Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs' words remain even after he has passed on

Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

I've watched this and read the transcripts before and I'm sure many of you have too. I always tell people I'm an i-Diot coz I don't own any i-stuff except for the very under-utilized 2nd hand i-Pod that my sister gave me but I totally live by many of his words which I'm very sure my good friends and some of you who have been reading me would know.

The video is 15 minutes but it's well worth 15 minutes of your life to watch this video. If you want to save 15 minutes, you could watch this video with subtitles while brushing your teeth, slapping on your skincare, eating in front of your screen as what I did each time I watched this or wtf, most of you could just watch this off your i-Phone or i-Pad coz you're not an i-Diot like me.


  1. This is sad..Everybody feels lost.

    Thank you so much Steve Jobs for brighten our days with smart stuff, your passion, love and inspiration.

    Jo, I watched the video with ordinary PC. hohoo..

    Dreamy Princess

  2. hahahaha . Okay, this is NOT meant to be the reply in respond to the title of Steve Jobs death (that would be wholly and utterly inappropriate) But in respond to your most recent annoying spam on my page.

    Instead on playing Steve Jobs' video, I RE-WaTCHed back the LOVE is LOVE video, and YES I can fully confirm that YES, it IS VERY ANNOYing! had to shut it within 20 secs. and the 2nd song is nice. I didn't even watch the 3rd video because you said in the beginning it was explicit. Im am only 10 and I prefer Barney.


    In respond to Steve Jobs post, He made such an amazing speech. . just simply amazing...definitely worth watching the whole 15 minutes.

  3. i love that quote, i might steal it! =) I found out about his death late last night through fb actually and I was so sad by it. He is the mastermind behind technology.

    btw thanks for sharing that picture of the teddy bear, I have never seen it before!

  4. It's such a shame and a big loss for apple. Hopefully they wont mess up their cool design with him gone .. ><

  5. Hi Jo! Finally, I get to follow your blog haha :) And don't fret, you're not the only i-Diot left in this planet. I, too, don't have an i-Phone or an i-Pad. The closest thing I've ever had to anything i is this 4 year old i-Pod which I have no intentions of replacing. lol

    Anyhow, this is such an inspiring post. Especially the part where he said that connecting the dots will connect when you're looking back, not forward, and that in the future, these dots will connect. Just the stuff I need to hear right now when I'm facing a bit of uncertainty :)


    A Single Girl's Musings

  6. It was quite a shock to learn about his death. I knew that he retired to spend the time with his cancer treatments but never thought it was this quick. He def becomes an icon, his contributions to technology are beyond impressive.

  7. Dreamy Princess,

    High 5 to watching this on ordinary PC!


    Peh Sun,

    You annoying prick at your peak. WHY??? Why do you find that oh-so-sentimental song oh-so-annoying? I was half expecting that you've accidentally typed the wrong video. Finally we've got something not in common anymore. Oh not to worry, the explicit isn't even explicit and I wouldn't have known the difference if not for the youtube comments. Then again, it might be too explicit for a 10-year old. Run along with your purple and green friend now.

    PS: I'm liking your current stage on being on some "break". It's nice to see you around so often these past 2 weeks. We seldom would be able to catch you in the past.



    Feel free to steal... it's not mine. lol... I've not only stolen but am practising it. I'm glad I shared with you the teddy bear picture.


    Maria May,

    I'm not sure if you check back to read my reply as I do reply here and would visit your blog if you leave a link. However, I wasn't able to comment under my blogger ID on your blog. Not too sure why.


    ChiChi81/ Wi,

    Welcome here! And oh my, shall we high 5 on being i-Diots? I think we're the same! Only an i-Pod.

    PS: Is Wi your intials or short form or something?



    Yes, same here. I feel for him when in the video he addressed the issue about being able to survive death. "This was the closest I've been to facing death and I hope is the closest I get for a few more decades." Poor him, he did not get his hope for a few more decades fulfilled.

  8. when I heard his speech I was terribly touched and inspired by it. If I was a graduate then it would have definitely pushed me to do more. RIP!

  9. Steve Jobs was an EXTRAORDINARY man! He accomplished so many things in such a small amount of time. The world is truly going to miss him.
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  10. Nic Nic & Kim,

    Indeed indeed. Some people are peeved by everyone talking about Steve Jobs as if he was some legend only after his death. I feel this is always the case. Someone would be so well-remembered and well-loved only after he/she has passed on. For me, I'm more of like really bowled over by his speech a few years back so quotes from him really struck me. If only people who sing praises about him truly understand what they're missing him for and if only people who are peeved truly understand what the rest are missing him for, it would be great.

  11. Hi Jo,

    I just read your reply on my comment, and Wi is my nickname. My first name is quite long (for an Asian haha), makes you feel like you're reading an encrypted code when you read it in print, a tongue-twister with a spelling that totally confounds every single person who has the misfortune of having to spell out my name as I dictate it. So I decided to keep my nickname short and sweet, just 2 letters, one consonant and one vowel. And Nintendo just HAD to create a console with the same pronunciation but this time, with repeated vowels.

    haha... Sorry, I think I may have been a little theatrical with my explanation. But yeah, that basically sums up why I go by Wi.

  12. Wi,

    I love how you put it! Theatrical but good and with doses of wit. I'll call you wi then. Nintendo probably got inspiration from you. =D


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