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Monday, January 28, 2008

Cleaning up my mess

This year, I decided to be a little more ambitious in the spring cleaning of my room.

I decided to clean up the insides.

Every other years, I would merely pack up whatever space that is visible to the guests and shove all the knick knacks which usually occupied those spaces into drawers and cabinets and anywhere else with space. I would then give myself a pat on my back for being so neat.

However for this year, judging by the amount of junk I have on my table, I knew that there was no way my drawers were gonna accommodate them.

I took the whole night to pack but I've only cleared 3 drawers, 1 stationery tray and 1 shelf! Like really empty the contents, go through, dump into rubbish bags and recycling bags, wipe the interiors kinda stuff.

I still have 2 drawers, 2 cabinets, 5 shelves and the space under the tv to clear. Not to mention all my craftwork from previous co, scrap papers and materials, unsold leftovers from the flea market, gifts and presents from Teachers' Day and Christmas, luggage and boxes piled in the corner of the dining room. I really wonder where to store all these.

My room still looks as untidy as before if not more untidy but at least I know 3 of my drawers, 1 stationery tray and 1 shelf are neat.


Replies to tags

17 Jan 08, 00:46
viv: reading your latest blog entry...lucky my mum never ask why i sitting in front of the comp den now and then chuckle..and THANKS for snapping Guang Liang's poster.....haaaaa...:)
Hahaha… I can imagine your Dexter’s-sis-deedee-laughter lor. Which latest entry? That nearly get “bang” by bike one is not supposed to be funny hor.

17 Jan 08, 02:09
WONderBRAhaha: Jolene Jolene I really cant make out if you are really serious and scared bt de bike incident or being funny cos I still tink it's funny leh.
Hey, you have sucha punny-funny nick. *clap clap* I was being serious and I was really scared for a moment at that time. It wasn’t supposed to be funny. However I must say that after re-reading that entry again, I do see why.

19 Jan 08, 13:24
canny: hey gal, lucky u are alrite from that bicycle incident, i would have throw dagger stares at him too if i were u. So er xin... Anyway, do take care & may you have fun going shoppin for CNY clothings &goodies!! =) Dont overwork yah...
Hi babe, it seems like you’re the only one who didn’t say the bike-cycle incident was funny. Thanx for your concern. I managed to do my cny shopping liao! I cancelled on facial and tuition to do so. Hahaha… But I happy can liao. Bought sooooo many clothes. Doublee yay-ness.


  1. Hope you finish with your spring clean. Gong xi fa cai, xin nian kuai le to u Jolene. I won't be in Singapore so wish u first. May u collect lots lots hong pao. May life be good for u always!


  2. Hi babe! Happy cny to u too! Enjoy yourself and do take care!


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