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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

39.6°C… Any higher you would be talking to an idiot.

Monday 13th March 2006… Burnt brain

I lay on my germs-infested bed sheets, breaking out in cold sweat even though the air con was at full blast. My sheets, pillowcases and comforter were soaked in virulent perspiration, as I remained bedridden.

At that time, I didn’t know I was running a temperature. I kept waking up every now and then to look at my hp clock as I was supposed to go for tuition in the evening. I simply thought I was being lazy and catching up on sleep. Late morning turned into afternoon. Afternoon turned into late afternoon. At the final hour I decided to pluck myself up from bed, I realized to my horror that I could not get up.

I used every energy left in me and forced myself up. This had to be more than sheer laziness and lethargy. I searched the whole house for a thermometer. It was no use crying out to anyone for no one was at home. I walked with a stagger and could not see anything but pink. WTF! Three thermometers in the house and not one could be found? I could not walk further and tumbled on the floor. For that split second, I held a short Q & A session with the Man up there.

Why are you punishing me again?

There was no answer.

If I die now, would my insurance claim be enough for my parents?

No answer.

Could you tell me where the thermometer is?

Still no answer.

Heck, it was all Qs no As.

Then as if He pitied me, he gave me enough strength and wisdom to uproot my butt from the floor and made my way back to my freezing bedroom. I opened my drawer and there it was.

A thermometer!

Praise the Lord!


I almost died of delirium when I saw that figure. I had to cancel tuition again.

I think I’ve been sick so often that my parents do not give a hoot about me anymore. Mum scolded me for blasting the air con (which I swear I didn’t. I did not touch the control ever since she switched on my air con in the morning.). She also nagged at the top of her voice for me to eat dinner, which reminded me that I hadn’t eaten anything for the whole day.

Although my tummy felt very empty, I had no appetite. All I wanted to do was to sleep.


I dragged myself out of bed, sat at the kitchen table and felt groggy. I showed them the thermometer.

“Wah! Very high hor? Later remember to take wet towel and sponge her leh,” said mum to dad.

Realizing I would not be able to eat, I made my way back into my room.

Mum continued nagging and this time my dad joined in by persuading me to eat. I asked if they could bring the porridge into my room and she said,

“You think you are princess huh?”

I guess I was, for the next moment; she indeed brought the porridge in. I had no strength to hold the bowl and decided to wait for kh to drop me a visit after work and feed me.

Mum came in with ginseng drink and nagged at me for the umpteenth time when I took a sip and pushed it away.

My tummy rumbled and churned. I felt a wave of nausea. Still I slept on. All I could yearn for was carrot juice.


Kh came with carrot juice. This time, I could not get up on my own. I felt like Morrie. Dissipated energy. Useless muscles. Kh helped me to sit up and arranged my pillows till I was in the right posture to eat.

After one spoon, I pushed the disgusting-bought-from-outside-porridge away and requested for my carrot juice.

Ahh… Sipping carrot juice from a straw in bed felt like the most heavenly thing a sick gal could do.

Then I requested for some plain porridge with lots of soup. Dad had to cook it especially for me. After a few mouthfuls, I pushed that away too. Kh said I was being such a brat as I’ve wasted my dad’s efforts. He also said I should not be lying in bed the whole day or my muscles would become more limp. He suggested that I walk around the house for a little while to get some exercise. I decided to walk to the loo. It was then that I realized I haven’t been to the loo the whole damn day. I was disgusted by what I saw in the mirror. I looked totally impoverished. Bedraggled hair soaked with sweat, jaundiced face with a layer of grime on it such that I could scratch it off, puffy single eyelids, and scaly bleeding lips. I was surprised kh wasn’t appalled by my disheveled appearance.


For the next two hours, I continued sleeping while kh sponged me. He said I stank big time but he still loves me. A guy who could utter those words out after seeing how scruffy his gal looks is certainly one sweet guy.

