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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Intensive November

As mentioned before, November has been a whirlwind month.

With the weddings of two very close friends and being part of the bridesmaid entourage for both weddings, I've been really busy. In between was my Phuket trip with the BFF. All other pockets of November were filled with meet ups to discuss and plan for parts of the wedding, impromptu meet ups with various groups of people and many many errands --both planned and impromptu--  to run almost every single free day. There isn't a single day where I stayed at home and lazed for the whole damn day. I've been getting 2, 3, 4 hours of sleep each day without replenishing them with naps and frankly speaking, I'm really exhausted.

The hubby would finally be back from the seas on the last day of November and I foresee spending lots of time with him to make up for the lost time the past 3 months. Then half a month later, we would be going on our long-awaited honeymoon to London and Paris! Wee!

Actually I'm sorta bumped that our trip got postponed due to his sudden unforseen circumstances at work. If he had not been delayed, it would have been our 3rd day in London today.

I have planned the timing to fit into my schedule without affecting the weddings, my classes and some personal goals too much. Nevertheless, it is fine to embrace change, the unforseen circumstances and the random happenings in life. Things haven't been going their way but no matter what, we would always be able to work our way around them at the end of the day. =)

I'm having a really full plate but I would continue churning out some posts. Gosh... I stopped backdating from April's updates. At this rate I'm going, I wonder when I would ever be on time for my blog.

I would also attempt to do some scheduled post to keep my blog running during my trip so that you lovely friends and readers would not see virtual cobwebs here.

Thank you all for your heartfelt comments on my dream of Charmaine. I really enjoyed reading what some of you shared.

Like a true blue Gemini when it comes to split personality, I would be emo one minute and happy the next so please do not worry too much for me.

Look out for more regular posts in time to come... I HOPE.


  1. Your month is packed Jo!! I am exhausted just reading your Nov itinerary and happenings. Since you will head out to Europe again soon, I doubt that you will have time to rest but hey that sounds fantastic. Hope you and your hub gets to spend a lot of quality time together to make up for the loss times. I thought my husband's schedules are bad, your hub seems to be away more often and at longer interval.

    I did nothing productive during my four day Thanksgiving weekend and only started doing laundry on Sunday night (I should have done it way before that). And now catching up on your posts.

  2. Jo, enjoy yourself! Sometimes you have to let a couple of things go momentarily. It's important for you to enjoy and spend time with your husband. Also, to see the sites! I'm so happy for you. Take lots of pics while you're in Europe. I would love to see (when you get back). Don't stress yourself while you're away. (((HUG))) and ENJOY! :D

  3. Nelah,
    You're exhausted just by reading about them? This must be really terrible. lol

    You probably think you did nothing productive during the 4 days but I'm sure you had lots of rest and recharge!

    Yeah, in our 10-year relationship, I've since grown used to his frequent postings overseas and was labelled the Queen of LDR back then. But once he's back, everything would be back to normal. =)


    Yes I would definitely take lots and lots of pictures! But first, to spend lots and lots of quality time with the hubby when he comes home almost 24hours later from when I'm typing this.

  4. Wow Jolene!!! You might as well be at your old job, stressing and not sleeping--but hopefully this kind of busy has been more fun. Since you won't get much rest on your honeymoon (too much to see and do), I hope you'll take some time to rest when you get back.

    Have a great time reconnecting with KH--and have patience with those of us who worry a little even when you tell us not to. =)

  5. Rick,
    "Wow Jolene!!! You might as well be at your old job, stressing and not sleeping--but hopefully this kind of busy has been more fun."

    I lol at this statement for quite some time. Yeah, but this kinda bz is really FUN though I seriously crave for a mundane life and chill at home just for a whole day.

    Thank u so much for always being so concerned. =)


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