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Thursday, November 24, 2011

As requested... My not so drastic new look

Some blabbers and sleepy state talk

I've been meaning to get this post up since I got home but I was settling so many impromptu stuff with my in laws that I've only managed to just settle down to blog with my eyelids half opened.

My domestic helper is flying back to her hometown tomorrow, no actually in a few hour's time but heck my "tomorrow" only starts when I wake up. I dunno if any of you even know what I'm blabbering about.

I've really grown quite fond of my domestic helper. She's really quite cute and I started to talk to her a lot recently. She's also very honest and I could safely let her clean my room and NOTHING would be stolen, quite unlike the many previous domestic helpers whom my in laws employed over the years.

So I'm sending her to the airport tomorrow as both my in laws could not make it and that would mark the start of my 1st errand to run for tomorrow. I've got 4 errands and meet ups in total tomorrow that would take me from morning till night. Have I already mentioned that the time now is SGT5.52am?

November has been a month of randomness and a whole lot of excitement which started right up from Halloween at the end of October to the wedding of 2 very good friends and being their bridesmaids, to the random last minute fun in Phuket with the bff and to all other randomness in life. I'm actually exhausted by all these random fun in life and how I CRAVE for a mundane life now! Like really C.R.A.V.E. and M.U.N.D.A.N.E in capz.

Our new look

It was such a fun filled day today with cyn mommy and godson jase and there's simply too much to write about the entire outing. I will do the entire post another day. I entrusted my camera to Jase who took loads and loads of artistic shots and inane videos so you can expect a post chock-full of photos that do not make sense.

Meanwhile, here are some before and after pictures of cyn mommy and me as requested.

Before... black hair was becoming boring and fringe too was untidy.


Before... Actually cyn already looked kinda pretty even with inches of natural regrowth hair at the scalp.


I only dyed and cut my bangs... Not much of a great transformation much to the chagrin/ relief [Circle correct answer] of many.



This colour I chose would fade to an ash tone after 2 weeks. It was evident on the stylist's hair and I opted for it coz of the after-fade colour effect. Let's hope it works the same for my hair!

I love how the stylist managed to cut the bangs and wispy sides which I want! I absolutely love it that I kept tying up my hair. Jase loves it too! He was actually quite horrified initially after the hair wash.

He shook his head and said gravely, "Godma Jolene, you look too Americany!"

Yeah, new vocab from him!

Then after my hair was blown straight, he squealed, "Look like straight hair Japanese girl! I like."


This boy seriously better not become a smooth talker and heartbreaker next time.

After... Pretty mommy and godma with our new hair! Mommy also cut bangs coz her hair was flattening out.



  1. Am I the first to comment on this? 6.11AM. Jolene are you still sleeping or awake to run your errands? I hope you get enough sleep.

    I think I like you with black hair more but when I see you with the hair tie up. I love that look, just like Jase. You look quite the same as before with your hair down. I like that you did not change your look too much. I thought you might cut short or something.

    your fan

  2. I may have offended you Jolene. I meant those part about your hubby kh as a joke. Please don't get me wrong. I'm sorry if I cause you any problem.

    your fan

  3. Love the new look. You both look cute and fresh and happy. Glad to see this(:

    Oh, I think your godson Jase has a photography talent!

    Dreamy Princess

  4. Fan,
    From that timing of your comment, I was already up. Yeah, it was a 2-hour sleep.

    I will cut my hair short when I reach 40 years of age. lol... Coz with long hair, people could mistake me for as young as 18years old. I wonder what would happen with short hair.

    I think your 2nd comment was meant for the other post right?


    Dreamy Princess,
    Thank you dear. And yes, Jase took quite a number of artistic shots amidst many many blur ones.

  5. Hi Jo,

    May i know where did you go to get your hair dyed? It looks lovely :)


  6. love your new look Jo! i badly want a makeover too, maybe early next year =)
    btw, regarding the oats, yes i actually want to slim down too.haha so what brand of oats does your friend suggest? i wanna know..=) Thankyou!

  7. Ack! What happened to my comment??? I must have clicked away from the page before it processed. :(

    I like your hair, very pretty. The main point of my earlier, lost comment is that Jase will have the charm to be a heartbreaker. He's going to need Godma Jo to help teach him to be a gentleman when he goes girl-crazy later.

    Also, about looking too Americany--he's been here and seen that America has many different looks. So maybe he meant that since you have many looks and that makes you too Americany. ;P

  8. EEK! Jo i love it!!! it's def more of a mature honey color! it really softens and frames your face beautifully! it makes you look more "sweet" then the crisp black hair does that make sense? like the black hair is stronger.. idk if i'm making sense HAHAH!! but i love it you look so pretty!

  9. Jo, it looks really good. It really shows up your pretty eyes. That last picture of you looks so beautiful. :D

  10. Anon,
    I went to Far East Plaza to do it. The salon name is called Private Hair Studio.


    Thank you! Oh about the oats, I'll check with my friend and get back to you ok? If I don't, please buzz me again. No worries.


    That always happens to me. And I'll get so mad coz you know, sometimes I tend to type a thesis on comment box. Thank you for the compliment on my hair and erm... on Jase. I'll treat that as a compliment. Oh my, that boy has a gf at 7 years old! Monitor and monitress couple. lol... Haha instead of taking him in hand, I teased him and looked at what he typed on her school blog post. His Americany means the hair is too light in colour. Yes, he meant Caucasians and not Americans.


