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Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm aware that my blog is a lot more boring with mere text and no photos

My photos are not displayed once more. The first time it happened after using Photobucket for years was last month and I was quite peeved about the photos not showing here. Hence, I sent a message to Photobucket and here was their automated reply:

Bandwidth is used when digital content is viewed from a link you posted on another website or sent in an email (e.g., MySpace, eBay, message boards, etc.). Bandwidth is a measure of the number of bytes passed over time via direct linking. It is calculated by adding up the size of each of your images or videos as they are sent from Photobucket. The “Monthly Bandwidth" number is the amount of bandwidth you have used within the last month. The month is determined by the day of the month you registered your account.
You have various images of 25K each in size that are viewed by 100 users on your favorite message board in one day. You also have one video of 15000K that is viewed by 10 users in one day. 25K * 100 requests = 2500K (or 2.5 MB). 15000K * 10 requests = 150000K (or 1500 MB). When you add the two together, you have used 152.5 MB of bandwidth in one day.
Important! Do not confuse bandwidth with your album size.

I've set it such that clicking onto the photos uploaded using Photobucket would only lead you to their homepage.

So everyone, please help me not to exceed bandwidth by avoiding clicking onto my photo links but to view them straight off my blog instead. 

Since Photobucket says that bandwidth resets each month on the anniversary of the day a member originally registered, my bandwidth usage will be reset on the 19th of December which is a long way to go from today. I was already planning to do some photo story posts this coming week before I fly off to London on the 17th. I guess I would have to do scheduled posts which would publish after the 19th then.

It is my final week in Singapore before I see all my friends back here next year. I have lots and lots to catch up on so my dear blogger friends, forgive me if I haven't been visiting or commenting much on your blogs.


  1. yikes, I didn't even know this could happen! I haven't been clicking on your photos though =D *not my fault wakakakaka* but yeah I do feel a little sad, seeing most of the pictures are gone... *looks sadly at all the "look who's popular!"*

    I will be finishing up school next week ^___^ (dang can't believe my first semester as a pharmacy student is coming to an end!!) hehe once I'm on my holiday I can come here and catch up =D Take care Jolene! Have loads of fun in London!! <3

  2. how annoying! i use picassa from google, i think it's better since they have better and more servers which means more space to save our pictures! ^^ i used to have photobucket too but i made me get a lot of troubles. For instance, they remove your albuns if you stay logged out for a long period of time x.x it sucks!

    Love * Monstros no Armário
    * Monstros no Armário

  3. I find that some blogs have too many pictures and I forget to read what the post is actually about. It's nice to come across a blog with some reading content:)


  4. Maybe try flickr for hosting your photos. I don't think they have a bandwidth limit. I can't believe that person stole your photo for youtube! Looks like it's taken down now but who knows how long they've abused it. Hope that person at least apologizes to you.

  5. Posts without pictures are boring??? **sniff, sniff**

    LOL, your posts without pictures are NOT boring. You write very well--and in a way that holds our interest. Silly!!!

    I haven't had much time to comment--and none to post--lately.

  6. ehhh cousin. bandwidth is not about clicking on your photos and link to photobucket website. bandwidth is you have ONE photo size (example) 25K. let's say you got one blog post with 4 photos means 25K x 4 = 100K.

    let's say you got 50 readers per day means 100K x 50 = 5000K (5MB). so on and so forth. you can actually set your photos not linkable/clickable but makes no difference because once your photos load onto your blog post, if readers click on it, it's already loaded anyway. it'll be reading from their computer cache so it's not a double bandwidth usage.

    like for example the image in your current post is 127.81 KB. there are 5 comments before me and I'm the 6th commenter. 127.81 x 6 = 766.86KB. this doesn't count lurkers who view your entries but don't comment. soooo... yeah. that's how bandwidth works. hahaha!

    sorry I don't have much recommendations as to alternatives because I'm not really a free image hosting user. but you can check out what your readers suggested ;)

  7. Hi Jo, you can try to edit your post via the html code to remove the hyperlink from your photos :)

    a href="http:///" <--- this can delete.. Pls include the "<" and ">" brackets.
    in between this two statements will be the img src...
    /a <--- this is the closing statement for the hyperlink. Please remove it as well. (include "<" and ">")

    hope this helps ;)

  8. That is just strange..I hope these photo problems get better!! x

  9. Enjoy your final week in Singapore Jo! Glad you're having a great time. I never click on your photos. I just view them as is on here. Hope it all gets straightened out. :D

  10. Hey all,
    Sorry for this really late reply. I'm finally in London. I really appreciate the thoughts of you taking the time to leave me a note. =)


    Oh my cousin explained to me how the bandwidth works so it's not about the clicking. Yes, I look forward to seeing you more often.


    "they remove your albuns if you stay logged out for a long period of time"
    Seriously?! Thanx goodness I haven't experienced that yet! I could cry!


    That's really sweet. Thanx! I love seeing newcomers around. Hope to see you here more often.


    Haven't seen you around for quite some time. Thanx for the suggestion. =) The photos on flickr tend to all look so artistic and professional that I feel shy hosting it on flickr.


    "You write very well--and in a way that holds our interest."
    Always so sweet! =) I would like to think so too but not many people appreciate verbosity from me. lol


    Thanx for the detailed explanation! It's so much clearer than what Photobucket explained. Now I fully understand.


    Thanx for the detailed explanation on the html coding! Really appreciate it. My cousin explained to me that it's not about the clicking so I guess it's ok. Though maybe for future posts, I'll try to remove the hyperlinks if it isn't too troublesome since they do not add to any value to the blog at all.


    The Dainty Doll's House,
    It'll get better every 19th when my a/c resets. =)



    It'll straighten out every 19th when my a/c resets though I don't wish for the pictures to exceed bandwidth way before the 19th.


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