Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stuffing Ourselves with Garlic to Ward Off Victoria

In case you don't know, Victoria is the name of one of the evil vampires in Twilight. And no I'm not a twilighter, I just happened to catch part of the movie on Warner TV on cable.

Anyway, does anyone know the name given to fans of Twilight? I've been pondering about this for a while and a search on Google didn't provide me with the latest answer.

Before I trail off topic, I've to clarify that this post is not about Twilight but about GARLICS.

*hears the sigh of die-hard Twilighters and the clicking of the x button at the top right hand corner*

Dear evan had got some discount vouchers for Mad for Garlic and since reviews on that place were favourable, we decided to stuff ourselves and stink our breath with garlic dishes to ward off Victoria that evening.

"Originated in Korea in 2001, Mad For Garlic is one of Korea’s most popular restaurant chains known for its unique and innovative menu with garlic-specialized Italian cuisine served in an atmosphere of medieval European rustic tavern."


We met up with her fiance at the restaurant itself after we were done with camera shopping. (Yes! She got the Canon S95 too, after playing around with mine and realising what a good point and shoot it is.)


The decor is reminiscent of a rustic European tavern.



For main dish, there were pizzas...


and then there were pastas.


For appetizers, we had Dracula Killer which is a dish of soft bread served with garlic cooked in olive oil and anchovies. It was a rather unique dish. I would have loved it better if the garlic was more salty and not so bitter. I've got a soft spot for the soft bread. I'm tired of hurting my very weak teeth trying to gnaw off hard bread at most eateries.


For mains, we had the Calzone Pizza...


...served with garlic dip. I love the dip!


We also had the Garlic Snowing Pizza topped with shrimps and pineapple dice which was one of the recommended dishes.


The snowing pizza was good except for the fact that after eating a few slices, we hoped that the pieces of garlic were chunks of juicy tangy pineapple instead. All the bitter garlic after taste with not much salt was beginning to be a little too overpowering for our tastebuds.

The final mains was Lobster Pasta topped with fish roe.


All the dishes were actually not bad if we were to savour them individually but because they weren't really too salty, the cooked bitter garlic aftertaste was a little overpowering. I guess we ordered too much but still we finished up everything, except some cloves of garlic.

Enough of mouth-watering food shots. Now for some people shots coz we're delicious too ok?

I just trimmed and neaten my hair as you could see how bad my bangs looked in the previous post though it was a little too layered for my liking.


I always marvel at how alike they look! 夫妻相!


Being inspired by Nelah, I shall end this post with an acid jazz tune.


  1. What a lovely restaurant. I love garlic to death. Thanks for visiting me Jo. I used to own the Nokia Music Xpress and I loved that phone. I fell into a lake whilst kayaking with my phone and it still worked hard for me long time afterwards. Your pictures look soo yummie.

    Take care,

  2. The food looks yummy and the place is laid back and great for bonding with friends. :)

  3. oh my god .. never seen such a restaurant before! but must be heaven for heavy garlic-lovers!
    hope you enjoyed your time there (but seems as if you did) .

    check out my latest blog entry if you have the time :)

    love xxx


  4. the lobster pasta with the roe looks amazing! yummmm :D

  5. Jo..Jo..and Jo: I am glad I am eating lunch right now while rading your blog. Mad for Garlic as a name of a restaurant is quite unique and boy their food look SO GOOD!!

    I hope your plan to Bangkok is not anytime soon my friend. Thailand is dealing and suffering with massive flood at the moment and has a great chance of flood in Bangkok (in certain areas) in about a week or so. Plus two more stroms from the Philippines may make the matter worse. I talked to my dad yesterday and totally forgot to ask about a floating market info for you. They are busy preparing for the water. Still owe you a list.

    Well I wish I could apply falsies correctly but failed so many times that I went back to a good old lash curler and a mascara. I guess my eye lashes are sort of long but lack volumn. I have been using a lash curler in icy water tip and am able to get my lashes look quite noticeable.

    Glad you like the music I have been embeded. I am a jazz lover, if you can't tell already :)

  6. Rosamond,

    It's great that your phone is such a good old phone! The old nokia handphones are really good. The newer ones are so lousy and spoil just after their warranty. You changed your profile name and your profile is no longer available?



