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Monday, March 06, 2006

Fab Feb

The month of February whizzed past like nobody’s business. Before I could bid it goodbye, I had to welcome the arrival of March.

I spent the past few weeks remodelling my social life. Every non-tuition nights were spent zipping off from work to meet up with friends. My colleagues commented that I was even busier than when my bf was in town. Haha… What to do? Friends are very important to me and I find that I’ve neglected a good deal of them with my current job. I have also been spending a lot of non-work time with my hh colleagues, as very soon, we won’t be able to do that anymore (shall probably write about it when the time is ripe).

I met up with so many good pals, one of whom I haven’t seen for 2 years. My gosh!

Met up with kwan. We had a lot to catch up for 2 years worth of updates. I’m truly happy for him now. He’s finally studying and pursuing what he loves – art; and I sincerely wish him all the best in his love life. =)

We had our informal colleagues alumni buffet dinner at The Square in Furama Riverside Hotel.

The "older", more "senior" and "out of the company" colleagues from the different branches gather.

hs, me, lian, em, wy

Met up with tf too. If I remember correctly, we haven’t seen each other for a year. We kept suggesting meeting up with our bfs since we are all so easy-going people but up till date, it has not materialize.

tf and me

a very sweet pic of raine

Raine was there as we went to look for wedding bands together. Turned out that the 2 of them could hit it off quite well. Tf and me were in the learning of choosing wedding bands. Oh yes, we also made our debut at Cartier and it was cheap thrill taking the internal elevator (ok cheap thrill at least for me =P)

raine, tf, me

Met up with good pal evan.

We had sooooo much to talk about but so little time that we just had to meet up again to finish our updates as well as to have a wild time… to temporarily put problems away.

In the meantime, I met up with good pals from primary school, zann and geral. No photo taken that day as both of them were in “la sup” attire and homely mood with their specs on.

This was taken in December.

Sorry I could not really talk much that night as I had been talking too much the past few days. But hey I make a good listener.

It’s evan n me again!

We were looking for pretty backdrops so off to Spotlight we went. Love all the colourful ribbons!

Posing with our favourite ribbon

Initial plan was to stay sober for evan while she got high at dblo, head off to zouk and drag her home thereafter. Plan B was for both of us to get high at dblo (what’s new?), head off to zouk and worry about going home later. Impromptu plan was that I had only 1 shot less than her and bungled both plans.

We had tequila shot, tequila sunrise, tequila shot, tequila shot, tequila shot, tequila shot… till I had to ask the bartender what other shots are good. Had 1 liquid blue and 1 final tequila shot and I was standing alone somewhere near the bar while that crazy gal went to get her last shot. By then we were laughing and grooving like siao, uttering nonsense and exchanging “fuck yous” with each other and laughing like siao again.

Few shots after

I can’t recall how many times we went to the loo. Each time we pop a shot, we went to the loo.. haha... We might as well be pouring shots straight into the toilet bowl. The next moment she went to the loo, I was plonking my whole self on the comfy red couch which allowed 2 Korean guys to befriend us. Korean guys are real gentlemen. They got us bottled "evian" ("evian" is "naive" spelt backwards) water and did not try anything funny.

God knows when that crazy gal took my hp, scrolled my address book, called my sisters and a few of my good friends. Unlucky joel picked up the phone and goodness knows what she said. She must had exaggerated and over intensified the whole scene because the next moment, he was there to pick me up.

Thanx joel, for picking me up, enduring my beatings, spoiling your glasses and listening to my nonsense. No thanx for thwarting my plans to go zouk.

Recently, my hh colleagues all got arty farty and became culture vultures. We went to the Esplanade to catch Exploding Rice. The performance “entices audiences [sic] to dismantle psychological constructs and be seduced by alternate realities”. Unfortunately, I found it so abstract that I refused to mistreat my brain cells interpreting it.

We had more fun watching a live band performance thereafter and snapping photos.

