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Monday, March 27, 2006

Fun at Work

Last week spelt the last day of the term for us and the kids, except of course sickly me had got make up lessons this coming Saturday and Sunday. Hence, 2nd April marks the last day for me at the company. This would indeed be the very last term for me.

Now I know all you friends would go “FINALLY!” coz each time you people meet up with me, I would always be rushing down from work with big bag of materials to be done and be forever late. Or else then, I would be unable to make it for so many gatherings and little meet up sessions. Online, I would shush you all up when I’m typing all my reports and stuff till nobody wants to msn me anymore. Then you all would constantly ask,” When are you gonna quit?” and I would reply, “Soon.” And you all would just laugh it off and say, “You have been saying this each time we meet you.”

Hey! Now it’s not all talk. Action has been taken. Woo Hoo!

Many pleasant people left the company this term. Sobz…

Our favourite Uncle Chua who always helps us to deliver things and sometimes giving us a lift to the other branch.

Marni, the very sweet and gentle customer service girl.

This whole week has been fun. We had our “corporate” (nothing is really corporate in this company) lunch on Wednesday at hh. It was also the last time I would see my sl colleagues.

So here goes the photos…

Food spread

The three teachers who are leaving…

Me and LV dua tao

HS and LV

EM and LV

Farewell gifts from hh colleagues… Kinokuniya Privilege cards (3 of us love to read)and tank tops and bag.

Very good frenz! Dunno where did that HS go… the 4 of us used to hang out together a lot. WY don't miss us too much k?

Mentor Mentee shot 2006… 2005 and 2004 shots all in dua tao's camera leh… Send me!

AG (another dua tao) and me

Raine (our new centre leader) and me

The ladies in white that day

Us and the not so “old” teachers.
All very nice, crazy and fun people too!

The lunch kakis

The 2 years old team at hh

The "5C factory"

Me and RC, my evil twin.... Every new person in the company never fails to get the both of us mixed up. Sometimes, our students too. Why? Check out our back view...

Similar eh? K la.. I know we look like female ghosts in this photo.

MP, me and HU

Hopped over to the other branch…

Elsie and me

Susie and me... my 38 and kpo buddy at sl

HY and me

Us and Cat

On Friday, I spent a bomb on my meals. Lunch at fiesta. Dinner at Din Tai Fung and desserts at Bakerzin.

Lunch at Fiesta.... Yummy...The whole set cost about $11.

Check out the delectable cakes.

Us at Bakerzin

Hh colleagues, I'm not able to upload the photos on multiply right now as there is some kinda error. Will do so after Bintan's trip. See you all there!

FYI: I'll be away at Bintan from 28th til 30th March. Will only be bringing my main line there. SMS me, don't call.



  1. hi jos,

    Glad to see you still have lots of fun and plenty of pic in your blog. I still dropby once awhile on your blog. Hope your Bintan trip was good.

  2. Have you stopped replying to comments? Please don't stop or you would seem dao.

  3. bwilly,

    Hey.. haven't been hearing from you. I'll be updating on my Bintan trip soon.


    I've stopped replying to comments for a while as I was really busy settling last minute stuff. Moreover, the past few times I tried to reply, there were errors on the page.

    I'm not dao. =P

  4. jos is not dao..
    Usually she either busy to reply or sick. keke..

    Yea, me been busy, travelling myself too.
    Recently some problems with fellow colleague, getting depressed, but picking myself up fast. ;)

    U take care..

  5. bwilly,

    Where have you been travelling? Any travel photos to share? Ü

  6. hi jos,

    I been to Queensland - Brisbane n Goldcoast. Very fun. No time to post my pics yet. Took over 2,000pics, lug my laptop over, so I can snap to my delight.

    The most recent update is the pic I took at my fren's wedding at fullerton. See below.

    skinner one in white is me.

  7. Oooh.. I've been to Brisbane and Gold Coast 2 years back. Eh? Or was it 3 years back? Anyhow... I loved it there!

  8. hi jos,

    I just uploaded my Bintan trip pics.

    The little gal in the pic is my niece - Amber. The other one is my wife - Jerlyn. :)

  9. So sweet of the both of you to have brought your niece along... How many people went there in all? Ooh! Your suite is the expensive one with king sized bed, balcony, personal jacuzzi and sun deck. You lucky pig to have won it... *envious*

  10. five of us, same when we went Brisbane. Ours came with two bedrooms, living room + kitchen.
    I was doing some tanning in the backyard I remembered.

    The service tip top, we were offered another room, when we ask for late checkout, taking the late boat back S'pore. Though they can't offer us the suite, we got a room at least. ;)

    ya, I was the D&D organiser for my company, slog n beg sponsorship, so I deserve it this time. :)

  11. You got a room at least? You got one of the best rooms! =)


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