Sunday, March 29, 2009

Walking in the thunderstorm just now...

I'm terrified of lightnings.

Not thunder but lightning.

The bright flashes of light scare the hell outta me.

It was pouring so heavily just now that even though I borrowed an umbrella from my tutee, I avoided walking out in the open and kept under the blocks and shelters as much as possible.

At last I reached the small little road to my block.

While crossing, lightning flashed in front of me 4 times.

I was so terrified that I nearly cried.

All I had in mind as I was crossing that little flooded road was:

"Don't strike me. Don't strike me. I still got a lot of things to do."


Can't wait!

Kh is picking me up soon. We're going to Whitelink (WL) to choose the photos. I'm so excited that I can hardly wait.

I hope reason would rule over passion and that I would not go crazy choosing too many photos. I dun wanna end up TOPPING UP 8K, 10K etc like all those stories I've heard about couples overspending on pre-wed photos.

In kh's words:
"Wah lau eh! 10K? I can spray paint my car 10 times leh!"

In Jo's words:
"And I can buy at least 2 Chanel 2.55."

Oh kh is here!

Tata... Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.



Back home updating at midnight

My hair is wet and I can't sleep.

I'm smelling nice and fresh after a refreshing shower. Before that, I smelt like chomp chomp. I'm having a tummy ache now coz we had hang3 her2 (sambal stingray), spicy la la (clams???), dou4 miao2, rice and sugarcane drink when before that I was suffering from gastric.

I'm hunching from the pain as I'm typing but I would rather hunch and type than hunch while marking atrocious compositions.

kh and I were so glad that we managed to cut down from 183 photos to 104. Our PG (let's call him V) was quite impressed when we managed to do that. He said not many people can cut down so much especially when there are quite a number of great shots.

I guess we were both really prudent people when it comes to spending unnecessary $$.

WL's standard package is $78 per photo top up. Choosing 60% of the photos would allow us to have ALL the soft copies returned.

If you do the maths, that would work out to a whooping $8564.40 to get all the soft copies back!

Holy Cow!

Of course, the more you choose, the more discout per photo such that it would slowly become $50 per photo after a certain number. That would still be a total of about 4K to 6K top up.

No way are we gonna spend that kinda $$!!!

I know it is common to spend 2K to buy back all soft copies in other bridal studios and I seriously don't mind spending that amount to buy the photos back. Definitely beats spending 6K rite?

To me, soft copies are more important than having the photos added to the album. With soft copies, I can do all sorts of editing and layout. I can even get my photoshop whizz er jie to do the editing for me.

In the end, V made us such a tempting offer that we decided to take it up. We would be having 2 albums and getting all soft copies raw and unedited as well as edited ones back.

The great thing is we are paying nowhere near 4K to 6K.


But Sssshhhh... cannot let our parents know coz no matter how modern couple would think it's value for money, our parents sure will say we stupid wan. [Edited to add: Surprisingly, our parents tot we got a good deal too.]

We would be going down WL in mid or end May to view all the edited photos and layout.

So sorry to those who have been asking to see more photos. All my sweetie frenz, darlings from LD and my blog readers. We've got to wait till May.

In the meantime, here are some photos which we secretly snapped at WL during PS. WL is really strict on photography. Hence, I had to beg my MUA to let me snap some photos while she closed one eye.

My mtm EG unfortunately did not fit me well on PS day coz I had slimmed down a great deal due to lack of sleep and loss of appetite the past few weeks.

I told my nice designer (let’s call her D) that I die die want the back of my EG to look like this with swarovski crystals lining the V strap. I also told her that I cannot have an EG that flows straight down as I would look too skinny. Modifying my idea of having extra cloth flowing from the bottom of the V strap, D added rosettes and what she termed as “fiu fiu” sash.

Deardear’s look to match my EG

MUA S did deardear’s hair so cool that I was drooling over his new do.

Kh has never spotted such hairstyle before and I absolutely love it! See the diff between the top left pic and the other 3. Top left is how he always look w/o combing and styling his hair coz he doesn’t believe in personal grooming. Hahaha…

Details on my tummy area for my outdoor gown

Unflattering shots of our bands

My MU for PS.

