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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Perverted Uncle, The Nothing-better-to-do Ah Bengs and The African Grey

Today, I had to go to the bank.

While I was walking along the shops, this perverted uncle who was walking in the opposite direction suddenly stuck his horrible face right in front of me and went “mei nu…” in a very ghostly low moan. I didn’t get a good look at him as I refused to stare at his disgusting face but I really felt like slapping him.

A short distance away, as I walked past a handphone shop, the Ah Bengs in there started hounding me:

“Mei3 nu3, qing2 ren2 jie2 leh. Wei4 shen3 me4 ni3 zi4 ji3 yi2 ge4 ren2?”

“Chio eh.. mei2 you3 ren2 song4 hua1 gei3 ni3 huh?”

I just sped off, pretending not to hear while I heard an aunty chiding them far behind me.

Next I was walking towards the same pet shop where I always buy Simba’s Science Diet. As usual, the African Grey parrot was perched on a branch at the entrance of the shop. I looked at it, it looked at me and went:

“Allo! Wheew wheet…”

I was flabbergasted.


  1. The parrot part was a huge punchline! Its super funny. Hahaha! The parrot also know how to oogle at pretty gals.

    I think the fone that you get really suit you too. I cannot imagine you using a big bulky phone.


  2. Yen,
    Yup.. I think the parrot got influenced by all the se se perverts around it and learnt how to do the same. Coming from a parrot, that's cute. =)

  3. Hi Jo!

    Ok, i confess... That "perverted uncle" was me... Haven't had much sleep lately so i kinda look ... Nah, just kidding. =P

    Kinda depressing to know parrots are vying for local girls attention too. Darn, that explains why i am still single. =P

    Take care and cheerios! ^_^

  4. Haha... That got me laughing out loud. Been feeling a lil busy and down lately. Thanx for cheering me up! I'm sure a nice and sweet gal will come along real soon. =)


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