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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hope the cute rats (not mice hor) have put a smile to all of you reading this.

Collect lotsa ang pows… smile sweetly at your annoying relatives… zone off when they start raining questions on you... eat lotsa bak kwa… stuff your face with tarts… chomp all the new year goodies (or baddies)… hu many times for mahjong… huat at the blackjack table… and

ENJOY YOURSELVES this lunar new year cum long weekend!

This is one year which I actually look forward to CNY. I’ve been sooooooooooo busy at work and at home that I’ve been averaging 3--4 hours sleep every night. I’m very proud of myself for completing all the tasks at home and at work. Time for a break!



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1 Feb 08, 13:53
Canny: Gambette in spring cleaning ya!! Jiayou jiayou!! =) btw, i used to be like you, just slot & dump all my stuffs in whatever space i have in the drawers, cupboards.. LOL!
Canny dear, well I hope you are not like how we used to be.. Hahaha… if not the stuff will just accumulate in the drawers and the time would come where you have no more space to stuff things. Then, you’ll spend the next few nights packing like siao…Hehehe… Hope you’ll have a nice ang mo CNY celebration!

3 Feb 08, 22:49
Yoo Min: Wonderbra, on the contrary I think Jolene use to be even funnier. I ave been reading her blog on off since 2005. It was really funny last time. Now its more like a diary for friends to read. Its still nice to read o offence Jo but I miss your witty writings like about Fiona Xie's breasts and Paris Hilton Letter. It seems like youre too busy for such writings now. Bring them back if you can! And since this is the first time I'm leaving a comment I would like to extend my congratulations to you!
Hi, thanx for leaving a mark here. Well, indeed my blog is more like a diary to update my frenz of happenings now. I do remember the times when my frenz commented that my blog machiam Apple Daily and reads like a gossip magazine. Those were in 2004 when I had more time on my hands to poke fun at people. Don’t think it’s 2005. Wow… you’ve been reading silently for so long all these while? Well, I certainly missed writing like that too and I hope I would have the time to write more of such entries. No worries, I did not take offence. In fact, I’m glad to read something that is different. Continue leaving tags or comments. Don’t remain quiet! =)

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