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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Deardear's birthday at Au Petit Salut

Deardear was treated to Au Petit Salut for his birthday this year. This is the first time we're celebrating his birthday as husband and wife. =)

"Au Petit Salut aims to create a dining experience to capture the full essence of traditional-style country cuisine and bring about the deceptive simplicity of traditional French cuisine to a culinary style that puts premium on quality products."

cocktail & mocktail

Guess who chose what?



The cocktail is Au Petit's very own concoction. The alcohol is in the shot glass which is submerged in the soda. Really unique. That's mine. However, I preferred the sweet taste of Sex on the Beach.

The yummilicious food

~*1st Entrée*~
Cold pasta shell stuffed with lobster, sage and orange,
bouillabaisse vinaigrette

Verdict: Love the succulent lobster!

~*2nd Entrées*~
Pan-seared duck foie gras served with baby spinach
red onions and Xeres vinegar

Verdict: The foie gras here isn't comparable to that at The Cliff but for the much affordable price we paid as compared to The Cliff, nobody's complaining. Plus it is HUGE! First time eating such huge foie gras. As I'm typing this and looking at the photo, I can't help but crave for the rich velvety taste of foie gras once more.

Oven roasted Welch lamb saddle on the bone served
with mashed potatoes, garlic confit and lamb jus

Pan seared beef tenderloin served with shallots and garlic confit,
mashed potato, red wine sauce

Verdict: Kh's lamb looked more appetising but I personally cannot stand the taste of lamb. He enjoyed his dish a lot and he thought that my beef was good too. However, I didn't quite like mine. I was craving for steak but the tenderloin wasn't close to steak. Love the mashed potato though.

Orange and Grand Marnier soufflé with chocolate truffle + complimentary birthday dessert

Selection of matured French farm cheeses served
with walnut bread

Verdict: The soufflé was drenched with Grand Marnier that we were pretty overwhelemed. I swear one could get drunk just by eating the whole soufflé. It was fortunate that we didn't choose the same desserts. The cheese was a great balance on the tastebud after all the sweetness from the soufflé and kh's complimentary birthday dessert.

~*Choice of coffee or tea*~
As usual, he would have his dosage of coffee. As for me, they recommended Vanilla tea and since I hadn't tried it before, I decided to go for it. It was great!


We also ordered an ala carte dish with truffles (the fungi, not the chocolate) as it was seasonal and not on the menu. The waitress urged us to give it a try and we were glad we did. That was lipsmacking!

kh smiling so cheekily

Food: *** 1/2
Affordable French fare. I can't help comparing Au Petit Salut to The Cliff so my ratings above may not be accurate. Kh felt that the food was great.

Ambience: *** 1/2
Breezy alfresco dining with cozy setting and lush greenery all around.
Even though I booked 2 days in advance, we were informed over the phone that indoor seating would be full that day. We were seated outside and it was neither hot nor humid. Pretty comfortable in fact.

Service: ****
Warm and friendly. The waitresses often laughed with us and was personable rather than professional which is something I like.

Price: Value for $$ considering it's French
Au Petit Salut is the place to go for French fare at affordable prices.
We spent about $200 ++ (can't remember the exact amount) on 2 set dinners, separate ala carte and drinks.


  1. HiHi

    Just passing by...Can i just be curious and ask if you have gotten your own flat already?

    I just got engaged myself and am looking at all marriage-related stuff with special interest, hehe. Renov, geomancy, wedding prep...etcetc

    I like your outdoor nature pics especially. and NOTHING wrong with the gloves.

  2. Hi Lelee,

    Welcome here. Congrats on your engagement! You must be over the moon now. Wedding prep is real fun if you take your time to plan. Hence, remember to enjoy the process and not be stressed ya.

    Nope, we didn't buy a flat so I'm a bad person for you to ask about house and reno stuff. I'm staying with my hubby & family now. You can try asking me about other wedding related stuff tho. I'll definitely answer as best as my memory permits. =)

    Hehe... Thanx. Yup, nothing wrong with the gloves at all. Received lotsa compliments about it. Even if there should be people I know who think it's not very tasteful, they would know I'm one person who would just shrug it off, do what I like and live my life with compliments and criticism alike.

  3. Ah! My friend mentioned that place before and she loves it too!

    Never eat foie gras before ... sounds delicious :D~

  4. Ah! My friend mentioned that place before and she loves it too!

    Never eat foie gras before ... sounds delicious :D~

  5. lian,

    I know of many people who love the place. I must say that the price is really good considering that it's quality French food and not some imitation.

    Oh man.... foie gras... I feel like eating as I am typing this. There are 2 camps with regards to this dish. Those who LURVE it and those who simply HATE it. I hope you belong to the former. =)

  6. Hey Jolene, I've always wanted to go to Au Petit Salut but never get the chance. I intend to bring a good friend here in Oct for her birthday treat =)

    And i like how they write the wordings on the plate nicely with the dessert! I've seen it on someone's blog so i want to get them do it for my friend too!

    Anyway glad to see you & your hubby enjoying such a wonderful night together! =)

  7. June,

    Long time no see you here. =)

    Remember that when you call to make reservations, you've to let them know that it's your friend's birthday. From there they would ask you for the spelling of name etc.

    Hope you'll enjoy your dinner there in October!

  8. Hi Jolene =) It's been quite a while since i left any comments. Hee!

    Anyway thanks for the tip, will tell them it's my friend's birthday when i made the reservations!

  9. June,

    I would be expecting a review of Au Petit Salut on your blog then. =D


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