Friday, March 20, 2009

Being contacted by The Straits Times

Well, a handful of you may have heard that a reporter from the Straits Times emailed me on Wednesday requesting for an interview with Cynthia and me on internet activism with regards to Charmaine's story.

I was really surprised by the email as I had not expected Charmaine's blog to catch the attention of someone from the Straits Times.

Let's call the reporter G.

The focus would be on how people are using the internet to further their causes. G thought it would be great to get Charmaine's story out there and hopefully get the donations in. She would be featuring the article this coming Sunday.

I know that Cynthia doesn't want Charmaine's case to be brought to the national scale and subject Charmaine in the media limelight. I personally didn't want to make this matter public on local newspapers as well despite many well-intentioned people advising me to. We don't want the publicity and we need some privacy too. Hence, Cynthia and I had a mini discussion and sent a rejection email to G.

Imagine my shock when G replied the next day that her editor really likes Charmaine's story so they would still be going ahead to publish it as part of the internet activism "package". Therefore, getting our input would really make the whole picture clearer. The package also includes other examples of internet activism in Singapore.

G was nice about the whole thing and apologised for any inconvenience caused. As a reporter, it's her job to report things that she hear about.

She advised me to reconsider her interview request and provided her number.

Since Charmaine's blog is gonna be publicised anyway w/o our interview, we decided to let our voices be heard this time round. We wanted to ensure that the information reported would be accurate.

Before the telephone interview, I finally understood how celebrities feel when they get misquoted in articles. Oh no, did I just inflate my status? Most of you should know that I'm merely giving an example. I was really afraid of my words being misinterpreted and bringing trouble to Cynthia.

I'm glad all is over. I think I did ok. We shall wait for this Sunday's Straits Times to arrive at our doorstep.

Sheesh... my bridal photoshoot is in a few hour's time. I've settled all the important stuff for today. Now to settle bimbotic stuff like puting on my face mask, packing my stuff for tmr etc etc.

PS: This post is full of grammatical and speeling error... Speeling? My gawd! See what I mean.

Feisty Char needs bullets to fight!


  1. No wonder u took off ur posb a/c on char's blog. i've said before tis fundraising stuff u've is ILLEGAL. And those defensive words u said i hope ST publish them as well. Maybe part of d article serves as a warning not to donate blindly!

  2. This news should be posted on char's blog!

  3. Erm...anon #1 who are you? Since when have you said that the fundraising stuff is illegal? On this blog? On Char's blog? Or maybe some random blogs???

    Anyway, I don't really understand which "defensive words" of jolene you meant. Heck! I don't really understand what YOUR comment meant and YOUR intention at all. Oh yah..and just FYI..if you still don't know why the POSB a/c on char's blog was taken off, please kindly take some time to read char's blog before you post irrelevant comments on jolene's personal blog!!

  4. Some people jus like to create trouble and hide behind a mask called Anonymous.. What a coward...

    Dun know what's ur issue now. U are not happy because u think it's illegal? Or u still think it's a scam? What defensive words did Jolene say? Or your small ego is hurt cause u know wrongly accuse Jolene?

    Go buy the papers this Sunday and read it for urself and take some time 2 reflect on ur actions and words.

    If you have the time to write rubbish please take some time to read the blog carefully before spurting rubbish.

    Donate blindly? Think u are the blind one for not being able to read the content of the blog!

    Post comments on Char's blog? To show ur stupidity and childishness again?


  5. Definition: Internet activism is the use of communication technologies such as e-mail, web sites, and podcasts for various forms of activism to enable faster communications by citizen movements and deliver a message to a large audience.

    Singlish: Aiyo, to go online and type type type to tell people sth, let them know. Go online type type is faster, then more people will know as more people come here and read.

    My thinking: I think hor, got good and bad.. cuz hor, some people understand chim words den they noe wad happening (but me, i have to go google type type to see what is internet activism, psps.. very chim for me la), but hor, some people maybe dunno how ar... so talk to the person easier? like me.. I think I muz call Jo to ask her, like that easier la, she can singlish it to me so I can understand. I ben ben ma...

    Psps.. I am just being bo liao.. VEry stressed at work with only few hours of slp in between... Please understand I am only joking.. lalala..

    Bimbo stuff: Jo Jo... I grew sideways.. cuz I can't stop eating cuz I am stressed at work. SOb, how to be your slim jie mei in time.. lolz. Oh no.. This is the internet and I let it known that I grew sideways, so ps, I cannot leave name.. I coward ma... So scared scared pple know it's me.

  6. I also don't understand anon's intention. I think he/she always doesn't read carefully before posting dispensable comments.

    All the facts and information have been presented very clearly on ourfeistyprincess. My personal thoughts and updates here have been very open too.

    Strangers who stumbled here could even understand empathise with the whole situation.

    From the the content of his/ her comments, we could see that he/ she clearly doesn't bother to read and probably feels good launching a personal attack under the veil of anonimity.

    I think it is inescapably clear that it enjoys doing such stuff on the internet.

    I approved the comments since there is nothing to hide at all.

    ANONYMOUS, I strongly advise you to read and understand the situation, the truth, the facts before you post any inessential comments here on my personal blog.

  7. Oh BTW peeps, the 2 anonymous up there are the same person.


    Even on ourfeistyprincess, there have been similar cases.

    Schizo? Multiple personalities? Too much time on their hands? I've decided to be kind enough not to embarrass them.


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