Monday, January 17, 2011

Honeymooning at Maldives Now

YEessssss! We're on our so-called honeymoon after so long at a place called "heaven" which exists in the form of Maldives. Why do I say "so-called"? Coz I've always wanted Europe for our honeymoon destination. Everything was rather impromptu. We only booked for this holiday last Saturday.

Well, it started off with the hubby declaring to me that he's gonna take a whole week's leave in January. The conversation went something like this:

"I'm going to take one week's leave in January. If you can take leave, we go overseas. If you cannot, I also dun care, I'm still going to take my leave. I won't bother about you anymore. I'll go to MALDIVES!"

The last line was uttered in a sing-song manner.

Kh was getting quite fed up with my schedule and how everything is always planned around work. With that, I decided that we should go on a trip and work everything towards and around it. Hence, I told him to go ahead and book a trip so that I would have the impetus to work harder to fnish whatever I can since I've a goal to work towards to.

He was set on Maldives as his friend recently returned from there and was telling him about how everyone should go there once in their lifetime.

That said, we're here in heaven and since there's wifi in "heaven", I am leaving you with 2 videos which depict how our heaven on earth looks like.

Please forgive my annoyingly amateurish commentator voice-over.

Good nite for now! We've got a 9am scuba diving exploration tomorrow!


  1. wow!! I had to choose betw Maldives and NZ for my honeymoon. And I couldn't make up my mind initially (though eventually we went NZ).

    Looks like a heavenly place. I will definitely want to visit Maldives someday.

    Have lots of fun and love. Hugs. Happy Sweet sweet Mooning :)

  2. Thanx babe! Maldives is beautiful but NZ is too! And I remember seeing that you had a great honeymoon. You could plan an anniversary trip to maldives! Oh, but will get quite chao ta. My limbs are very tanned now.

  3. That's an amazing location, but he wouldn't have enjoyed it without you and I know he was only teasing about going alone. Now he has the best of all possibilities--you with him. =)

    Have a great time together.

  4. O-M-G Maldives looks GORGEOUS! How come the States doesn't have anything remotely close to this!? =( So sad. I wish I could go there some day... [some day soon I hope].

    Hope you guys are having a wonderful "so-called honeymoon". It is such a romantic setting. =]
    Get off blogging and go enjoy your getaway with your hubby! I really liked the tour of your room. I am going to have to ask Maldives to my list of places I must visit in my life time.

    <3 S.

  5. wow that looks sooo pretty, the color of the ocean and the sand... soo nice!

  6. and thanks so much for your comment! my 2nd degree burn on my hand is much better now, I just hope it won't scar too bad!

  7. RicAdeMus,

    You should go to the Maldives one day with your wife when the kids are all grown up. Actually, it needn't have to be when the kids are grown up. The people there are mostly young Japanese and Korean couples on their honeymoon but I spotted this lovely old Caucasian man and lady enjoying their meals together in leisure, strolling hand in hand along the beach and wearing their swimming suits over their old and wrinkley skin and they look like the most perfect couple in the whole resort! There are 2 other caucasian families too. Their kids are of school going age.

  8. serenadeveryday,

    You're finally back again! You should go Maldives one day. They have so many islands and a range of resorts. The staff at our resort said even the 3 star resorts are very beautiful and each of the island have their own unique beauty and not one resort is better than the other coz it's simply too difficult to compare. You can plan a getaway to the Maldives when you've got the time.

  9. Pop Champagne,

    I love how the ocean has different shades of blue since they're all atoll islands with lagoons and coral reefs amidst the Indian Ocean. The sand is so soft and lovely and what I like about Maldives is that isn't all about expensive resorts and beautiful beaches. I like how they are really into going green and being so eco-friendly too.

    My burn scar was quite visible for a long time but now I could barely see it. Yours will be fine too.

  10. How good is Maldives for scuba diving? Well, none of the divers can actually tell which is the best dive point or reef in the Maldives, because its too many. That's how good Maldives is for diving. thanks

  11. Are you asking a question, making a point or advertising?

  12. that is SO nice!!! it's so unique that you're living above water!!! =DDDD the water is so pretty! haha I like how your hubby was splashing water at you while you film... XD Are you back to Singapore yet? can't wait to read abt the rest of your trip =D

  13. Yup! I'm back in sg on Saturday. I've to constantly tell myself "Welcome back to Earth". =D

  14. Maldives is Heaven on Earth. Never been there, but love the pics that I have seen so far.

    Another place to try is Bora Bora, in Taihiti (not sure where that is). Was watching Bachelorette 6 on TV and saw that lovely place.

    Must... work... hard... and save up.

    Enjoy your sweet sweet Honeymoon, Jo!

  15. Shingo T,

    You must go there one day with your wifey! It's really worth it to just relax and soak in the serenity. There're lots of activities to do there too so time passes quite quickly.

    Bora Bora sounds so familiar. Our villa had got lots of free movies so we caught one called Couple's Retreat and the location was shot on Bora Bora island. It reminded us so much of Maldives that I went to check out wiki and know of that place!

  16. M,

    Thanx! I appreciate that someone loves my annoying voice. LoLz


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