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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Our Bintan “Escapades”

We lived like pigs at Angsana Resorts and Spa . The sevice there is 6-star. After only two day's stay there, I find the service in Singapore CMI.

We spent the whole time eating, drinking, playing, sleeping and be merry.

For this entry, settings are such that photos would be enlarged if you click on it. ;P

The journey…

Our suite

While the hotel stay itself was affordable (free extra day stay thrown in), we spent a bomb on food and leisure.

Check out the mouthwatering dishes! 5 star for food.

There weren’t many places to eat in the resort itself except for these places.

Every meal was gratifying and heavenly.

For free leisure activities, we basked in the sun, lazed in the pool, and sipped ice cold drinks by the beach.

For paid leisure activities, we went jet skiing, snorkelling and atv riding.

Jet skiing was WAAAY FUUUN! And unlike in Singapore, a license isn’t required to ride a jet ski. I was pillion during the first half of the ride. Then kh suggested that I try my hands at being the rider and the feeling was simply awesome! Now I can boast to my sister that I rode a jet ski. Hehe…

I attempted snorkelling for the first time. I consider it a mean feat, as those of you who know me well enough know my fear for water. I was so glad I tried it, for that few moments, I forgot my fear for water. I was gleefully marvelling at the underwater world, sometimes stretching out my arms to touch the quick little fishes. But after a while, as the water started seeping into my tube and mask, my fear crept in bit by bit. I had to keep blowing water out of my tube and coming out to the surface to release the water. I was also most afraid of pulling kh down too as he wasn’t wearing any life vest. Silly fears…

Anyway, we didn’t manage to capture shots of us jet skiing and snorkelling as duh, I didn’t wanna risk my camera dropping into the abyss of the South China Sea. Instead we borrowed the snorkelling gears the next day just to take photos. Haha… Too bad the jet skis were out that morning and we had no chance to take a photo with it.

I didn’t quite enjoy the atv (all terrain vehicle) ride in the jungle as I was a lousy driver. Also, because the ride was so bumpy and I was wearing short shorts, I kept getting bruised on my inner thighs. I had to wear their shoes too and they weren’t the correct size so I was bruised and blistered further. I emerged with bruises and bites (sandflies, ants and some huge green insect) all over my legs. I’ve got ugly legs now.

It was quite cool to see locals in the jungle. Haha… I sound like some ignorant mass tourist but I really hadn’t thought of locals living around the vicinity of the resort. One of the atv guy actually climbed a coconut tree to pluck a coconut for each of us, while one of the locals sliced the top with a parang. That was the freshest coconut juice I’ve ever drunk… straight from the tree. The local kids were very adorable too. When I was riding, I saw some kids a distance ahead and was so afraid of knocking into them. Instead, when they saw us, they ran off to the side of the track and cheered for us, macham cheering by a race course. So cute!

I didn’t get to see my colleagues at Nirwana. Before the trip, we made an impromptu plan to meet at the night bazaar but we didn’t manage to catch each other as those spoilsports were afraid of venturing out of their resort. Also, the whole lot of them wanted to watch “da chang jing” (“Jewel in the Palace” huh? I dunno, I don’t ride on the Korean waves.) So maddening right? But nevermind la, we all enjoyed ourselves and that’s all that matters. =)

Anyway here are more photos…

This was what we became at the end of our stay in Bintan.

I love my tan now. I want to be even tanner!


  1. Dear Jolene,

    Although I'm always out of town, I always check out your blog whenever I can. Great pictures and nice seeing you looking so happy. Hope you won't fall ill too often after leaving your job. What will you be working as now?

  2. Hi pinktulip,

    Great to see you here. I haven't heard from you for a long time. Seems like you are always not in town eh? I'll be taking a break first and trying to piece my life together for now. =)

  3. Wooah! Loads of FUN, dear Jolene!!!
    *envy*!!! And Wah!
    Did u get *sunburn* again???
    Must take care and apply moistuiser!!! :D

    And WOW! Your figure is really good!!! :D

  4. Hallo Vivien!!!

    Sorry for this very very very late reply. I've got no internet connection at my house. I'm at my good fren's house now... hehe..

    Yup I had loads of fun. Led a lazy life there. It was a pleasant change. =)

  5. Jolene! U look reeaall good in your bikini! Your kh look so good with his 6 pecs too. Perfect couple!

  6. your boobs are wonderful.

  7. I was puzzled why no-one mentioned about boobs for a long time. At last someone did. "Wonderful" is an understatement for a slim frame like her. They are humongous. Lucky guy.

  8. Hi starz,

    Haha... Thanx! Look great ah? Coz we cao posers mah.

    I'll make it a point not to reply to anonymouses if their comments are not constructive.

  9. You really have many different looks Jolene. You look very young here. And WoW! You have a great figure, well endowed yet slim. You look very blissful with your hubby or boy friend? I think I have enough of leaving comments. I'll add you on my favorites to catch up again. Take care dear! Hope your hubby or boyfriend can celebrate your birthday with you. Happy birthday in advance dear! 8-]

  10. shakara,

    I feel that I look the same. Different in what way? =)

    And he is my bf, not hubby. He didn't manage to celebrate with me but it's alright coz I have my good frenz all around me. Thanx for your early wishes.

    BTW I can't view your blog.

  11. u damn boobsy leh!! Hahaha! even my xiao mei says so!! So quit saying I'm big....u r bigger!! esp given ur thin & slim frame (i m saying it in a v envious tone ok) is stil working hard on my 'diet'...hee! hope i wont gain weight after coming back fr stress liao. i leaving on sat, today tues oredi i just booked 2 nites hotel n its NOT confirmed yet. Hope i wont end up zzz on the streets.



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