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Friday, March 28, 2008

From Farfinette FarfinART to Tadashi Harada MorbidART

Walking along CK Tang one day, I was greeted by huge Fafi graffiti on the glass walls. It was then I realised that M.A.C has collaborated with Fafi for a launch of its new products. Now, I’m considering buying some M.A.C cosmetics just cos I like Fafi illustrations.

I did a draft write up on Fafi art 2 years back, together with all other artists’ works I adore. However, the comp crashed and since then, I was too lazy to redo another write up till now.

Fafi is an amazing graffiti artist! I love Fafi illustrations for its boldness and vibrant colours. I love the Farfinette characters for their sultry and sexy pout.

Cute, sweet and outrageous all at once, these female characters certainly stretches the boundaries of femininity and gender stereotypes.

Some nuggets about the artist (adapted and condensed from the official website):

Born and raised in Toulouse France, Fafi's strong presence in the street arts and fine arts scene was first witnessed on her hometown walls in 1994 against the backdrop of the vibrant local graffiti scene.

Back then, she was creating her sexy, sassy and outrageous girl characters called the Fafinettes which soon became her trademark. Her paintings caught the eye of many and very soon helped kick-start a whole new graphic language with its exploration of feminity through subversive stereotypes. Using it to her advantage, she drew enormous attention and thus started to travel the world with thousands of Fafinettes in her brushes and paint cans. Europe, USA, Japan, Hong-Kong… the planet is a playground.

Soon enough Sony would ask her to design a six-character toy set for the Time Capsules collection, an almost natural move for her three-dimensional measures. Other successful figurines would follow, as well as numerous expositions and collaborations with Colette, Adidas, LeSportSac, Coca-Cola and countless press stories in the most prestigious magazines (ie. Vogue, Elle, The Face, XLR8R, Yen etc...) and most recently M.A.C.

Her multi-faceted work was all documented in her books GIRLS ROCK (2003) and LOVE AND FAFINESS (2006), both being also successful prints in museum libraries and selected shops.

As for 2007, Fafi entered a new phase. Having become a mother and moving to Paris made her introduce a new depth to her creations. Now not only the Fafinettes are fly girls, they also run a whole universe of creatures, homes and vehicles. It's called The Carmine Vault-- a dreamy and peculiar place filled with new characters as magical and diverse as the girls themselves.

I like fafi but not enough to paint my room like this...

One of my faves-- Victorian-looking fafi which is something different from the usual...

[Picture credits: Fafi]


Totally bowled over by last week's issue of Urban

These beautiful shoes caught my attention when it was lying face up atop the pile of newspapers, waiting to be sold to the garang guni man.

Patent pumps from Miu Miu

I almost thought they were porcelain figurines.

Last week’s issue of Urban featured a smorgasbord of to-die-for shoes and fashion pages to usher in the Singapore Fashion Festival.

A Splash of Fashion and Colours exhibition

I wanna check it out but it’s all the way at Central Mall

Hopping from fafi cuteness to deathly moroseness is this exhibition which I wasn’t in time for.

Exhibition: Tadashi Harada Beauty Exhibition
Date: Mar 22-24.
Venue: Gallery, The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane

“Art doesn’t always come in conventional (read: boring) forms. Hair and make-up for instance (when executed creatively), can also count as art. The case in point is Tadashi Harada— an established hair and make-up artist from Shiseido who is a regular at New Fashion week. Harada has an ongoing exhibition in Japan, after which some of the pieces will arrive in Singapore, while the rest continue to be shown in other parts of Japan. Having worked with celebrities like Orlando Bloom, Maggie Q and Kenichi Matsuyama (of Death Note fame), Tadashi Harada is an automatic inductee into the beautician’s Hall of Fame (if there were one). Captured in stills, his hair and make-up creations introduce a new dimension to beauty. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese Devilman comics, Harada’s works have deliciously dark overtones and needless to say, piqued our curiosity.”

[Extracted and edited from]

Ghostly pale model… Long, ebony lashes… White electrified hair… This photo evokes a sense of death. Certainly dark and intriguing…

Deep in my soul, I’ve always had the penchant for morbid arts as they never fail to draw me to them. Like a seductress beckoning me to go over, I cannot explain my attraction towards them. It’s weird how I can like the oh-so-cheerful-and-colourful Care Bears yet be so drawn to morbid arts.

By the way, I've completed my butterflies page on my notebook some time back.

Will expand more on the other page when I've got the mood.

To anyone who care to reply, do you see my side background as plain ugly brown or maroonish with leaf prints?


  1. maroon w leaf prints too =) So sorry gal i am crazily busy for the past two weeks in Singapore! I am leaving again.... =( Willc atch up in end April?


  2. Dear Jolene,

    I see maroon with leafs too.

    Thanks to your blog, I'm always learning new things about art. The only art I know is in pri. school. The butterflies are beautiful. Black pen to draw?

    Anyway, I like the Asian couple for the wedding dress too. Trash the dress? I learn new things again.

    I'm so busy with work and school now. Do you have any tips on how to handle work and studies?


  3. Heya jess, char & yen,
    Thanx for answering!!! Seems like I'm the only one who sees it as plain ugly brown. Gotta refresh a few times before I see the maroon leaf prints.

    I whack kyu I tell u, I whack kyu.

    I dunno much about art too.. just tt I've got interest in it. Yeap I used black pen to ink the butterflies.

    You studying part time? Where? Haha.. what makes you wonder if I've got any tips? My tips would be to do positive thinking to help you tide over things which seem daunting and stressful.

    The mind is a powerful tool. All the best for juggling your work and studies. =)

  4. Dear Jolene,

    I forgot all about this. I'm studying as private candidate. It is very difficult to think positively but thanks for your suggestion. ^_^


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