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Friday, January 25, 2008

So... I finally opened my xmas gifts in January

Even when it comes to opening presents I'm such a procrastinator!

Not that much procrastination as till only now. This was supposed to be posted in the beginning of January.

Gifts from co xmas celebration

door gift

Gifts, cards and sweet treats from colleagues...

A very exquisite hand-made card from viv

Step 1: Open box. Lift tinsel.

Step 2: Slide tinsel from plastic sheath.

Step 3: Admire for as long as you like.

Step 4: Open the tinsel to read the message

So cute right? I would never have thought of making such a 3D card!

A useful book-card from joyce

Hello Kitty, Charmy Kitty? magnets & handphone charm

Precious Moments zipper bag

Rose scented sachet

Everyone of us got different fragrance. Coincidentally, I got the rose scented one. If you don't already know, I love rose scent. I excitedly asked my colleague how she chose which fragrance to give who. She said that she considered the Disney characters on the sachet as well as the scent. For my case, it's more of the character compatabilty. She thought that Belle suits me. When I told kh this, he almost choked to death and insisted that she had made a mistake and meant to give me the beast instead.


sweet treats and little cute things

sweet little treats

Meiji melty kiss strawberry chocolates

Belgium chocolates

self-baked chocolate chips cookies

from HK Disneyland

This will be my "chance pen". I'll shake the dice to help me when I can't make up my mind.

flavoured mints from HK Disneyland again

Precious moments magnetic bookmarks

After I received all these, I was so glad that I made the right choice of giving hand-made cards this year.

Gifts from my 3 tutees -- Hello Kitty savings bank, Bottle of Hello Kitty sweets, Ferraro Roche

Card from a pretty P2 gal

Gift from xtina -- ethnic-looking bracelet

Gift from da jie -- towel set from Esprit

No matter how small the gift is, only my da jie bothers to buy a gift for every family member year after year.

The number of cat stuff I received...


Sweet Stuff...

This Precious Moments calendar was given to me as it could not fit anywhere in my sis' room. It cannot fit anywhere in my room too but it is too sweet to be thrown away. Hence, it is currently sitting prettily but uselessly in my room.

Loving the butterfly theme...

viv's new notebook is soooooooooo sweeeeeeeeet! I want one too!

Love the whimsical illustrations and sweet colour pencil feel.

Can gain inspirations from the illustrations here. IDEA IDEA.


  1. Hi Jolene,

    The 3D card is really made very well. It's so special. I like precious moment too.



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