Sunday, March 08, 2009

Rings... Blings... Shoes... & who to Choose

I've stopped my photo-story updates of events from end of December and I really dunno when I could start updating again. December, January, February and now March... It keeps snowballing.

Meanwhile, here are some wedding prep updates which some of you were asking for...

What lies inside???

Roman inspired wedding bands designed by Ling.

Mine is white diamonds set in rose gold while his is black diamonds. His is custom-made and he would be the only one in the world with this unique design as for now.

I cannot help but keep opening the box and taking peeps of the rings every now and then.


My shoe loots from Anna Nucci 2 weeks ago...

I can't capture the colour well but it's rose gold.

These are not my bridal shoes. I bought them coz that was the first time I come across shoes in rose gold and at only $20+, I would be a fool not to buy them. Certainly don't look its price.

These are my bridal shoes.

I simply love the rows of blings which are hand-sewn. Can bring it back to fix if any of the crystal drops as there is a life-time warranty. It's the most comfy 4.5-inch (or is it 5?) ever! I'm really elated to get my bridal shoes at slightly less than $100 as before that, I was prepared to pay a few hundreds for a good, comfy pair.

I don't want to trip and fall on my wedding day, you know?


kh and I are in a dilemma. Who should we choose for our AD wedding photographer?

Charles or Gideon?

Both photo styles are almost the same. Both packages are almost the same.

Charles is a personal friend of 2 good friends who don't know each other. Both strongly recommended him. I love his photo story projects. Even though he doesn't specialise in wedding photog, his wedding portfolio convinced us that he would make a good choice.

Charles would be asking another photographer along to capture more candid shots at more angles. Both kh and I feel that this is a good arrangement as we would definitely not miss capturing any precious moments. The additional photographer may take posed shots every now and then while Charles continues his photo journalism. Also, we would have one photog outside with the groom and 兄弟 with another photog inside the house with the 姐妹 during gatecrashing. There would sure be lots of fun shots!

Charles, being recommended by personal friends would of course be more flexible. He's such a great guy. We really enjoyed talking to him.

Gideon works alone but assures us that he never fails to capture all the fleeting moments. He would also take posed shots whenever people require him to. Gideon isn't a friend and so have to maintain a professional distance. However, he is still affable and cute. AND... he's so damn shuai! I tell you ah. I refused to show kh any photos of him on his blog or on Facebook coz I don't think he look as good in those photos as compared to in real life. I wanted kh to see the real him.

After we stepped outta Gideon's studio, I asked kh, "So, how do you find Gideon?"

Kh's unexpected reply was, "Woa... he damn shuai leh. I can't stop looking at him."

Kh seldom say people shuai wan. So I told kh to be his gay buddy. Wahahahaha...

Gideon is not drop dead gorgeous but there is this element in him that draws people to him. The tanned tanned cute cute kind. Plus the fact that he's very friendly. I kept gushing over how cute he is tt kh buay tahan me and jokingly said, "Ok la ok la... You go and marry him la."

Hahaha... Gush over cuteness cannot meh?

BTW, it's weird that Gideon knows of Charles and Charles doesn't know of Gideon. Gideon is pretty well-known. I think Charles has retreated so much from the wedding field that he doesn't even need to know his competitors.

[Edited to add: Charles went to find out who Gideon is and realised he knew of him but not by name. Charles also told us we would be in good hands if we choose Gideon. Ha.. so humble.]

Since style and pricing almost the same, should we choose friendly Charles or cute cute Gideon?


  1. very pretty.. esp the wedding bands :)

  2. THANX babe! Wow! What a coincidence. I was just editing this post and I refreshed and saw a comment awaiting approval.

  3. the shuai wan!! and btw.. i think the jie meis need a good photographer to tag along MOST of the time.. lolz... *wink


  4. Pretty wedding bangs! I love your wedding shoes too! It's very nice!

    Haha good luck thinking about which PG to engage!!

  5. Dear Jolene,

    The wedding bands are gorgeous & unique! =)

  6. Sweet.. I saw the footprint of a bo liao n ben ben person.. lolz.. *bash ben ben up down

    And then there was silent...

    Psps.. I am just being bo liao.. Think can pass off as "child-like innocence"? Sigh.. I am too old and intelligent for that right.. lol
    *bash myself up down also..

