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Monday, October 03, 2005

Dear Mr Dreamweaver, Mr Sandman, Miss Toothfairy, Zhou Gong or whoever you are,

Please stop sending me all those dreams (NIGHTMARES) about work every single night without fail. I’m already stressed enough when awake. Please don’t stress me further when I sleep.

Thank you!

Jolene the gal who doesn’t dare sleep anymore


  1. Hi Jo,
    *Hugs* Hope you are feeling better, i understand how bad it gets especially when no one really seem to understand.

    Coming to think of it, now at least you'll have a more appropriate reason whenever someone asks you, "So cute last time... What happened now?"

    Push all the blame to work stress. Hehe, it works well especially with people from the working class who shares the same sentiments. ^_^

    PS: Though i know it's a little lame but i really hope it cheers you up a little. Take care, Jo!

  2. Yup it did.. Thanx!!! I really wish I can buy time. Or trade places with someone else.

    BTW I don't see you on msn. Wanted to ask you something. =)

  3. Oops, as usual i am a little slow again. =X

    Just logged into MSN. ^_^

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  5. exercise! get yourself soooo tired that you dun even have the energy to dream!

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  7. Been too busy to come online… So many unfamiliar names popping up that I’m so blur now.

    Is Jack Naka and Roy Naka the same person? Looks and sounds like the same person to me. “I was searching for boy pet shop and somehow ended up here. How that happened I don’t know”… Yeah I don’t know too.

    I’m soooooooooooooooooo tired and sleepy everyday but at least the nightmares have stopped for the past few days. Thank goodness my plea worked. Btw did u hop over from rune’s blog?

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