    The food looks yummy but overwhelming. I must admit that the ambiance was quite good though.



    I wouldn't have known how a restaurant could survive on mainly garlic dishes but apparently its reviews were good. And you bet I did have a great time.


    Pop Champagne,

    The lobster pasta has deceived yet another person. It looks the best of the rest but it pales in comparison to the rest in real life.



    Haha... are you one of those who eats lunch in front of the computer too?

    My BKK trip is on 2nd November. Yes, I read about the floods. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that by then the situation would have been better since the govt is taking all kinds of measures now. Yup, I can't wait for your list!

    I'm also those who prefer to coast my lashes thick with mascara rather than to use falsies. So many girls and ladies are beginning to use falsies as a daily make up but I find my falsies too drama mama and those natural-looking ones are not comparable to my mascara-ed lashes.

    Yes, you always manage to find those smooth jazz kind. I'm already inspired by you, if you can't already tell.

  7. ahhhh the food made me hungry!!! nice photo's dear! :)

  8. I did not know victoria is the name of a vampire on twilight lol. I dont read or watch that silly series.. nor do I have warner tv :O Every time I say something about glitter, people on my twitter make random twilight references and I have no idea what it means!

    I have never tried coca cola zero. The only non-normal cola I've tasted is coca cola cherry (which was delicious). I dont really like soda because I feel like Im drenching my teeth in acid? Im weird I know. I usually drink juice, milk, or water.

    Margherita Pizza! I ordered this at a pizzeria but they put on some weird bitter fruit as a topping. It looked like zucchini but bitter, and the bitterness overpowered every other taste. Terrible! But I like italian food more than asian food. I would rather eat pasta than rice :O

  9. I'm sorry I havent been commenting Jolene. It's bad too because you are my favourite commenter, you seem to write things that make me randomly smirk when I'm on the bus or what not. And I dont give you the same treatment. One day I'll make it up to you~ Dunno how but I'll think of something nice.

    I like your glow in the dark ceiling. I used to stick random stuff on my cabinet too. And years later my mom wanted to use the cabinet so she tore off all my stickers. I got into a fight with her because I just wanted to take a photo of them beforehand, but she was like why would I wait for you to do something stupid like that it's not like you enjoy stickers anymore, etc.

  10. I like monopoly but for years I didnt understand that in order to win, you had to buy as much property in the beginning as possible. I only learned this after playing on my phone. My friend was being all cocky after he won and saying he's glad I'm not a crazy spender in real life, but in this game you have to throw out all your cash to win, and my other friends were just like "wow what a sore winner" HAHAHA. Oh well.. some ppl take games too seriously.

    PS - we have a zoo where you can drive through the reserve in your own car and get close to animals. Like giraffes licking your sunroof, etc. Do you have that in singapore? There are rhinos and tigers and lions too.

    I wrote down the personal questions you asked me a month ago? And I'll try to include it in my next random things :) And yes we are about the same age, you cannot be older than me LOL. you are so curious about the age! How come jolene doesnt have twitter? Or maybe she does...

  11. Lastly - I read your post about the little girl a while back and I actually did mention her in my prayers. I'm not too good at that stuff.. I admire your constant strength.

    Well, we'll talk soon. Hope work isn't killing you. It sure is killing me~ Stay pretty? Stay safe? Okay. *in peter griffin's voice*

    Do they have family guy in singapore? I wonder if ppl even understand that show, all the jokes are american.

  12. Delicious? Of course, that goes without saying because everyone knows it. The food looks very tasty--I would have enjoyed being there. I think I would have added the Red Devil pasta to the dishes to be sampled.

    Maybe I'll have a calzone for dinner--or pizza with pineapple.

