Saturday, January 01, 2011


Happy 1-1-11 to all of you!

May 2011 be filled with lots of fun and laughter.

[I'm aware that I've used this pic a few times. This pic is taken by me at NYC RMH.]

I've got no idea why the brand new year always ushers in the questions on what one's resolutions are and the impetus for people to set them.

For me, I always think in terms of periodic goals rather than resolutions for the year. I would continue to live by my favourite mantra -- live, love, laugh as it is all encompassing.

I would also strive to achieve as much of these wishes, dreams and goals which I drew a few months back.

There are the ups and downs in 2011. Reading my blog, looking at my pictures, looking at my Facebook albums and status, one always gets the impression that I lead an extremely happy life.

I probably do. I try not to sweat the small stuff. Whenever I'm unhappy, I brood for a while, I cry, I solve them if they really linger for longer than usual and try not to bother about them after some time. The hurt, the anger, the disappointment may surface every now and then but what really matters are the people who matter to me. The things that matter to me.

2010 had been a little of a bitch and an angel. But overall, it had been a great year.

I spent the last day of 2010 teaching my secondary classes in the day. The kids were great. We had lots of fun and laughter. I very much prefer to teach primary school kids but my students have been really a joy to teach, especially the sec 2s. Boy did they write such funny things for their resolutions!

Since it was a half day, I went for my Monsoon hair treatment appointment thereafter. I won it from the Watson's lucky draw (I think I spent way too much money at my favourite pharmacy) and the last day of redemption was 31st December 2010. I had been so busy trying to balance my life the whole of December that I left it till the very last day of the year to fix my appointment.

The free package consisted of a scalp and hair treatment and a neck, shoulder and back massage which was worth $249. I had a relaxing time there, not thinking about anything else but to relax and enjoy. My scalp felt clean, my hair was soft and silky and best of all, the masseuse was from China and he could really knead all the knots loose from the aches and pains suffered from my bad posture at work and my recent lower back problem. I felt really light after the whole treatment.


After that, it was simple dinner at Waraku with tiff and gera. We laughed so loudly, I thought all the people around us might have hated us to our guts.

Then, we agreed we should spend the last moments of 2010 cozying up at home with a good book.

Gera had Murakami, Tiff had Catch 22 while Jo had Never Hit a Jellyfish with a Spade by Guy Browning.

Guy Browning's deadpan British humour... What a way to start the new year!


How did you spend the last day of 2010?

Are you the sort who makes resolutions?

What are your resolutions?


  1. The massage sounds heavenly! I'm not really the type to make resolutions or measure my life versus the calendar. Someday that may catch up to me--"What! I'm xx years old and still haven't done xx!!!" but I'll be surprised if that happens.

    I hope 2011 is a year of health and happiness for you and your family.

  2. Spent the last day of the year mainly at home doing housework, and spent the night eating vegetarian dinner with some of my friends, and did the countdown at my home. Your one more happening. ^_^

    I make resolutions every year. From experience, I learnt not to make too many resolutions - better to focus on a few and succeed, than write too much and end up failing most of it.

    Re your comments:
    "Europe without a tour is fine. The reason why we went chose a tour is because for Honeymoon, the last thing you want is screwups in the hotel booking, getting lost etc... which may ruin the Honeymoon. And in case you are wondering, we spent a total of S$13K on a 19 days trip. But rates are better now, so you should be paying alot less."

    Smile! ^_^

  3. Rick

    Good for you!

    "He who breaks a resolution is a weakling; He who makes one is a fool." ~ F.M. Knowles

    You'll neither be the weakling or the fool then. =D



    Thanx for sharing. It's always nice to get to know more about my fellow blogger friends. Your day isn't unhappening at all! I think it's simple and heartwarming to spend it with loved ones quietly. =)

    I think 13K for 19 days isn't too bad at all. Sigh... I'm worried that if I go for a trip this January (not Europe definitely coz no time to plan itinerary), we would be left with a lot less money for Europe. My shopping bubble thought just burst. Hubby is thinking of Maldives.

  4. Haha, you are very sweet, but I have confidence I can find another way to be a fool this year.

    Or maybe just goofy! =)

  5. You WILL be goofy. I'm sure of that! Haha...

  6. Lol would you like to share some of the resolutions your students wrote? LOL!

    Congrats of winning the draw!!! =D that's SO awesome, I've never won anything in my life XD but then I consider myself a very lucky person so not having that kind of luck doesn't ever bother me XD

    Lol for some reason this year I didn't get the whole "new year" feeling? maybe it's because I'm out of school so there's no finishing one term/winter break/new year/start another term. lol. I remember being extremely tired that day but friends forced me out so I spent it in karaoke XD we didn't even count down and by the time we realized it was new year, it was nearly 1am, how sad XD

    hm I did make some resolutions but I started them before new year's XD why wait till new year you know? lol! ah my list is toooooo long... but one of them includes doing dishes every day O_O

  7. Thanx for sharing your resolutions and how you spent your new year's eve and 2011. It's great fun to hear other people's resolutions and stories. I think it's ok not to countdown. After all, it's just the dawn of another day.

    I may just share my students' resolution here or maybe on a new blog I intend to create with my colleagues on our students' works.


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