The awesome foursome

A test shot to pose with numbers 0-5. Look at their fingers.

Posing from 1-9. I was 8.

Putting our expertise into use… Telekinesis

The nation's pride and joy: One side of "the durian"

It does look quite pretty here.

There was a day when I did not have any plans to meet up with friends. I’ve been enjoying myself so much that I’ve quite forgotten about kh. I felt bad and decided to drop by his house after work even though he wasn’t in town. I also thought that I should xiao4 jing4 his parents. It turned out that his parents weren’t at home and both his brothers were sleeping, leaving me stranded outside his house for a while, as the helper was afraid of opening the door. After she finally saw it was me, she opened the door with a smile. I passed to her the snacks and took off without a clue of what to do next. Luckily xtina was all ready to meet up for dinner. Although we just met last month, it was cool to have company just when I needed it. We updated each other on our jobs; my love-hate relationship with it, and her hate-hate relationship with it. Hypocritical me was advising her to endure while me myself could not endure it anymore. Hey but if she endures for a 4 more months, her pay will be a whooping $3K ++. It’s a whole lot of difference.

Finally found somebody with the right schedule to catch Brokeback Mountain with me. It was cool coz I thought I was the only one in the world who had not caught it yet.

elvin and me

Probably the most uncool people on earth not to have caught Brokeback

I was dying to watch it but those who had not caught it did not want to watch it with me since they have the dvd. (snorts at those pirates). I thought I could appreciate such shows but sad to say, I didn’t quite enjoy it.

Advocates for the show would say it’s a beautiful yet tragic love story between 2 guys, a love epic, an emotional masterpiece etc etc etc. Detractors argue it is an ostensibly gay cowboy melodrama.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for gays and lesbians and in fact I’ve known a few of them. I am neither an advocate nor a detractor. Maybe because it was so critically acclaimed and hyped about that I was holding a much higher expectation of it. Maybe because everyone thinks I’m an artsy person, I can empathise with the characters and were urging me not to miss the show. Hence subconsciously, I was preparing myself for a fabulous heartbreaking movie.

I simply could not appreciate its painfully slow pace. I could not understand how their love blossomed. I was not moved. I did not cry at scenes when people cry. It is beautifully shot yet when I look at those idyllic sceneries, I feel a sense of sorrow (Ok this is what it’s supposed to be right?). Heck the sceneries moved me more than the love story per se.

Overall, I find the show over hyped for its social significance. I was sms-ing 4 people at once during the whole show while elvin was zzz away. We simply could not appreciate the true essence of the show. I almost felt guilty for not praising the show.

On the Friday that just passed, a bunch of hh colleagues and friends went to catch The VAGINA Monologues.

It was slightly different from Eve Ensler’s. Firstly, it involves more people. Some scenes were cut and some scenes were added. A touch of local flavour spiced up the whole performance which made it easier for us to identify with the play. Sexual themes could be explored without any censors from the Singapore “garmen”. It was one of the only few performances in Singapore with its actress uttering “vagina” and “ cheebye” as often as you swallow your saliva.

It was exceptional! It was entertaining yet heart-rending, hilarious yet thought provoking, sidesplitting yet poignant.

It was a good experience. I just felt the whole world should watch it, male or female it doesn’t matter.

Thank you bei (better known as sonia) for organizing such a show in Singapore. I really wondered how you did it. It was simply mind blowing.


  1. gosh....nowadays i am appearing on yr blog more often....:)

  2. "cheebye" play is my kind of play. Must be veli fun hor?

  3. And thanks for coming dear!
    This was definitely not a one-man effort. My Director Loretta Chen conceptualized the artistic side of the show and a whole theatre group came together to make things happen. I was glad that you enjoyed it.

    One more note: This version of the play was definitely arranged by Eve Ensler herself and the Comfort Women monologue is specially written for 2006.

    Made a big difference to have such excellent support like yours.

  4. Hey rare guest appearance from you bei! Miss ya!


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