Saturday, October 01, 2011

Music on repeat

Do any of you keep playing a certain song on repeat for the whole day or am I one of those annoying few who keep playing the same old song over and over again?

[Aside: I would like to think that I'm not being annoying to the people around me as I am actually playing beautiful music on repeat.]

I've been playing a certain 3 songs on repeat since last night and I would love to spread the annoyance to you.



I was driving one rainy night when this song came on the radio and it was so soothing that I just had to find out what song that was. I knew it is one of those 80s music but I didn't quite know the title. Thank God for Google. I just keyed in chunks of phrases and got the title of the song-- Love is Love by Culture Club.

Now if you don't know the band Culture Club, just tell yourself that it is the band with Boy George as the lead vocalist.

This song is taken from the 1984 film that depicts a love triangle a man, a woman and a personal computer.

I feel like catching this film after watching this video and reading the synopsis.

Pardon the resolution of the video. It's a video from the 80s after all.



I've always admired Bruno Mars' talents and I can't find any song by him that I do not like.

Take a listen to his latest song-- It Will Rain. It was recommended to me by YouTube as the top song under the category Music.

The tune, the words... they both reached out to every heart string in me. It's so painful and so good.

And then I found out the song would be used in Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1.

I'm not a Twilighter but I think for this song, I would head down to the cinema to see which part of the movie the song would fit into. After that, I might just start falling in love with the movie and with Cederic Diggory... I'm so sorry, I only like Rob as Cederic. I don't like Edward. He's too white for me. And then, I would start to read the books for a few hours or a full day straight in one sitting and feel so swooned by the love story and then maybe I would start to fall in love with Edward and then I would listen to the song over and over again.



The final song which I kept playing on repeat would probably get everyone dancing or at least I know I was grooving, whistling and mooooo-ving the whole time in my seat when this song came on... like now...

Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5

Before you click the play button, take heed that I've embedded the uncensored UK release version. So if you're a prude, just click the x-button on the top right corner and go watch Barney.

I hope you would appreciate being annoyed.


  1. LOL, I've done that too, but with headphones, so no one knew, =)
    I did set an old song (really old) to drown out the sound of the neighbor's dog barking at me as I worked in my yard.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Dearest Jo,

    The first song is annoying but I like the second "It will rain". You are right Edward is too white but still a cutie though.

    And, for the official record, Yes, you are who you PROBABLY think you are and DEFINITELY you are who I KNOW you are and so, now you should now know who you really are. How is that full blown annoyance?

    The Annoying Stalker

  3. Girl, "Moves Like Jagger" has been stuck on repeat in my head too! Haha, love my Maroon 5. Thanks for posting, this is the first time I actually watched the video though!

  4. I did not know Bruno Mars had that song out! Thanks letting me know -_~


  5. i often do this jo. i keep playing the same songs again and again! :D i think our taste in music is more or less the same too but i listen to all sorts of genres. :D

  6. i love move like jagger too :) lovely blog , by the way :))

  7. I love the culture club as well! Thank you so much for the kind comment you left on my September looks in review! I am extremely pleased to have the opportunity to come and visit your blog to read the things that are on your mind! You will have the chance to meet my behind the scenes miracle worker this month!

  8. Licky,

    I can't help addressing you as "Licky" after what you told me about Mr Kim. I don't like listening via headphones at home as I would still like to know what's going on around the house/room. I wouldn't want to have bolster hurling my direction. My hubby put on headphones when he games so as not to disturb me. There was once I was sleeping and got woken up by his shouting. I kept telling him to shuddup but he could not hear me so I threw the bolster at him.


    Peh Sun,

    Ahhhh... You sure the first song is annoying and not the last song? Coz I thought the 1st song is so sentimental and soothing to be annoying. I thought you found the whistling annoying until I checked back the post and saw that the first song is "Love is Love".

    PS: I learn a secret about you... The elegant doctor actually likes white faced hottie vampire too.



    Great minds think alike. I think my friends were annoyed by my whistling though when I played that song when they came over my place. The video is not Adam Levine's style at all eh?


    Rosamond Kim,

    Thanx for leaving me a note and for following me. I would check out your blog soon!


    sugar sugar,

    Possibly coz we live in the same era, we've got lots in common! Haha... I cannot imagine you watching Captain Planet and Care Bears in geographical distance apart!


    dunia kecil indi,

    Thanx for leaving me a note and for your sweet compliment.


    Bravoe Runway,

    Oh ho, somebody who knows who Culture Club is! Bravo to Bravoe Runway! Thanx for your lovely words too. It means a lot. I'll be thrilled to see your behind the scene miracle worker!

  9. Barney was so curious that he came back to see the "moves like Jagger". I think this is the best of the 3 videos that you have shared. Was a little disappointed- there was nothing really explicit. All least Barney didn't have to pour acid in his eyes as a result.

    Tata, going to watch Barney now

    p/s: curiosity DOESN'T always kill the cat nor Barney...ops, hang on, i take the last one back; dinosaurs have already extinct......

  10. Peh Sun/ Petsy/ Pesty/ Barney/ Barney's friend,

    I think you're suffering from identity crisis right now. Studying too much must have been the root cause of it all. lol

    Ooh! I'm glad you like to move it like jagger. The UK explicit video differs from the US release in that:

    1) "I don't give a sh**" is sung out while the clean version went "I don't give a ssshhhh..."
    2) The print "Who the F*** is Mick Jagger" on the T shirt wasn't censored out in the UK version.
    3) Someone revealed her boobs while dancing. Not too sure if it's wardrobe malfunction or that she didn't care.


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