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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When the boys gathered at Brewerkz

Back to updating backdated entries.


On a lovely Sunday afternoon, kh's colleague decided to arrange an impromptu meet up that evening as one of his colleague-friend was back in Singapore for a few days. Very quickly, everyone was informed and even though we were only informed a few hours before, it was such a coincidence that all could make it that evening. The boys unanimously agreed that wives and kids could go along too.

We met up at Brewerkz Riverside Point in the evening. It was a breezy day which was perfect for al fresco dining by the river.


"Occupying a prime location on the Singapore River at Riverside Point, the iconic full-service restaurant features high quality American-style food and a full range of premium beers handcrafted on-site from the microbrewery attached to the restaurant." -- Brewerkz

It was really funny when we separated ourselves into the boyz only and girls only zone at the table. It started because the boys kept talking about work and the common people they knew while some of us girls were already acquainted with one another and also started talking about anything under the stars. Hence, we decided to play musical chairs and shifted ourselves away from our spouses.

We had delectable snacks to share like humongous pork knuckle, potato skins with cheddar cheese bacon and ranch dressing for dipping, a trio combination of mozzarella, swiss and cheddar fried cheese sticks, buffalo wings and chilli cheese fries.


The boys had beer of course. I only had a little coz I had to prepare myself to be the driver just in case kh drank too much.


t.c and his wife brought their adorable kids along. The kids were asleep when they got here and when they woke up, they were so shy towards all of us and unsure about their surroundings.

t.s's son is such a cute boy! He was so enthralled by the Singapore River and the colourful lights under the blanket of night sky that greeted him. According to him, this was "Australia backyard build a city".


t.c and family relocated to Australia for a few years due to work and according to t.c's wife, their backyard had got a river and so her son thought that he was back in Australia, only with a "city" beyond the river. I loved the way he kept repeating Australia backyard build a city".

This was supposed to be a girls-only photo but SOMEBODY, somebody simply love spoiling pictures by photobombing.


I spoilt the girls-only picture by not looking at the camera.


It is quite unlikely that all of us would be able to gather so spontaneously the next time round and it was the guys, instead of the girls who actually suggested taking a group shot before parting.


Before leaving, everyone said, "We should do this more often!"

However according to experience usually when that line is uttered, it simply wouldn't happen. lol.



  1. I have never, ever seen beer served like that!

  2. It sounds like the girls only zone was more interesting that evening. Maybe that's why KH snuck into the photo...or maybe he's just such a proud hubby he wanted to be with you.

    The kids are very cute. The little girl reminds me of someone, but I can't think of who.

  3. My best singaporean friend Jolene,

    I can't eat that pork knuckle. You don't know how much I love Germany and everything German. Sausages, cars, everything I love. I can't stand their pork knuckle dishes it makes me want to throw up immediately. Im not a big fan of pork :(

    I dont understand why you have a second phone line dedicated to texts? Why, for work and personal purposes? It's cheaper to have that plan? My friend had a 7250i. He was singaporean too. He had it... almost 8 years ago LOL. Im sorta loyal to nokia but I didnt appreciate how their entire board of directors were basically engineers waiting to replace engineers as head of whatever. That's why they are in such bad shape now - because they refused to listen to anyone else and while the market headed towards a new direction (iphone and U.I.) they stuck around in the past.

  4. But Im so interested in the new Nokia Lumia 800/900 I almost want to buy one just to have a nokia phone again. Because youre right! The iphone battery isnt so great.

    My barber's assistant back when the nokia 8850 came out spent his entire month's salary to get that phone. It was crazy expensive but that's what was "in" at the time. I know some1 that preserved it too :S That's so funny hahahaha.

    I too wish you a happy birthday =D I hope all your dreams come true Jolene. Life is way too precious to be upset over daily things, even though Im often upset over it. Work... friends... etc. We just have to keep smiling and trying.

  5. PS-

    leen go is new year cake. What is it called in mandarin? It's made from lotus I think. It's brown. You cut pieces and fry them in a pan. You have carrot cake, taro cake, and the brown one. There's coconut flavoured leen go as well (it's white but same texture). Very very sticky.

    You don't need to get a twitter to know your friend turtle is kicking around :) I have whatsapp, imessage, gtalk. Although since we dont really know each other maybe twitter would be easier as you dont have to give private information.

    I admire how much time you spend editing pictures and adding text onto them. Even I don't have that much patience :S


  6. Mandy,
    At that point of time, it was the first time I saw beer served like that too. However recently, it has become quite a common sight. I think this trend of serving would soon catch up.


    Nah... kh is just annoying. LoL.


    My best HK friend, TURTLE. You are doing your virtual diarrhoea thingy again. =D

    I think you are one of those who find pork having a "porky" taste. I'm not particularly fond of pork knuckles too.

    Back when I was still in uni, I texted quite a lot and there was an sms plan which was really cheap and so I got another line. It stuck to me for the past 10 years coz many people had that number too and yeah, I was still texting quite a lot. Yes, last time Nokia was the ubiquitous handphone. Almost everyone had a nokia. Now it's the iPhone.

    I think I've to get an external battery pack for my iPhone. Even w/o constant texting and using of apps, games, books etc, my batt depletes very quickly.

    Talking about the 8850, it's antique! When I used that as my spare hp, so many of my colleague who walked past my desk had such nostalgic remark with most of them saying that was the phone which cost them $1000 or $900+ some 10 years back.

    Lol... you know my birthday post is super late right? So it's either you are wishing me late or advanced.

    I googled leen goh. I think it's nian gao. I'm not a very traditional person and I think it looks like our nian gao.

    Actually we could watsapp right? I don't mind! Nah, it's not too private la. Anything for my fave HK friend.

    As for the editing of photos. Actually it's really very fast to edit colour, contrast, text etc. It's the choosing of pictures to put into the various collages that took the most time.

  7. I did not know your birthday post is super late.... :( :( I guess I didn't read carefully enough!

    okay I asked my friend. leen goh is indeed nian gao LOL. I dont know what nian gao means but logically, probably leen goh. This year was the first time I had coconut flavour nian gao - I always bought the traditional kind before this.

    I am indeed one of those people who dislike "porky taste". It makes me gag! I also hate lamb (dunno if I told you this). The blood scent... YUCK!

    What type of external battery pack are you referring to for your iphone? Like a mophie juicepack? Ah Ive seen that at the store before. You are quite tech savvy! And do you usually use whatsapp or text with your friends more? I turned off all my sounds so I only see whatsapp messages when I open it. I dont want to bother u that's why.. whichever one you prefer, we can talk. Let me know.

  8. Turtle,
    WOW! I hate lamb too! I always say there's a "lamb lamb" taste. You have to utter that in the cutest tone ever. I cannot stand the strong taste of lamb chop. I am able to take mutton curry though. I reckon one is lamb and the other is sheep? I never could tell the difference.

    I'm not referring to mophie juicepack. That's like a bulky cover/ battery pack. I'm referring to those external ones. I'm not so sure how to describe.

    I'll drop you a mail soon!


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