  13. I think my husband would really love this restaurant since he is a huge fan of garlic!! the food looked yum! You look cute as always :D

  14. HAHAHA Jo! I was about to ask, who is Victoria? I guess you now know I didn't follow the Twilight series. I was so afraid I would get hooked. I can't stop laughing at the 'dracula killer' comment! HAHAHAHAHA Your little innuendos are too funny. Mad for Garlic looks great girl! What awesome food. Do they give you breath mints at the end of your meal? HAHAHAHA I love garlic!!! But I'm like you and don't like it when it's bitter. Great post girl! So informative. Thanks for sharing! ((HUG))

  15. Jo, i cannot believe that there is a restaurant dedicated to garlic. If my husband and I ate there it would be okay because we would each have the same nasty garlic breath. But hey, it would be totally worth it because the food looks delicious :) I still can't believe that it's a restaurant dedicated to garlic- that's crazy!

  16. Mmmmm I love garlic- put it into about 90% of my dishes! There is a garlic festival in Gilroy, CA every year and I swear one of these times I;m going to go!

  17. evankristine,
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving me some love. I love to see newcomers. Hope to see you around here more often!


    What took you so long to drop some hints that you were reading??? You’re always this brutal turtle that way. I realise you’ve got the habit of leaving comments for all other posts all in one post too. Is it due to reading off your handphone and its interface making it inconvenient to post the comments under the original post? I’m not too sure about that as I do not use a smart phone. I want to change to one soon when i-phone 5 comes out and the 1st batch of handsets is tested to be bug-free.

    Anyway, I know that I would definitely write a thesis if I reply to the whole comment here so I’ve decided to copy and paste your comment and reply under the original posts. Don’t worry, I would be thoughtful and leave the links for each comment.

    You know, when I was reading your comment off my email, I’ve to open a Google Window to check out some of the stuff you say eg glitter with twilight reference, Margherita Pizza, zucchini etc. It’s great coz I learn things that way. I don’t understand the glitter twilight thingy coz all they showed me on Google Image are glittery images of Edward and what nots. Is it supposed to be that?

    I don’t drink Coke Zero too. I tried once when they were handing them out free and I hated the slightly sweet aftertaste that coats the tongue. It’s supposed to be zero sugar but the aftertaste made me think sweeteners were added. I love normal coke and vanilla coke best but I don’t really like drinking soft drinks in general too. Unlike you BANANA (you know what it means right? Yellow on the outside, white on the inside... lol), I love Asian food more. When I travel to places with Caucasians as the majority in the population, I would love eating all these western food but after a few days, all I crave for is light tasting Chinese or Japanese food. I love rice! I eat more rice than my dad and my sis often scoffed saying the world is unfair that I’m still this size. Currently, I cut down on my rice intake. I just don’t have the tummy space to fill it up with rice anymore.

    For the reply to the rest of the comments, click the links below:




    I can't believe I'm so nice as to adjust the html code for these to be clickable. Just for you TURTLE!

  18. Rick,
    I used to hate garlic when I was young but I love garlic bread. I then realised that the taste of raw garlic is so nice when my mum chopped it very finely and poured dark soya sauce over as a dip. My love for garlic then grew. I can’t much a whole cooked garlic though unless it’s drizzled in some butter or oil.

    I hope you satisfied your craving for pizza dinner!


    Nic Nic,
    Thank you, dear. When you come to Singapore, you could bring him there. It’s located in the city and very accessible.


    Haha... As much as there are many twilighters, there are also many on the other side of the fence so I thought what if my readers do not watch Twilight? I thought Twilight is for Tweenies, teenagers and young adults but my friends who are older than me initially thought the same way as I did but once they read the book, they got so hooked that they spent the entire day reading the whole series. They told me not to belittle the books and the storyline and was so sure I would get hooked too.

    Sadly, they don’t give out breath mints after the meal, not that I can remember. Surprisingly, there isn’t a strong lingering taste in the mouth so I assume the breath shouldn’t be too bad?


    Haha. I totally get what you’re saying coz when my gal friend told me about this place being highly raved about, my first retort was “The restaurant serves only garlic dishes???” I’ve never heard of this place till she told me about it. She wouldn’t have known it too if not for her discount vouchers.


    Welcome to my blog! I love to see newcomers around. You really put garlic into 90% of your dishes?I can tell you really love garlic! There is actually a garlic festival where you come from? I’m really enlightened. Thanx for sharing new knowledge with me. I love learning new things every day.


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