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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Of late, I find the people around me being in various states of "emosity", being upset due to family, relationship, friendship problems, illness, feeling lost in life, death of loved ones etc.

It always helps to keep an open mind because more often than not, many of our problems are perceived as how our minds want them to be.

Besides keeping an open mind, keeping an open heart is just as important.

Many people stubbornly clam themselves up after some setbacks and refuse to think about their problems or any unpleasant situation in any other ways except the way which they want to see it. They sometimes blame the whole world for their problems without stopping to think whether they have any part in perpetuating the unpleasant situation as well.

To these people, sometimes I just want to grab their necks, shake them and yell at them, "WAKE UP YOUR DAMN IDEA!"

You will continue to sink and fall unless you keep your mind open. That's the first step towards helping yourself.

My mind isn't exactly in a tip top condition recently too and I was inspired to draw emo pictures just now. However, when I took up my pencil, I drew this and have been feeling better ever since.

I also tried using water and brush on these "water colour pencils" for the first time. The background isn't what I was expecting, the proportions are skewed but who cares, I felt better and that's all that matters.


  1. So true about keeping an open mind as well as keeping an open heart. I think for the most part when people lack a sense of self awareness, they shut down.

    Pretty sketch!

  2. Yes the more we think the more complicate it becomes. Just lie life.

  3. I love how the girl in your sketch is winking. *^_^* I agree w/ what you've said.

  4. Don't think too much? Too late, I already yelled at my wife for training the kids to think cereal milk is nasty. lol, jk, I only teased her about it!

    You're right, an open mind it critical and finding that balance between not creating problems and not ignoring real ones.

    I like your artwork, I wish I had some sort of talent like that.

  5. Jo, you can draw girl! I love it! Better than what I can do. HAHAHA People do need to keep an open mind regarding things. You just never know! I truly believe your situation is always subject to change. Hope all is well Jo! ((HUG))

  6. well said Jo :) I love your positivity! Whenever I feel stressed I tried to think of more positive things that keep me going :)

  7. Your drawing is really cute Jo! I hope you're feeling better about whatever it was that got you down in the dumps. Things will get better with time :)

    I couldn't agree more with what you said though about keeping an open mind and evaluating the situation. The first quote pretty much sums me up perfectly - I overthink and overanalyze everything, so I always blow things up into even bigger problems than they really are. It's a mindset I'm trying to slowly get rid of though :)

    I'm a big believer in destiny too; sometimes our problems are influenced by our own actions, but when they're not, I just accept it as fate and try to make the best of the situation. Sometimes things aren't meant to be, you know?

  8. rolala,
    Thank you for your comment. Yes, it's true that many people shut down and this makes matters worse. Btw, Welcome here. I love seeing new people around. =)


    That's really true. It's quite difficult not to think too much at times so this must be done progressively.


    Shop N' Chomp,
    That's a cute thing to like!


    You are the only normal person around who drinks the cereal milk in the family? Gosh, I must go round interviewing people too. We might just be the abnormal ones who drink cereal milk.

    "not creating problems and not ignoring real ones"
    Some do the exact opposite!


    Thank you dear.
    True, you just never know. Sometimes a problem or situation is only as bad as the mind perceives it to be.


    Nic Nic,
    Same! That keeps me going but I must admit that there there the down in the dumps portion too before the positiveness attempts to take over.


    I try to keep positive but I must admit that there there the down in the dumps portion too before the positiveness attempts to take over. Don't worry, after a period of time, I'm bouncing back. Just hope my Gemini split personality trait don't overrule at this time. lol

    "I overthink and overanalyze everything, so I always blow things up into even bigger problems than they really are. It's a mindset I'm trying to slowly get rid of though"
    Many people do that too but they do not realise. I would also do that too. It's a good thing we belong to the group who realise and try to do something about it.

  9. Very well said and so true Jo. What a positive way to think. I wish i could do this everytime but i often freak out. Not good..not good.

  10. Nelah,
    At least you realised it! That's a really crucial step. That's good that's good!

  11. omgosh girl i love that drawing! i think you should do more!!!! i wish i can draw like that.

  12. Thank you Yvonne. I'm trying to draw more when I find the time. There's a lot of room for improvement. =)

  13. i like the first true! let's not worry to much =)
    and hey i find it sweet that you and your hubby got beer batter for dinner because of my blog post! yey! i wanna have some again on Sunday..=)

  14. Macy,
    Hehe... All thanks to you for giving me the craving!


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