    Thank you dear.


    Yes, you're making sense dear. I know and like what you're trying to say! My actual hair colour now isn't as honey toned as the tied up pictures. I guess it's the lighting there.


    Thank you dear. You're always so sweet! I was a little worried that my daily eye make up look would not match my new hair since it's been going very well with my black hair. I'm glad it turned out ok.


    Yara Simon,
    Thank you. I love to see newcomers around.

  11. I meant it as a compliment. Make sure he uses his power for good, that he doesn't mislead girls who crush on him. Plus he can be nice to less popular people and help them break out of their shells, help them realize they fit it and belong too. It's amazing how much you can help people just by treating them decently.

  12. Rick,
    Jase can really be a little darling at times and is naturally helpful and friendly towards people around him. He generally mixes and get along well with both his adult friends and children friends. Not too sure about whether he would mislead girls who crush on him though. lol...

  13. Love your new hair! The new hair colour really warms you up! CNY mommy looked fab too!

  14. I love it! The new color really warms up your skintone and I'm curious to see how it will look once it changes to an ashier shade. Your bangs look really cute too! I've been thinking of getting mine cut like that again, but it's such a hassle to maintain because you have to get them trimmed every so often.

    Cyn mommy's new style looks great on her too! Did she get a digital perm for the curls?

    I love how the both of you are wearing nearly matching outfits btw - very cute! :D

  15. Aghh I don't know if my comment went through or not! Disregard this if the 1st one went through :P

    I just wanted to say that I love the new hair color! The lighter shade really warms up your skintone and I love the bangs too. I've been wanting to get my bangs styled like that for awhile, but the upkeep required is a bit of a pain in the neck.

    I really like Cyn mommy's new style too! Did she get a digital perm for her curls?

    Btw, I love how you both have nearly matching outfits - very cute! :D

  16. Nic Nic,
    Thank you! So this or black nicer?lol... I'll relay your msg to Cyn Mommy too.


    Thank you! I can't wait to see the fading colour. Different hair type would fade differently and I pray for ash to appear.

    I think I suit bangs more coz my parting tends to go haywire unless my fringe is really really long to add weight to part properly. I cut my bangs myself once every few weeks. I would head to the salon to get them trimmed once I can't manage the style.

    Yes, hers was digital perm. And yes, we were rather surprised to see each other in quite similar lacy outfits since it was all unplanned!

  17. Copied & pasted from cbox for remembrance:

    26 Nov 11, 11:09
    passerby: great hair, jo! where is this place? jase looks like a heartbreaker and with what he says, he has potential to be one.

    26 Nov 11, 17:38
    Jo to passerby: It's at Far East Plaza. The name is called Private Hair Studio. Jase certainly has potential to be one. He even "flirts" with his own mummy and godma!


    27 Nov 11, 19:59
    babyhuiz: hi jo, i love your eyes so much in the pictures in the salon where you tie up your hair. can u share how u do ur eye make up? it's dark yet natrual unlike those fake eyelash, thick eyeshadow jap look.
    27 Nov 11, 20:01
    babyhuiz: thank u if u can write a post on it. i dun like the fake eyelash and heavy make up look dat many bloggers share of their eye make up. hope urs is ez to follow!

    27 Nov 11, 23:10
    Jo to babyhuiz: Thanx for your lovely words. My eye MU is v simple actually. My eyeliner is a cheap Koji retractable pencil liner from Watsons. I rim upper and lower eyes, top with 2 coats of mascara. I dun use eyesh
    27 Nov 11, 23:12
    Jo to babyhuiz: eyeshadow at all coz my crease is thin. I would use an eyelid fibre called mezaik to hold up my double eyelids so that the eyeliner won't smudge. I'm not a mu guru but hope this helps!


    28 Nov 11, 09:58
    babyhuiz: thank u for ur v quick reply! it sounds really simple. i wil search for koji eyeliner at watsons. is there only 1 kind or a few? im curious abt what the eyelid fibre is. i have similar eyeshape to u.

    29 Nov 11, 01:26
    Jo to babyhuiz: I'll reply to you in the comments section of that post ok? Do check back soon!

    The front packaging is pink hearts with glittery silver. I'm looking at the back of the packaging now, it says Koji Spring Heart Long-lasting Eyeliner Black .

    As for the eyelid fibre, you can google for mezaik or even youtube it to see how it works coz it's rather difficult to explain.

    You have the same eyeshape as me from what you see in the photos is it? Then you probably do not need the eyelid fibre. Lucky you!

    Hope this helps.

  18. I like this new look Jo, it def brightens your face and changes the look.

  19. ooo I love this new haircolor on you Jo! it adds a lil sassy to your look hehe. My hair is sooo boring and would love to put a new color in my hair..the problem is i get so lazy when it comes to keeping up with my hair :X

  20. Nelah,
    Glad you like it! I'm beginning to like this new look too. I was a little missing my healthy black hair initially.


    Thank you! Ah, your hair is nice and black. Not boring at all. I agree with the maintenance part. I dislike the regrowth.


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