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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Stealing my picture

I never thought this would happen to me but after so many incidents that happened in my life when I said "never", I've learned to never say never.

Despite watermarking my pictures and all, my photo ended up as someone else's profile picture on youtube. I wouldn't have known this if not for my friend asking me if I am known as "elva" on youtube.

This is the imposter's link:

If I could publicly write on her/his youtube public page, I would. However, I can't find the button to post a public comment.

I've since reported the profile image and warned her/him over private message. I hope she/he would have enough sense to do something.

Gosh, I'm boiling mad right now. Kh helped alleviate my anger by saying that I've already known that whatever I put on the world wide web do not belong to me anymore so just treat it as a flattery... Like you know the adage? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. wtf! Ok he didn't really say that but the implications were there.

I still can't help feeling violated that my picture has been misused in this manner. It does seem like my hubby is displaying a nonchalant attitude towards this little saga and I'm beginning to worry if he's really my hubby. lol.

"Elva" has already taken down my image as her profile picture. No reply to my private message nor any word of apology. I guess it's only natural not to reply when you've been found out that you've done something wrong right?


  1. Really sorry this happened to you!! It's not nice when people do that and I hope it can get sorted for you!! It's an important matter and I hope your hubby gives you some support!! Have a great day doll, try and remain calm, all will be ok!! xx

  2. oh wow I cant believe ppl actually do that!!!!! I would be so mad too. Maybe you can contact youtube?

    Hopefully you can get them to delete that channel.

  3. btw under the profile you can send that person a message.

  4. Jo, that's horrible girl! I found a picture I took on the web, but they did link it back to me with my name. I checked the link and it seems as if they took it down.

  5. oh dear :s why do people keep pretending to be others? that is such a lack of self esteem, i belive :/ the picture seems to be removed now though ^^
    i haven't had much time to visit blogger and visit you, i'm sure have a lot of thing to read on your blog now xD
    i'm on it! * Monstros no Armário

  6. That is really horrible! I just checked out their space and it looks like the pic has been taken down!
    On another note - those cupcakes look so good!

  7. this hasn't happened to me but I would be angry like you too! I hope you can report it and get it resolved soon! People who steal pictures don't have lives! Feel better soon Jo!

  8. Omg! Im glad you caught this person doing this! I think he/she removed the photo now as I just went onto heir page and there's not profile photo. Your friends are so sweet to have caught it and notified you! I'd be angry too! haha but I guess maybe your husband doesn't see this as a life threatening situation so maybe that's why he appears relaxed? You should trick him into saying that this person is a stalker and has been sending you creepy msgs, let's see if he's that relaxed then! =P

  9. Maybe kh is acting calm to help you feel better about it.

    There's no excuse for someone stealing your picture. It is a compliment--they hope your image will draw visitors, but there's no excuse. They're dispicable.

  10. Hey Jo,

    I wanted to use your space to rant too. Co-incidentally, a few days ago, I discovered someone used my picture without permission. Not only that, according to the content of the post, it made it sound like the person had purchase the bag as a vintage piece. Flattery it may be on one hand but the whole thing is quite misleading as the bag is neither vintage nor single chain. This is their post (i think it may be linked to a replica site too but I can't get to their site):

    The hand in the picture is clearly mine and so is the beige bag.

    I have messaged the person but the message was not allowed to be posted.

    What a disbelief on many levels. Firstly, I don't know this author, second I am not the female lady referred in the post. Then, despite the fact the picture is clearly mine, it was used to representing something it is not. The bag is not vintage and it is not single chain (it is double).

    How about that? Where is KH huh??!! BArney is pissed with flattery!

    Sorry Jo, I think I over rant..

  11. Oh my gosh, this sucks! =( I'm glad you reported and warned her. Hope it ends soon.

  12. Thanx all for your concern. The user seems to have taken down my photo but I didn't hear anything from her thereafter. No apologies or anything. I guess, I should cool down since my photo has been taken down.

  13. Squeeze the Pug,

    No over rant for sure. I'm glad you shared. Oh dear! I clicked on that site and yes, if I don't know you, I would have mistaken that the female lady referred in the post is you. At least, your face wasn't shown but Yeah I guess the photos with your hands look familiar.

    I don't think they allow comments to be published. You could probably write a blog post about it if it doesn't take too much of your precious time?

  14. hey! we both got impersonanted LMAO!!! *high five?* looks like the picture's taken down ^_^ don't be mad la, seriously, take it as a compliment ^__^ that person thought you're so pretty that she wants to be you!!! =D

  15. Sorry to hear that. But hey, on a positive note, stealing is the greatest form of compliment. =p

  16. Frances,
    You know, I remember your stealing of picture for your profile too. I actually referred back to your old post on how you handled the situation. lol


    Shingo T,
    OMG! Where have you been? Yes, thanx. I kept consoling myself by taking it as a compliment. =)

  17. Although I agree that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I could never understand why people would use others' photos as their own profile pic. Stealing others' photos and using them in a blog post or something makes a bit more sense, but using someone else's personal photo as your own profile pic? I'm glad to see that she's taken it down, but she really should have at least apologized. I guess she must be embarrassed you found out..

  18. Rinny,

    My exact sentiments! I really don't mind if people use my pictures for blog posts (though it would still be polite if they could ask) but to use as profile picture is totally wrong.


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