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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

猪 你 新 年 快 乐! HapPIG New Year!

I hope to update this post real soon. But work hasn't been kind. Off for tuition now. =)

10th March 2007

Wooh!!! After days of adjusting myself to new work commitments, burying myself in neverending work, battling a dying pc, avoiding a grumpy sister, sneaking usage of the pc whenever she's not around and downloading picasa illegally on her comp and uninstalling it thereafter yada yada yada, I managed to update this post.

I'm so late but here's wishing everyone a...

Co CNY celebration

Once again, it was our group's turn to be in charge of an event.

I didn't do much except to be in charge of a game and to chip in to decorate the boards.

Games we played

財神 posed for my cam as he handed an ang pow to me.

Doesn't d really look like a real 財神 or how a real 財神 would look if there should be one?

Us & "財神"

The sunflower in my house bloomed way before cny...

I've never seen such a beautiful sunflower in Singapore save for those you see on wallpapers and postcards.

Unfortunately, it withered way before cny too. SobZ!

On the eve
Playing Pick up sticks.

Playing blackjack with my whole 赌鬼 family of 5 against 1 cousin as banker.

He commented that we are a 赌鬼 family before the game.

He lamented that we are a 赌鬼 family after the game.

I was really lucky that night! Ban3 la so many times. Won about $10 for stakes of $0.50 to $1. My cousin lost like $30+!

Day 1

Oops no photos of mum's side.

Over at dad's side...

2 of the most 乖 little kids I've ever seen.

They are not spoilt, not rude, not self-centred and not overly-pampered like most of the kids now. Their behaviour make them all the more adorable and endearing.

My little gal cousin gave my 2nd sis a crash course on playing the violin. She learnt so quickly that she almost looked professional here.

Next, she taught me how to play. It was really easy getting the "fingerings" but to play it beautifully is a mean feat.

My attempt at Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars or ACB song or Baa Baa Black Sheep. Whatever la. All these songs have the same tune.

Must watch till the end. I think I look best when I'm not playing. Ha!
I don't look as pro as my sis and screwed it all up in the video. Don't laugh k?

The same generation cousins finally arrived with an electronic drinking forfeit board game. YAY!

We added cards to the game.

Next, we went over to the same cousin's house to play mahjong.

His 2 dogs.

One looks like a pig and one looks just like a normal dog. How apt to say goodbye to the year of the dog and to usher in the year of the pig.

Went to watch Ghost Rider with kh and his cousins at night. Random shots of us.

A movie with Nicholas Cage in it no matter how cheesy can never go wrong. He looked good in that show. Receeding hairline absent. Six packs checked.

Day 2

Outfit for that day pre-accessorised


Small aunt's place...

Like last year, Uncle cooked very nice food for us. He is the one with a restaurant.

My cousins soon got bored and decided to play mahjong. When we emptied the tiles from the case, they felt sooo dusty. Small aunt then informed us that the last time the case was touched was last year when we played!

Times have changed. All the kids were playing while the adults acted as advisers.

FYI: All my cousins at the table are younger than me! Some even in secondary level. At first, we didn't use money and it was kinda un-fun. No tai2 no fun. Then, our advisers chided us and contributed some money.

One of the kakis is my tutee who was just learning and playing for the first time. My mum jokingly said that I had set bad example. Fine lor! Teacher cannot play mahjong. Teacher cannot gamble. Teacher cannot cheong. Teacher must be saint.

Lousy wins. Very unlucky that day.

Cousins and nieces over at mum's side.

Day 3

No photos. Boo!

Only a photo of my outfit pre-accessorised

Following weekend at my place

It was really hectic especially for poor Simba. She was everyone's darling. However, she was really quite stressed out with all the influx of humans of all shapes and sizes, with all the stupid humans surrounding her and constantly touching her. It got so bad that she went to the loo to hide. She's soooo cuuuute. Such a gentle cat too. When one of my uncles saw her hiding in the loo, he said that she is such a good-natured cat that she would be rather be passive and hide away than to be aggressive.

A hug for Simba

A kiss for Simba

Little gladys, the 2nd youngest niece in my family was so glad with all the toys showered upon her.

Boy does little gladys love flashcards! I tried flashing to her and she just kept asking for more. My cousin made a mental note to flash some cards to her from now on. Haha... Maternal instinct oozing... Whenever I teach or do things like that, it really makes me feel like having my own child to teach.

Me and my little niece

She was actually smiling very radiantly as I brought her to look at simba but my lao hua yan dad took so long to shoot that she soon grew tired. Oh, pardon the dishevelled bare naked face. Very tedious to be a host you know?

What's cny in Singapore without lo hei?

A simple, happy affair. I don't loathe cny anymore! I can't tell you how much I looked forward for the cny break then.


  1. Happy New Year, Jo!

    Wishing you and all you hold close to heart a prosperous and peaceful year ahead! ^_^

  2. Hi rune,

    Wow... xi1 ke4. It's great to hear from you! I know it's late but same to you too! Do take care of yourself ok? Hope 2007 will be a smooth-sailing year for you and your loved ones. =)

  3. Hello, There's something wrong. Your photos are not showing. I tried on different computers on different days.

  4. Hi Jolene,
    ~I wanted to comment after you finish with putting up the photos but it has been many days and my itchy fingers and mouth can't wait.
    ~Oh dear, I sure hope you are fine. Please do not work so hard ya? ~huggies to you~
    ~There are people like me and your friends out there waiting for the updates. %^_^%
    ~All I could do is to watch the videos.
    ~Is it easy to learn the violin? You mean you can play a tune just within a day? You look so cute at the end. What was it that you were saying at the end?
    ~Then is that you with a blue tooth earpiece hanging? I think the light or reflection is so outstanding. Thats how I spotted you. I think its you right or are you the one behind the camera?
    ~I notice that last year and this year lao yu sheng in your house is almost the same. Hahaha~ Only that your hair is different. My GAWD you look so good with your straight hair! Its very soft and smooth like shampoo ad. Don't be mistaken, you look good now too. ~LOL~

    Always reading,

  5. SUYINKOH!!!
    You are here!!! Eh can you send me candice's email so that I can mail you all the photos?

    The photos are up and running again. I dunno what's wrong with the blogger photo hosting program.

    Received your huggies. Thanx gal! You are such a sweetie. Nah... I don't think many people read my blog though but thanx for your support! =)

    On learning the violin...
    It's easy to remember the notes and which strings to pull. You can do so within minutes. However, getting the right tune is tough. Gee, I forgot what I was saying but after watching it again, I think it's something like "I got it all wrong eh."

    On the lo hei vidz...
    Yes you guessed correctly. I was behind the camera but my nice da jie snatched it from me and command me to go and lao yu sheng. That's me with the blue tooth. Oh sometimes I'll miss the texture of my straight hair too but I'm quite liking my unruly hair now. =)

  6. You are always so sincere and detailed in all your replies. Not everyone is like you. You are the sweetie. @~~

  7. OOpsie I forgot to sign off as Yen.

  8. Hey Yen,
    Sorry I just saw this. I replied your other comment though. Heh.. I do hope I don't sound luo suo. =)


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