Heavier eye make up with 2 layers of falsies stuck on each eye

These were taken at the end of the day. Each time I changed new clothes, a different hairdo and MU effect accompanied. My hair was so hard and foundation was so thick that there were cracks on my face!

Even though the weather was sweltering hot for the outdoor shoots, V made the whole Photoshoot process realy fun and enjoyable. He is a skinny man with long ponytail and who puffed heavily on his ciggies each time there was a break. He's the Ah Beng, jovial kuai lan sort and I'm not sure if people could click with him. However, even non-smokers, non ah beng and ah lian like us could click with him a lot.

V is always cracking jokes, sometimes poking fun at us humorously as we suan-ed him back. He always made us feel relaxed/natural or made us laugh and then he would capture these moments candidly. He's good at both candid and posed shots. You need not worry about not knowing how to pose, he would give you instructions when necessary but most of the time, you just have to be happy and the smiles/happiness would radiate throughout the pictures.

Cute strays

I don't look like a cat that day [sidenote: I look feline for the trial MU day] but I didn't quite like how my eyes turned out in some of the photos we saw at WL just now. There were many great shots with great poses but my eyes look almost like Jessica Tan's post surgery current eyes which is NOT PRETTY.

Jessica Tan then

Jessica Tan now

Ok shit... dun quote me on the surgery part. Kh and I confirmed that her eyes looked really different and that she's not as chio as when we first saw her. However, we aren't 100% sure about the surgery part. Maybe we could term it as aesthetic enhancement? Her crease is too thick and high now; her eyes seem to close to her nose. I really really prefer to old and sweet-looking Jessica.


I love Cynthia!

Cynthia's sms to me...

"Was just thinking the other day in hospital abt your weddin. Am always secretly hoping that we can attend in some ways. Its just really upsetting to know that it wont happen the way we had wished."

"Have you found another pair of flower girl and page boy? I'm just afraid its close to her post surgery and maybe even transplant. Else, I really feel like sneaking the 2 to just walk down the isle with you and send them back home. Hee. Can we get all your guests to wear masks just for that brief few minutes. Haha."

It's really so sweet of Cynthia! I was laughing aloud when I read the above sms amidst breakfast. I showed my hp to kh and he laughed too.

I've long cast aside the idea of having the kids as ring bearers after Charmaine's diagnosis. Even though I really wished for them to walk with us down the aisle, I wouldn't want to subject Charmaine to catching any bug.

I would always have the urge to visit them but whenever I think of how much I am coughing lately, I stop myself from from doing so. I'm not even sick la... When would the cough stop???

Us during happier times...

-- CNY 2009 (2 weeks before char was admitted to KK)


  1. Dear Jolene
    Your blue gown is so beautiful. I like the colour and the design of everything. Your hairstyle for it and the jewelry on the head look very cool. So pretty!

    I think the eye makeup look like your normal eye make up that I ask you for your D & D many years ago. I dont understand what you mean by Jessica Tan's eyes. Cannot see how it look like. She defo looked more pretty in the past than now. Something strange about the eyes.

    Its sad to know that we won't be able to see your godkids in your wedding photos. I was looking forward to see them after always seeing their cute photos here. Cynthia is so sweet to sms that.

  2. Hi Yen,

    I haven't been seeing your comments around lately.

    Thanx! I was all along looking at red for my EG. However when my nice designer draped this blue cloth around me saying that she feels the tone matches me a lot, kh immediately asked me to mtm a blue gown with that cloth. He likes it a lot too. Just that it is full of glitters which fly all over the place, making it very "dirty" to wear. I also like the unique hairstyle that my MUA changed for me at the last moment coz she had a sudden whim to use a headgear for an Indian princess look.

    Oh my eyes MU is anything but normal in real life. What I mean is that Jessica Tan's eyes are currently not as pretty as before as her double eyelids look too thick. I had a few shots that looked like that too coz of the tape and depending on the angle it was taken.