Tuesday 14th March 2006… Diarrhoea Day


I awoke feeling so much better. I felt so disgusted by my bed sheets and pillow cases that I immediately peeled them off, threw them into the washing machine and added loads of soap powder and softener. Just then I felt my tummy churning and rushed for the loo.

This happened two more times and the only stuff I’ve consumed the day before was a few spoons of porridge, a mouthful of ginseng drink and a whole can of carrot juice. I’m definitely ejecting more than what I’ve consumed.

When I found that I might have the strength to stand up for long, I decided to take a good shower. Mum forbade me to do so but her words fell on deaf ears.

Served me right for not listening.

The smell of soap and shampoo was nauseating. I squatted down to puke but nothing came out. Of course nothing came out! Whatever was supposed to come out has already taken the other way out. Few more muscle spasms but still no puke later, I felt better and could hang out my sheets to dry.

A wave of nausea swept me again. I tried to induce vomit but nothing came out. I had to eat something in order for something to come out. I tried eating bread, taking a dainty morsel and trying very hard to swallow it. I slowly washed it down with milk and the whole process carried on till I’ve finished half a slice. My stomach churned and I rushed for the loo again.

And again… and again.

I spent the bulk of the whole day camping outside the loo.


Feeling like a useless piece of junk, I decided to get some work done and realized I’ve not brought any work home to do. I ended up in front of the TV watching AXN. I tried to eat something. I ate a packet of mamee and felt like puking again. I fumbled about for my vomit medicine from last time and was soon drifting off to sleep.

Dinner that day was my first proper meal. Although the portion of rice was only a quarter of what I usually eat, it was a huge improvement in appetite.

At night, I went to see my family doctor. She could not tell what in the world was wrong with me. I got all my tummy related tablets and an mc.

Maybe it is gastric flu. It could be some air borne virus. It could also be the food that you eat. Are you still working at that children place? Maybe they passed some virus to you.

And may I suggest that all clinics install some beds other than chairs in the waiting area? Some people may fall while sleeping on the chair you know.

Wednesday 15th March 2006… MC day

I awoke feeling extremely hungry and went to find kh. We had lunch and he fetched me to hh as I needed to bring back some work to do. Maybe because I was rushing too much and walking too fast (as he was late for work) that all my sickness began to plague me again.

I went home intending to do my work, only to end up lying on my bed. In fact, I woke up not too long ago.

Drank some sour plum juice to curb the nauseous feeling so I could tuck into my dinner peacefully. Mum cooked my favourite mee sua for dinner but I could not finish it. I’ve stopped taking the vomit medicine to allow myself to puke. The medicine seemed to be stopping the food from spewing out of my mouth and I felt like there is something stuck somewhere between my chest and stomach. Please let me puke something out so I’ll feel better.

In these 3 days of illness, I’m glad that I’ve not experienced any headaches so far and I thank God for that.

Time to do some work now.


  1. Ah, I'm no where better than you. After my class on Monday evening, I kept vomiting and coughing the night away (must be the haze). Tuesday was slightly better, with just sore throat, headache, dizziness, fever and dry cough. Wednesday was totally horrid. The body aches refuse to go away and the flu kicks in. Why must all the virus and bugs attack at the same time? :(

  2. Aiyo what a lousy doctor. Cannot even diagnose anything.

    Anyway take care of urself ya. Rest well. -yiz-

  3. wah you sick still care about yr image...anyway i think kh is so sweet and he dotes on u so much that he will think you are so cute when you are sick....did i ever tell you that i am in a even worst position than you....i shit on my pants when ron is carrying me to see a doc...i stained his car and his dad has to clean up the embarassing can that be?i was hyperventilating then...

  4. Hey dear jolene.. u write very well for someone who is sick.. it has been some days now so i hope you are feeling much better.. ^-^ there is some children virus going on as my niece is sick with vomiting too.. ur kh is really sweet to u! lucky gal!

    did u resign from ur job? it seems like u said something bout not able to spend time wif ur colleagues.

  5. Hey frenz,

    It seems so late to reply now... Anyway thanx for all your comments!


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