wishes... dreams... goals... Sometimes it's really hard to draw the line ya? That's why I put them all together. For those which are highly possible to achieve, I'll definitely work towards them. It's just fun to have wishes that we know could never be attained. Keeps the little girl in me ablaze.

    I'll be looking out for a post on you wishes if you ever decide to write one. =)

  9. my dear jo,

    i am so going to be a spoiler on this thread and you are NOT going to hate me for it.

    i wonder how the hell i managed to have u as my best pal with such a pure heart where i am one of the most devilish person around - i must have done lots of good things in my past life.

    you will get most of your wishes. and whats wrong with comparing? yes, i agree we ought to be grateful that we have food on our table and bed to sleep in. we are all human, and when each of us have a problem, our problem is THE BIGGEST. i dont compare myself with an ethopia kid and think, ok my problem is not that big, that kid has nothing to eat...ok my problem is not that big. None of us do that, so why force ourselves to do that. this does not mean we are oblivious to the rest of the world, just that it is ALL RIGHT to WANT more in your life and to fight for it.

    i wish you lots of money too so u can buy hermes and LV. and there is nothing wrong with it, as long as u earn it the right way. And i want to encourage your "f**k it* character simply because...

    some people marry their job, you have a strong tendency to. but do not forget something, your job can divorce you anything leaving you with no more than 6 months alimony. is that then worth it to postpone that trip u really want to go for a job? And the best part? Sometimes you get a divorce even though the fault is not yours! i mean the job case u r reading this wrongly. :)

    so pls go and chase that dream and learn that skill. so what if we fail, so what if it takes me 5 more years than others to master it. u get it in the end right?

    when man starts to plan, God starts to laught.

    Que sera sera. Whatever will be will be. The futures not ours to see. Que sera sera.

    live. laugh. love. i agree. so f***k others opinion because those who care for you will also support what u do, and for those who dun care about u, who gives a darn to them anyway.

    this, i really cant use my name.

    aspiring dutch milkmaid

  10. aspiring dutch milkmaid,

    AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Whenever I see an email reminder of Änonymous leaving a comment, my heart would skip a beat. Why did you choose to post as anonymous again? You can type "aspiring dutch milkmaid" in the idenity box. =D

    "Live Love Laugh" really covers many aspects in life. Adopt that in yours too!

    "so f***k others opinion because those who care for you will also support what u do, and for those who dun care about u, who gives a darn to them anyway." --> So true lor. I would rather people hate me for who I am than who I'm not.

    Well, the past 2 days team building did help me quite a bit in reaffirming certain stuff but I'm still clueless about what I really want. I told boss lemme divorce my job in time to come la... and he said I can ask for "temp separation" to do certain stuff but not permanent divorce. Ok all these marital jargons are beginning to sound strange. Haha...

    About that same course... WE WILL GET THERE! *yanzi's song is playing in my head now.

    PS: Your comment so long, you know ow long I took to type this with my insensitive keyboard not? More than 10mins!

  11. first start living your life. pls get a new lap top.

    your comment box below asked for a word verification to ensure i am not a robot nor spam. and the word they asked me to verify is "CORKER" - how apt. thats for u this weekend :)

    i survived a direct flight. i cant believe it.

  12. aspiring milk maid,

    Your fingers are so quick! I was about to delete my comment to you and re-post and edited one coz I saw some mistakes here and there and voila... here comes another comment from you.

    Dun lidat la, just one extra step to save your bestie here from getting heart attack. I got the corker thing before too. lmao

    *I would rather people hate me for who I am than to love me for who I'm not.

  13. Hello Jo

    A beautiful post with beautiful drawings! I love this post on top pf the mask post.

    I wish to be more childlike. Since young, I have been brought up in quite a strict family. Now 30s, but i am very mature. I envy ppl who can laugh out loud and kid around. I wish to stop taking life that seriously.

    I wish seriously for love in my life.

    May u get all urs whishes too and pls keep ur posts and pictures coming. Yes, they are decreasing in volume!!


  14. anon,

    I'm really warmed by your sweet comment.

    Reading what you typed about my posts and pictures decreasing in volume, I've no idea if we knew each other or just that you've been reading my blog for some time. Do leave a pseudonym next time coz I would love to continue hearing from you. =)

    Actually it's not too tough to be child-like coz everyone of us has an inner child inside. Sometimes this child comes out when you are playing with little kids or pets or hanging out with people who laugh out loud and dare to bare their inner child too.

    Living by the mantra "Live love laugh" is all encompassing. Living by that,your wishes would definitely come true. I wish you find love in your life and hope all will turn out well for you. =)

  15. hi Jo,

    Of course not. Im glad that you were inspired to write a post on wishes too =) everyone has wishes deep inside their hearts and to express that is what we should all do along with trying to make them come true.

    LOVE your drawings!! =)

  16. I love your vision board! it's inspired me to make one too :)
    beautiful pics and post.


  17. Stace,

    Thanx! Hopefully you'd come up with a vision board too. If you do, remember to let me know. I would love to take a peek at it. =)


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