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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Duh Moments

This video features a series of "Duh Moments" or in local slang, "Abuden Moments" when people ask questions that state the obvious.

My favourite abuden moment from my favourite auntie in the video.

Boy: Hi Auntie! Watering plants ah?
Auntie: No la, I'm bathing the caterpillars.


Do you have such moments as well? I tend to ask obvious questions too. I guess that in our Asian culture, it's only polite at times to start a conversation in that manner.

On the other side of the coin, I'm also always caught in the receiving end of Abuden moments and sometimes I can't help replying in jest to people I know who can take jokes.


Scenario: Upon seeing that my hair is shorter

Friend A: Eh! You cut hair ah?
Me: No. Actually I went to the salon to lengthen it.


Scenario: Eating lunch

Friendly elder: 吃饭呵?
Me: 没有啦。我在吃面。


Scenario: Upon seeing that I'm back

Hubby: Oh, you are back?
Me: No la. You are just seeing a doppelganger of myself.


  1. These were great!! I think every place has these, you have to laugh at them really! Some are worse than others :) Thank you for your super sweet compliments, made me smile today!! Really very kind of you..I hope you are having a wonderful week so far doll!! BIG hug from me to you!! xx

  2. I wonder if this is more common in Asian population because i too tend to ask or answer something like that . Bathing the caterpillars answer cracks me up-a good one.

  3. Funny girl! Once in a while I misunderstand a question one person asks of another person (not me). I'll think it's a real question when really the person is teasing. It doesn't happen often.

    Thanks for the sweet comment. =)

  4. HAHA...I know exactly the questions you are talking about! Every Asian parent will ask if you've eaten!

  5. Haha this was a pretty entertaining video. I think this is sooo common amongst Asian people. It used to be so aggravating when I was younger and I lived at home with my parents. Whenever I came home from school my mom would say "Oh you're home?" Personally I do it sometimes too, just to break the silence and/or start up a conversation :P I love your retort to the eating lunch one btw xDD

  6. Thanks for all your sharing and comments. I enjoyed reading them. =D

  7. I remember my friend used to answer the question after she got her hair cut: "no, I grew it shorter" ;p


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