Wednesday, February 24, 2010


On the day I left for New York, kh surprised me with a Christmas present.

kh doesn't have the habit of buying gifts for me even on special occasions. Hence, I was pleasantly surprised that while packing my luggage, I found a wrapped box among my pile of stuff.

It was pretty light and I was shaking it to guess what it was.

Kh's eyes popped out, warning me that I might just regret what I did.

"Must be accessories!" I announced smugly. "Shouldn't be Tiffany coz you're not so generous... Must be cheap cheap pendant!"

When I unwrapped the gift, I was taken aback.

"Thomas Sabo?! How would you know how to buy Thomas Sabo? Did you buy charms to add to my bracelet?"

This time, that silly tailtail smiled smugly. "Ah, I know what you like ok?"

My silly tailtail got me all the charms that I like.

And the litte charm bag could be opened like a locket. What a charm!

I LURVE the organizer that came as a gift with purchase above $XXX. I thought it was a beautiful way to organize my life.

However, it's so beautiful that I decided to give it to my bestie best mate who needs an atas organizer which befits her in her new career much more than I need an atas organizer to make me appear atas.

Great illustrations! Perfect for drawing inspirations from.

So together with Tiff's charms and bracelet from the other time, I'm able to alternate my choices now.

And while typing this, I realised I still haven't gotten my silly tailtail any xmas or v-day or anniversary gift.


  1. aww dont you love it when your boyf knows the things you love? and SURPRISES you?!

  2. It's hubby... LoLz... got married last July and yes! Absolutely love surprises! =D

    Thanx for leaving a comment here and cya around!


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