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Saturday, April 22, 2006

I've got no internet connection at home!!!

I'll start writing again as soon as I've got net access at home... =)


  1. Eh? so poor thing, no access at home?
    Don't know why I can't access the posting page at Bintan.
    May 12 I am going to Batam, think my wife has now fetish for resort kind of stay. :)
    I can go there to get another good tan.

  2. Yup.. no internet access for weeks and it is not always that my frenz are free to welcome me to use theirs.

    About the comments page, I'm not too sure. But others were sure able to access and comment! =/

    Hope you get a great tan!

  3. r u using a laptop? if yes, there are a few places offering free wireless internet access.

    maybe its my laptop that has this problem(ie cannot access the page).

  4. Hi Jo,
    Just dropping by to say Hi! Hope everything is fine over at your side, cheers!

  5. bwilly,

    I want to invest in a laptop. But it's a want.


    Long time no hear from you. What happened? How have you been? Everything's fine for me. How about you?

  6. hi jo, ya, these days with a laptop is quite "jiatlat". Now I lug my piece everywhere I go, most of the time dump in my car boot when I move around, even using it in office at times. A want may becomes a need, especially when you see the benefit of laptop over a desktop.

    I know some about computer, so you need any help on this area, drop me a msg or through MSN. :)

  7. bwilly,

    Sorry i didn't see this. It has been a want for a few years so i guess I can still cope with it.

    I could survive during my NUS days too... Whenever I need to rush an essay or report, I would just exchange rooms with my sister and use her comp while she sleeps in my room.

    Wait till I have more money to make me more willing to invest in a laptop first.


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