    Anw.. I really really like the song... Your blog mentioned itz "kimi wo sagashiteta"? I cant find it online lea.. link to prince of tennis instead but doesnt sound like the song here.. can send me? =)

    take care, sweet..


    “Please all, and you will please none.” ~From Aesop's Fables: The Man, The Boy, and The Donkey

  7. sweet and nice! :D and i've updated my blog!! :D

  8. Schizo Bimbo Zanne,

    Ooi… you contradict. You want shuai 1… but shuai 1 means only 1 photographer then how to alwiz stick to jie meis? Unless of coz you want shuai 1 to stick to jie meis and not snap anything else. Haha…

    My friend got lobang for Lighted Pixel coz 1 of the photog is her personal friend. LP used to be my dream AD photography but at a whooping 4+k! Their shots, angles, capture the moments style is what I really dig!

    BTW, Jase and Charmaine also featured inside when cyn’s cousin used them as ring bearers and hired LP.

    However, I think I’ll just stick to my 2 shortlisted ones. Very nice styles too.

    Hope you like the midi kimi and real singing kimi I sent via email. Don’t you think the singing 1 is damn nice??? And do scan for me that bubbly champagne pix asap!

    *MUAXxx back*


    Reg, June & deedee,

    Thanx, thanx and thanx! I really like them a lot too. =)

  9. Hi, I chanced upon your website and really support your cause for Charmaine.I'm a photographer and you can contact me if there's anything i can do for the little girl foc. Good luck with the wedding and i loved the rings. You are welcomed to take a look at my website at
    All the best, I know wedding planning is a big thing. Cheers,

  10. Hi Regina,

    My blog is really that easy to find? =( Nice to hear from strangers who genuinely care.

    I saw your website. It's beautifully done! Oh my!!! Love your monochrome shots which doesn't even look like they're taken in Singapore. But as a Singaporean, we know where these places are.

    Thank you for the kind thoughts. I'll let Cynthia know about this too.

    Cya around!

  11. hi there!

    Bimbo Zanne is absolutely right! I vote for the shuai one too! haha!

    Enjoy your wedding preps!

    Bimbo Xtina

  12. Very very pretty rings and shoes! The rings are really unique. Designer means very expensive? If you don't mind, can say how much? Next time next time I will remember to go to ling. ^_^

  13. Hello rainedew aka Jolene,

    I am from Les Dames Forum. Your bands are absolutely gorgeous. Do you mind revealing the price? I'm considering Ling Jewellery after looking at Style Weddings and your bands. The bands look really expensive and I read that Ling design wedding bands herself. I hope that it would be within my budget. Did you enjoy any promotion from dbs?

  14. Bimbo Xtina,

    Okie! My jie meis' wishes would be taken very seriously. Wahahaha...

    I will try to enjoy. This coming week would be hectic. I wonder how to squeeze all the prep before the photoshoot on Friday.

    *BiG HugZ*



    Thanx for the compliments. Actually it's not too ex considering it's sorta "designer". It's half the price of Cartier. I won't reveal the exact price here for Ling threw in quite a bit of discount and free engraving for one ring and the box case. Plus using DBS card (I think) to pay, the whole thing totalled to slightly more than 2k which is defintely within our wedding bands budget.


    Anonymous from Les Dames,

    Hey, actually you can leave your nickname used in LD or pm me. For the price, refer to my reply above. =) Is it within your budget? I THINK we used DBS card to pay... I forgot which card but the one which had the offer tied to Ling Jewellery. There are a range of wedding bands available and not all are designed by Ling. Those by her are indeed beautiful!

    Do consider Ling. We're very satisfied customers of her.

  15. Copied and pasted from tagbox for remembrance

    10 Mar 09, 23:49
    viv: gal, i think your rings are really beautiful - though I personally would not need a unique ring if when i get married, but u deserve to feel unique the way u want to!

    10 Mar 09, 23:50
    viv: No time to chat with u in office lately - but pls take care of your healthy - u need to be healthly to accomplish more things for yourself and others! Ganbate!

    11 Mar 09, 03:12
    Jo to viv: Hahaha... Ya lor... U were so quiet these few days. i think I sick also noisier than you. Thanx thanx... I am taking care liao. Can't afford to be DOWN. Ok tt said, I shld go slp now!



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