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Saturday, December 17, 2011

I've wanted to cry so much for you

Was talking to char char so happily but when I told her about the new star-studded cast of a movie New Year's Eve which portrays scenes in NYC, my voice started to quiver and then the floodgates opened. Within seconds, I was sobbing uncontrollably and could not speak. =(

Char char, I've wanted to cry so much for you but I couldn't for a very long time. I'm finally a human! But... I've kinda grown accustomed to my abnormal no-tears mode and since you do not like seeing us cry, could you sprinkle your fairy dust into my eyes again?


  1. She understands you need to cry and that you're ready to--no fairy dust needed now.

  2. Hugs Jo.. It is human to cry. At least Char char didn't tell you, you were ugly and looked horrible when you cried right? ^_^

  3. Rick,
    I need! My tear ducts are working too much now that I keep tearing when I yawn.


    sugar sugar,
    Yes, it is.
    Haha... char doesn't like us to cry. She did always tell mummy not to cry coz she would look ugly. She didn't have the chance to say it to me as I don't cry in front of her when she's conscious and aware.

  4. That's understandable Jo. Sometimes we go through so much that we can't cry right away. You'll have your moments. It's good to cry and let it out when you feel that way.


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