Friday, February 05, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

If you don't already know, I like Tim Burton's works.

The only movie I'm looking forward to this year is Tim Buton's Alice in Wonderland.

I like how dark Burton made the film.

Of course, the plot is entirely different from Lewis Carroll's

or from the more familiar Walt Disney's animation.

It is a sequel; fast forward 10 years after Alice fell down the rabbit's hole.

The original version by Lewis Carroll is dark of course but I haven't once read the book in its entirety. Amidst its literary nonsense are allusions to real life characters, historical events, mathematics and languages. I enjoy the word play, puns and nonsensical coining of new words whenever I read excepts from the book.

I'm sure Tim Burton would bring this familiar tale which appeals to both adults an children alike to another unimaginable level.

The man with many faces and talents -- Johnny Depp

I like this version better... Looks so macabre.


I caught a film with Johnny Depp in it over the weekend -- The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

I watched it with zero knowledge of the plot.

It is good; I don't understand the lukewarm response and average ratings.

It's Heath Ledger's last show. They call it the show of Heath Ledger and friends.

Ledger's death one-third of the way through filming caused production to be temporarily suspended. However, his role was recast with Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell portraying transformations of Ledger's character as he travels through the mirror (the eponymous imaginarium).

Minor roles for these famous stars. Excellent castings nonetheless and that includes the lesser-known actors and that one single actress in the film. An odd but refreshing plot, I love all the visual imagery and cinematic appeal.

Catch it if you are gain for a visual treat. It is afterall the last time you could see Heath Ledger.

And shows with Johnny Depp in it can never go wrong. ;P


  1. Kudos to your first and last line. How very true.

  2. Ho! A Tim Burton and Johnny Depp fan! A big hello to you. =)


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