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Sunday, March 18, 2007

I need a laptop and I need it now!

I hate it when I type type type and then without warning the computer shuts down by itself.


  1. hi jo,

    What happened? (ie your laptop or your sis one)
    now quite cheap, a normal for surfing, blogging, $999 will do. I saw the specs, even better than the laptop I am using now. hehe..

  2. My sis's pc is dying and I think it's better to get my own laptop. Frenz have been pestering me non stop to get 1 too.

    Which laptop is that? Can you share more? I'm looking for those small 14inch ones and just for normal surfing and doing work.

  3. hi jo,

    14" is not too slim or small, if you are looking at those small ones? These are 12" size.

    Let me check for you again. Just started my new job, no full time dad for now. keke..
    If you don't mind 2nd hand ones - Pentium III kind, pretty slim and small. $300 bucks. Doing multi-tasking is a chore though.

  4. 12" too small. 14" is just right and not too big. Easy to carry about. =)

    New job? What job? Thought u quit to be a full time dad?

    I would prefer 1st hand for lap top as laptops get obsolete very quickly. And I certainly need multi-tasking. I can open 10 windows at once. Heh.. It'll be good if you could help me keep a look out too. Thanx in advance!

  5. Working as an Accountant in same company as wife. hehe..

    We both go back together sometimes when we worked late.

    Saw a few, there are so many models out there, just get more ram and harddisk with an established brand.

    I suppose you wrote it down? 2G ram, 120G harddisk. Make sure you dun get carrot by the vendors.
    easily upgrade, price of 1G ram - $140, harddisk 120G - $150.

  6. So nice to be working together!Then your plan of being full time dad how?

    And yes I've wrote them down. Thanx!

  7. delay my plan for now.. haha...

    so u checked out the laptop?


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