Friday, October 07, 2011

Nails, Lace, Satins & Bows

Remember my post about Clara's farewell?

Yay for Melbourne dwellers coz Clara H Fabulous Nails is now opened in Melbourne officially!

For yet more information and gallery of her works, go to now!


Another dear friend of mine, Regina, was given the opportunity to design her dream dress as part of the ClubCouture ambassadorship program. If you like what you see and have a Facebook account, click here to vote for her by liking the photo.

A total of 5 designs have been submitted by the respective ClubCouture ambassadors and the top 2 designs will eventually be manufactured by ClubCouture! One lucky voter per dress will also win the dress they voted for. I personally love the combination of pink and black as well as satin and lace so this is a definite choice for me. Voting ends on 17 October.

For those who remember me being an ambassador for ClubCouture as well, I need to announce that I'm no longer an ambassador due to some personal issues. Though it was only for a short period of time, it has been a great pleasure working with the lovely team at ClubCouture.

I did draw out some sketches of my dress too and I may or may not be sharing them on my blog coz you know I'm no fashion designer and I can't capture texture very well. I'm not so sure if my sketches would be laughed at. I'll see how it goes.


  1. Barney wants to see your sketch please. Too bad I don't do Facebook, can't vote as a result.

  2. Pesty,

    Friend of Barney, not Barney, you don't have a Facebook a/c? That was the reaction I get when I did not have FB then and it's like 2-3 years already? Keep your no FB state as it is. You'll be very unique that way. I mean it.

    Ok, I'll let pesty know if I'll be sharing my sketches. I wish for pesty to continue this study break for as a long as possible. I'll sure miss your annoying spam.

  3. haha, back again. I have been in transit between your and Nelah's page, to and fro, like a wondering dead ghost reading ur old blog entries. Yes, I enjoy my short break, unfortunately it is all coming to an end soon.

    Unique? .....the word you're looking for is maybe.. outdated..
    I have been contemplating on whether or not to have a fb page but then again, I am quite happy occasionally using my husband's. That's how I stalk people without them knowing it is actually me.

    I never knew what was scribble, was testing it today, for fun. Why do you seem to attract so many spammies?

    hope the link works.

  4. Oh my, you're really stalker! You reply so quickly! What time is it over there now? Not to worry, I like what you're doing now coz I know I'll be missing you and your spam very soon. Please go for more study breaks!

    On using your hubby's FB... you can't really stalk people if their privacy settings are there or if they are not FB friends of your hubby's right?

    Lol! For a moment there I didn't know what you were talking about Scribble. The tagboard is called cbox. Yeah I dunno why. I noticed it's the same for all people using cbox too. The spam started around the same time at about 5 per day. It's so annoying. They're even getting smarter by writing like a human being now. I wonder if they're spam bots or actual human beings trawling all cboxes on blogs to spam. Luckily I found out how to delete them.

    When I copied and pasted the link and the image appeared, I nearly wanted to kill you! Haha... I thought you pasted some file that teaches how to deal with spam!

  5. Wah, you are so violent..I thought you would like the spam pic, at least it is not as explicit as your No3 video or Nelah's little tiger's little tiger (which I'm totally your comment not at her video, because Nelah is innocent)

    you mean the spam is written by a robot. The message sounded rather specific... anyways, my hub and i have common friends as we were at uni together.

    Anyway, got to go and stalk Nelah's now. bye-2

  6. officially, it is now 18.49 friday 7 oct.....18.50 now

  7. I love the SPAM pic! I think little tiger's little tiger is cute too. Whichever cartoon would be so detailed?

    I read that they're written by non-humans. That's why they're always the same "blogwalking here" "great site" "If you like my site, click on my ads" etc. I was quite surprised when some spam started to go along the line of "I really like the design of your blog" and other more specific stuff.

    We're 7 hours apart! Gonna turn in soon. Nitez stalker!

  8. Congrats to Clara for opening up her own salon! I'm sure business will be booming though, judging from the gorgeous nail designs she created on you :D

    Regina's design is indeed very pretty. The lace overlay and bow are really cute touches! I hope she wins the competition! And please, please, please do share your sketch with us Jo! I'd love to see what kind of a design you came up with :D

  9. Just voted for Regina's entry too! ^^

  10. I voted for your friend Jo! That's a great sketch girl!!! I'm also loving the nail advertisement..."to book a treat" hahaha LOVE IT! Have a great weekend! :D

  11. Hi Jo,
    hope you're having a nice weekend. We'd love to see your sketches. I can't imagine anyone laughing.


  12. I like Clara's work. I got inspired and can't wait to nail art-ing. hohoo..

    I've voted for Regina's dress and I would love to see yours(:

    Dreamy Princess

  13. give it a goooo, jo! put your sketches up on here! i'm sure you'll get positive feedback!!

    xxx love

  14. Thanks Jo, for putting this up. And thanks everyone for voting. :) I'm very grateful to all of you!

    Jo, you should put up your sketches! You draw very well and I'm curious to see what you designed too. :D

  15. Rinny, Kim, Dreamy Princess,

    Ooh! All of you are so sweet to vote. Thanx for all of your support and also for the lovely comments about Clara and Regina's work.

    PS: The croquis sketch isn't by Regina. All the croquis sketches sent in by the various ambassadors have been standardised by ClubCouture.


    Rinny, Licky, Dreamy Princess, ATW,

    Looks like I've to put up my amateurish sketches up here based on your feedback. Okie doks, I hope I won't disappoint any of you.



    No prob at all, babe! Ah, no lah... really not fashion drawing style at all for mine. I can't even draw a proper croquis.

  16. Hi Jo!

    I voted for your friend's sketch, I love the contrast of black and pink, this would look so beautiful once this sketch is transformed to an actual dress. Best of luck to her, I hope she gets shortlisted :)


    A Single Girl's Musings

  17. Wi,

    I thank you on behalf of regina for your lovely comment and for voting.

    PS: I like it whenever I'm online and blogger friends leave me a comment too. It feels like we're connected in time despite the geographical location.


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