Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bags packed...

[Picture credit: atoll paradise]


  1. no way! is this for your honey moon finally?!?!! =D hope you have a fabulous vacation!!!

  2. Wow, where is this resort? Looks really nice. Enjoy your vacation, Jo! And hope you settled your bah kuh teh craving before going over, haha.

    the bah kuh teh I tried in Johor was the black one. It doesn't taste of herb, and it is not pepperish, but it is very nice in its own way. But personally, I prefer Singapore's clearish version - I love the taste of pepper. ^_^

  3. Frances,
    YES!!! Like finally right? Haha... It was rather impromptu... planned only last week. Thanx babe!


    That's what everyone says! Haha... I think I could have made myself sound like a slave before that for everyone to say that.


    It's at Maldives. Will upload some videos to share to my next post. I used to like the herbal taste of the black one but I also love the peppery white one and I find myself liking the latter more now.



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