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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Trash the Dress

If only I could trash my dress...

with paint…

in the sun, sand and sea…

among the fishes…

and amidst an enchanted place.

Isn’t trashing the dress like the coolest thing one could ever do to her wedding gown?

And finally, my favoritest favourite of all
Photo credit: Ideal Wedding

This gives me an enchanted forest feel and I like that the couple is Asian. =)

I know that many couples especially the brides would hold lots of dreams for their ideal weddings. Realising the dreams at all is another matter. Trashing the dress would be one of my many dreams.

Being saboed to dance at my wedding???

Well, I sure hope I can boogie as well as this couple featured here:

Must watch!!! Their "Baby Got Back" dance is cool to the max.

The video clip was featured on The Ellen Degeneres Show. She was appealing for the couple to contact her should they watch that segment. Lo and behold! They appeared in one of the episodes after that. Such good-looking and fun-loving couple!

"Baby Got Back" always reminds me of one episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Ross and Rachel were trying to get baby Emma to laugh.

all photo credits: Flickr


Replies to Tags

25 Feb 08, 20:37
dia: hey cousin! haaha. yeah see? i came by to read ur posts.
Dear cuz dia. Hahaha… I’m almost a month late in replying here! I’m just so bz and whenever I’m bo liao, I’m lazy. Pop by more often!

27 Feb 08, 14:35
jus: real nice, so long nv come, so many updates and pictureful! i like ur NZ slides...i just returned from NZ! coolness place!! luv it! =)
16 Mar 08, 02:05
jus: i have that ndp 1991 file too!! =)
Hey! Which part of NZ did you go? I really agree that it’s a great place. Cool in every sense of the word. It was summer when I went but the weather was shiok if not cold at times. Great loos too. Even those roadside toilets are so cool! BTW, I’m surprised you still have that NDP file!!!

4 Mar 08, 12:50
reg: hey girl, haven't popped by in a while!! When is your ROM???? So excited for you!
Hey hey hey! Sorry for the WOLS reply. I also dunno when leh. Kh is looking to do it b4 his industrial attachment in July but me thinks it’s quite soon. Really clueless about lotsa stuff. I’ll probably have to ask you more about your own ROM to get some ideas. Haha thanx thanx.. like my frenz are all more excited for me than I am for myself. Your blog always got cobwebs eh? I think mine’s gonna be like that soon.

9 Mar 08, 17:36
sherin: hey babe, cheer up! seems like ur staying on aint going be to good for u. its good to have a change of environment. for me, i'm leaving my co. too. after being there for 3 years.
i believe the change will do me good. more exposure. though i anticipate hard work and late nights, but i guess its all part of learning and growing up. hope you know what's best for you. smile !!
Ooh… by the time I reply to this. I do not dread work as much as that time. Still vvvvvvvv bz and can nvr finish my tasks but at least now I don’t feel as shitty as that time. I’ll hang on to see where the sails take me for now. Good to hear that you are moving on for your own good. Same field? More exposure, more hard work, more late nights but if there’s job satisfaction, it’s all worthwhile.

10 Mar 08, 11:20
tiffy: should have joined us for supper the other day. next time free join us. cheer up babe. life is looking good. share with me what job next time!
The other day really cannot la. Too rushed from tuition and had lotsa work to complete that night. I’ve rejected the 2nd interview for that job. Even though it pays well, I don’t think I’ll wanna sacrifice certain things.

11 Mar 08, 10:00
ly: Take care. I hope you will be all smiles soon.
Thank you.

15 Mar 08, 01:52
passerby: Harlow.. did you buy any perfume that you review? Is Anna Sui Secret Wish nice?
I bought Dior Addict 2 summer version in the end. My review for all the perfume is in that review post if that is how you got here. I find Secret Wish pleasant but not lasting. However, if I were to choose again, I would choose Secret Wish over Dior summer coz the summer one is so light that it lasts as long as till I step out of my house.

15 Mar 08, 17:41
geraldine: yo gal! the wellness centre indeed does have the product to flush out toxins and such.highly recomm it! wait till u try out.... jus sms me
15 Mar 08, 17:42
geraldine: i cmf u super shiok to the max ar!!!
21 Mar 08, 12:40
geraldine: jolie! i set up another blog for my itsy bitsy not trealted to fashion stuff its linked to my magic-room so i suggest u relink this ned blog and get rid of the multiply link.. ok? ok?
21 Mar 08, 12:41
geraldine: arrghh!! so many typo error!! i mean the new blog add is replace the multiply link wif this...
21 Mar 08, 12:42
geraldine: and MY MAGICROOM BLOG IS ACTIVE DO NOT try anything FUNNY lolx!!! im must b crazy and too bored ahahha!
Woa… u flood my tagboard. I can see you were really bored. Hahaha… when I read what you said about “i cmf u super shiok to the max ar!!!”, I immediately thought of VIAGARA! I really want those that can flush out WORMS not just normal flush toxins and detox. Your Multiply link got some memories to look back leh. I’ll edit the links once I get down to editing my template.

20 Mar 08, 00:56
GUESS WHO?: Ay! You forgot all about your blog huh? Stop playing Facebook. Faster update and reply to tags. HAHAHAHAHAHA You got fans here one you noe?
I cannot guess who leh… 1 of the bimbos? Sms me! I didn’t forget about my blog. I’m just too lazy to clear the cobwebs. Judging from the lack of activity here from both blogger and readers, I hereby declare that I’ve got no fans.


  1. Hi Jolene,
    I got to your homepage via google.
    I must say that your favorite photo is the best trash the dress shot I have seen so far.
    It's really unique and totally into the water which you can never get on search engines.
    The bride is beautiful.
    Do you know the couple personally?
    Asian women are beautiful and you are a beauty too.
    I hope you can realize your dreams of trashing your wedding dress.

  2. Hi,

    I agree with what you've said about how unique that photo is. I do not know the couple presonally. Well, I would love to know them!

    Thanx for taking the time to leave a lil comment. =)

  3. yos! i was in Auckland...then i drove south to Rotorua. i had wanted to go to Queenstown, but then was told that it would be a 7 hrs drive from Auckland!! ahhghz...too late to plan that for last few days so i skipped Queenstown!! nx time will go there if i go NZ again!!

    ur right about the roadside toilets...saw one in main city that was really cool! it has blinking lights to show that it is vacant and when u go in, the light goes into the red button to show its occupied!! cool tech, but somehow its a roadside toilet so it was rather stinky...but kudos to the tech design

    the ndp file...i have it coz i kept my result slips and certificate stuffs in it since young...haa

  4. Hey Justin,

    I haven't gotten down to viewing your nz photos on facebook. For the past week, I kept having error on all the pages that I was so sick of FB and didn't log in for days. Spent 2+hrs clearing the requests and yeah.. stil haven viewed your photos. *sheepish*

    I know what high tech loos you're talking about! I saw one of those at Christchurch! Oh there's also a high tech public loo by the roadside which has auto doors. Every 5 min, the flush would go and the door would open. Not good for pple taking the dumps. Luckily it wasn't me suffering from tummy upset.


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