Monday, May 03, 2010

The fifth month of the year...

On the first day of the fifth month of the year, I returned with an LV paper bag.

On the second day of the fifth month of the year, I returned with a Banana Republic paper bag.

My birthday happens to fall on the fifth month of the year and I'm receiving lots of letters and sms-es to inform me of all the shopping and dining places discounts, perks and special privilege for this special month.

I don't wish to know how I am going to survive the next 29 days of the fifth month of the year.

The floor is already cluttered enough from all my other buys over the weeks.

On a separate note, I'm feeling really happy over this weekend. I need not teach and got to enjoy the Saturday Labour Day public holiday. I left the hubby at home and spent 2 whole days of meeting up with lovely friends and shopping... and meeting up with lovely friends and shopping.


  1. hi Jo! ;)
    just wanted to let you know that my link changed! ;)
    its now. ;)
    have a beautiful day!

  2. ooo shopping is the devil in spring. :)

    post or show some of the things you got. :)

    ps. i'm going to do a big "wishes" post inspired by your post! hehe

  3. That is the way babe!
    Happy Birthday =DD

  4. Jasmine Lee,

    Ok noted. You have a beautiful day too! =D

  5. Amy,

    It's my off day today and off I go to town. Hopefully I don't return with new paper bags to clutter the room with. LoLz

    I would love to take a peek at your wishes post!

  6. big Char,

    That has since become your name. LoLz. And yes, that's the way! We should spend a little more on ourselves every now and then.

    Don't wish me so soon la. =D We still got Jase's bday.


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