Saturday, May 22, 2010

Make up does a whole lot of wonders

A perfect example of someone skilled at making up to transform her whole look would be Elva Hsiao 萧亚轩.

Yes, she created a stir recently by admitting to having gone under the knife. I wasn't surprised as I heard over radio a few years back that she would hope to fulfil her wish of having beautiful eyes for her 30th birthday.

Years ago, Elva looked like this without the aid of make up tools such as tapes and faux lashes.

[I chose this old video of hers as I really love this song "突然想起你" even though it isn't as popular as "最熟悉的陌生人" or "cappuccino".]

Her strong vocals, sleek dance moves and humble personality shot her to stardom and she had to do something about her appearance. Not like she was ugly or anything but she had to look more beautiful for the public. Over the same news on radio, it was stated that Elva spent 2 hours every day dolling up her eyes with layers of fake lashes and heavy eye make up to look like this:

Changed her eyes and she altered her whole appearance.

"Photoshop!" some exclaimed. You won't photoshop someone's face in a music video right? It would require immense effort to do a movie magic for someones's face in an MV.

This video shows the pre surgery Elva and look how gorgeous she was just by having great make up skills!

For my international readers, do you find Elva familiar? There is an older song "You Make Me Wanna" in which Elva collaborated with BLUE. Pardon the cheesy mv, look at her great make up.

I don't have any idols in particular but I do like Elva for her songs, personality and the fact that she could look so pretty without cosmetic enhancements unlike her other famous Taiwanese counterparts.

Elva post surgery

Really gorgeous and now she needn't even waste 2 hours just on make up. I know many people who slam aesthetic enhancements but if it gives one the confidence and saves one the hassle of spending too much time on make up, why not?

Her latest album

Just like a doll!


Since I'm on the topic of how make up does a whole lot of wonders, I have to find more visual examples to prove my point.

Can this girl

and this girl

be the same person???

They are indeed the same person. Hard to believe eh? You might even think this is only possible by PS (plastic surgery/ photoshop skills) but no, it's purely make up.

Look at the step by step pictorial transformation on this blog:
yutaki's blog

With make up skills like this, who needs PS (plastic surgery/ photoshop skills)?


If you're still sceptical by the step by step pictorial, watch these live videos taken from a Taiwanese variety show. I would never ever point an accusing finger at anyone denying PS after watching such videos. Make up beauties rock!


xiao ju and xi duo part 1

xiao ju and xi duo part 2

xiao la and kitty

Excuse me now while I go hone my make up skills.


I hope I didn't give anyone a scare by changing my blog outlook. My frenz and long time readers would know that my blog had always remained the same since 2004.

I've finally changed my blog template thanx to my beloved cuzzie! I've been wanting to do something to this blog like upgrade to new blogger and also change to a white background template for the longest time ever!

I hope this new look pleases your eyes. Though this is not like the most beautiful white background template around, the colour and layout is beginning to grow on me and ooh... I love the new features!

Shout out to my cuzzie barnabas once again.


I owe you a treat.

Updated on 28th May, 2:24am

The dates for each entry can't be displayed no matter how I set it. What a major flaw in this template. How can blog postings not have any dates??? *grumbles endlessly while switching to the blogger default template*


  1. Wow, Elva's transformation is quite a big difference. I hate to admit it, but she looks a lot better post make over!

    As for the 2nd comparison, that's just scary! Those girls with the anime eyes creep me out.

    I like this layout, it was a good choice, love the colors :)

  2. Holy shiet! This can't be possible! My eyes...... The extent girls put themselves through to become beautiful. Now I look at all this big eyes girls and wonder how many are actually ugly without their make up.

  3. Hi Jolene, I like Elva too! She admitted the plastic surgery? That's very brave of her to do so. But I think she already look very pretty after make up. I saw that yutaki blog before as it was on some website or blog and the video of the taiwan show is unbelivable. I will try some tips from there.

    I forgot to say that I really got a shock when saw your blog. I thought I was on the wrong blog. I'm used to the brown and yellow colour that is always the same for a long time. It is elegant but I like this colour too. It looks light and happy. Its good for a change.

  4. Hi Christine,

    Elva does look very gorgeous post make up and pre surgery. I thought the 2nd comparison was amazing. It's like 2 entirely different person. The after effect was an entirely new pretty girl but I've to agree with you that I don't like overly huge eyes too.

  5. Hi anon,

    Gee I wonder if you're a guy or gal coz u sound a lot like a male. Well, if the girls spend lots of time and effort and actually end u beautiful, I really salute them. Not all girls are ugly w/o make up and not all of them have small eyes prior to making up. These egs are just the extremes.

  6. Hi Yen,

    Yup, she did and I agree with you about her looking very gorgeous even pre surgery. Anyway, eyelid surgery is no biggie. The celebs in Taiwan don't even consider doing their eyes as plastic surgery. I guess no "plastic" is involved?

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  8. Hi fasha comeback again,

    Duplicate comment?

  9. Copied & pasted from tagboard for remembrance:

    21 May 10, 22:48
    Gernice: Wow! U've changed ur blog! ))

    23 May 10, 04:52
    Jo to Gernice: Yup! Finally! Beenwanting a white main body blog skin for a long time but can't find nice ones. This design is growing on me. Love the convenience of the new blogger features.


    26 May 10, 02:04
    viv: like the new blog template!

    28 May 10, 00:40
    Jo to viv: I realised that this template doesn't display the dates for my posts! Major flaw! How can entries not have dates?!


    28 May 10, 23:19
    reg: This template is nice! Yea, make-up really does wonders these days. I was telling my bro he should look for a gf who doesn't put much make-up lest he gets a shock when she removes it!

    30 May 10, 15:37
    Jo to reg: Thank u! I like it too! Haha... no la it's ok. In fact if a gal can look so diff with MU, i think she has talents. What counts is the character behnd that mask!



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