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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I should consider getting a job as a mime artist

I'm losing my voice so often that I should consider getting a job as a mime artist.

This time the infection is attacking my larynx (voicebox) and pharynx. As usual, it brought along its loyal gang of frenz namely cough, cold and headache.


  1. Oh no, issit because you have been raising your voice at your students?

    Hope you can take leave for rest :)

    Btw I have like tons of questions to ask/interview you abt your teaching life.

    I am considering applying to MOE next year. Hmm maybe I shld email you?

    Anyway, meanwhile, you go and get some rest. It's June holidays, you got to refresh and recharge.

    Hugsss. Take care sweetie.

  2. Nadine,

    Thanx cuz! A blessed birthday to you! =)

  3. citrella,

    Thanx fo your concern, babe. It's not about raising voice.. it's the darn infection. I can't seem to avoid it. I'm on 2 days MC. Doc even wanted to gimme 3 days coz of the severity of the voice or rather the lack of.

    Oh dear, I'm not MOE tacher so I'm not a good person to ask.

  4. opps. sorry. all along i thought you are a primary school teacher! :p

    Rest well and drink some warm honey.

  5. No need to be sorry at all. Apologies I'm not of any help. I'm not in MOE. If I were, I wouldn't have an open blog. *grinz*

    The antibiotics are working very well! I'm 80% well and ready to face the mountain of work. =)

  6. daaahlin' take care of yourself pls. why are you losing your voice so much? i hope its not from yelling at kh. hehe. looks like you got spoiled on your bday Jo!! you deserve it! i havent wined and dined for a while and its one of my favorite things to do. trying to save money right now =(

    thx for the comment on my palm reading post. when i found out before that the lines on your hands changed i was so tripped out. on girls the left hand represents the life you were meant to have sinve ur birth and the lines on your right hand shows you what your life is in the present moment bcos of the decisions you've made and are making. its a lil strange but the lines on my right hand are starting to match up with my left hand... hmm anyways dont want to think too much into it cos like we have discussed the future is not set. we have the ability to change it. or else why would we have free will right?

    i was looking thru your post on elva too. i like her slower songs more. yea she looks a lot diff now hey? Do you listen to SHE? they are my fave!

    Anyways, babe im glad you had an awesome bday! sorry im late wishing you a happy one but im sure all ur wishes will come true regardless

  7. misscindee,

    My dear... it's always a joy reading your comments. The joy and anticipation is the same as that of receiving a snail mail from that distant pen pal. You spend time reading my words, forming your thoughts and you're always so sincere in your words even when we're only acquainted on the internet realm. *virtual hugz* Recently, I've got the habit of blog hopping whenever time permits. Rather than just glossing over their posts and leaving surface compliments, I read their words too and sincerely leave my comments coz I'm sure a blogger always gets all warm inside when they read a comment from a random stranger. I really hope to live by one of my mantra-- brighten up people's day by random small little things. =)

    Haha... Thanx. You're so cute. Kh is such a dear, I need not shout at him. I'm losing my voice often not only coz I'm constantly teaching but also when I'm hit by the throat infection, I really have no control over it. That's why I tend to get angry and upset when plagued by infection coz it's not about me not taking care of myself. =(

    "If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought." And that's why I believe destiny can be shaped.

    You listen to Elva too? S.H.E are your fave? Who's your favourite? I don't have a favourite but they're all cute aren't they?

    Thanx for your wishes. No need to be sorry darl. May your wishes come true too. I know they will. ;)


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