    Yup... I've alwiz dreamed of them walking down the aisle with kh and me and cyn was really really very sweet to suggest that. =)

  3. Hey Jolene =) Post up your wedding pics asap ok! Hee. I'm sure you look stunning!! Btw the way the MUA style your hubby's hair looks good leh.

    And looking @ the pics during the happy times, i'm sure it will be back soon =)

  4. Hi Jo, though I hav been missing in action for quite some time, i do keep myself updated by reading your blog.

    Simply love your look for the PS!! Love your blue gown to bits! You look so nice in it! Yeah, and KH's hair is so well done. Simply looks like an idol. Can't wait to see all your photos man!

    I bought a copy of the Sunday Times after seeing that Char's news will be published. Not much has been mentioned and I'm glad their privacy has been protected. You have been a wonderfully helpful and loving godma to Char. Totally inspirational.

    May all things beautiful and gentle come Char's family and your way.
    - WY

  5. Hi June,

    Hehe... must wait till mid or end May then can post up. I also wanna get them asap leh. Can't wait!

    I also think kh's hair for the EG shots look damn good but he doesn't like it! All the other shots he requested to comb back to his original hair. He got no taste wan la. Ha..

    Thanx for believing! The power of believing is really unexplanable but it works. =)

    BTW, can you log into LD these 2 nights? I can't.


    Hi WY,

    Yes! You are such a xi ke here. Alwiz love reading an outta-the-blue-comment from you.

    Thanx for the compliments. Unfortunately I lost too much weight recently so the blue gown shots we saw from WL all dun look very appealing. =( I agree with the idol thingy. How I wish he would groom himself more.

    Yup, it was only 2 paragraphs of the whole article. Other people around me thought it was too short and forgetable. However, cyn and I were glad coz it's almost invisible which was what we wanted in the 1st place. =) No la, I'm merely doing what I can as a good friend and a godma. There are many wonderful pple around cyn who have been helping in all sorts of ways too.

    Thank you! That's really very sweet. Please keep char in your thoughts.


  6. Hi Jolene, i'm always logged in for my LD a/c so i'm not sure. But so far, no problem leh.

    Oh ya, you mention your hubby request to comb back to his original hairstyle for other shots! Did he? Should do something different for photoshoot mah =) Morever it's looks good! Hee

  7. Hey June,

    I still can't log into LD just now. I dunno why. If you are in the forum, can help me see if other people did experience the same problem? Thanx! =)

    Haiya... kh only spotted tt "idol look" for EG. He had different hairstyle for other shots. I'll make sure I force him to look at what you said. Hahaha!

  8. Aiyoh.... Haha! Don't force him to read my comments lah *giggle*

    Later he will say "next time don't approve anymore comments from this June ah!!". Haha

  9. Hmmmm... Is ";p" from u or ur hubby?? Haha.

    Anyway have a great weekend!

  10. Oopsy... It's actually from me. He haven't read here as he doesn't frequent my blog. I told him and he was sniggering. Haha...

  11. Eh..i never ask to comb back to my "original" hairstyle hor..juz ask her not to comb soooooo high up. Next time dun approve anymore comments from this june ah!! =P except for the complimentary ones..hehe..

  12. Comb not so high become your original hairstyle liao lor. K la become your original hairstyle when you bother to groom. =P

    Ignore him. He's being notti here. =)

  13. Aiyoh... Mr KH ah... I meant it as a compliment leh! =)

    Morever you are not bad looking wor & wedding is once in a lifetime event, do something different for the hairstyle mah!! Hee

    Jolene - remember to get him comb high high ah!! Wahahaha

  14. Hahaha... comb higher like bird nest.

  15. Not a bad idea wor! Hee.

    Like "Ka Li Pok" - Elvis kind of hairstyle... =)

    Oops... Will KH really bane my comments?? Haha

  16. Hi Jo,
    Came across your blog and enjoyed ur entries on e wedding prep! I'm a WL bride too n just had a photoshoot session this wk. Will b choosing photos in less than 2 wks... cld I find out more about ur photos package in e end? I have a feeling I'll end up wanting to get a lot more photos and wanna avoid having to pay a super high price for it :-)

    Sherine (

  17. Hi Sponge/ Sherine,

    You've got mail!


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